Check out our July edition of the Road Safety Ink. Join us for National Stop on Red Week taking place August 6-12, get details on how automated enforcement program funds are being used to implement other road safety initiatives, and see where speed safety cameras could be slowing down speeders in a community near you!

National Stop on Red Week is August 6-12

We are excited to announce our partnership with the National Coalition for Safer Roads for this year’s National Stop on Red Week taking place August 6-12. Using our theme “Zero in on Red”, the week-long event highlights the importance of road safety education, traffic safety legislation, and enforcement technology. We invite you to join us in spreading awareness about the importance of traffic safety and stopping at red lights on social using #ZeroInOnRed and #StopOnRed2023.

Every action you take during this week can save lives and prevent collisions. Together, we can make a difference during National Stop on Red Week. For resources and tools, visit our website and our LinkedIn and Facebook pages next week!


Correspondent Jim Axelrod with Beth Osborne at a crosswalk in Langley Park, Md., with no stoplight or call buttons for pedestrians to cross safely. CBS NEWS

Unsafe Streets: The Dangers Facing Pedestrians, National, July 9, 2023

“The traffic speeds are high,” she said. “The crossing distances for someone walking is long. They have these features like what we’re standing next to, called a slip lane, that allows the cars to take a right turn very, very fast. The communication to the driver is, ‘Don’t slow down, but stop at an instant if there’s a person there.’ We can totally do better. These are not hard things to change.”

In Philadelphia, they’re hoping new approaches will work as well. In 2020 speed cameras were introduced on Roosevelt Boulevard, and crashes have dropped 36%. The city has also pledged $78 million from the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan to make the boulevard safer.


Here’s Where San Francisco Will Put 8 New Red-Light Safety Cameras

The San Francisco Standard, California, July 24, 2023

San Francisco will install eight new enforcement cameras that could catch motorists jumping stop lights and allow the city to automatically send them a ticket.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board this week renewed a five-year contract that would have expired in August so the city could continue automated enforcement of red-light cameras.

The program already runs cameras at 13 intersections along major thoroughfares such as Market Street and Octavia Boulevard in the Lower Haight or at Fell Street and Masonic Avenue along the Panhandle. With the recent contract renewal, it could now see eight new cameras up and running by late next year.

At Fell and Masonic streets, passersby praised the plan to add another red-light camera.


Manassas Police Allocating $1.5 Million In Red-Light Safety Camera Funds, Virginia, July 26, 2023

Manassas police are starting to make use of their red light camera enforcement funds.

On Monday night, the City Council approved a resolution budgeting $1.5 million of what the city has collected from photo red light enforcement. The money will be used for new dispatch and records software. Also on Monday night, the council approved a $193,000 equipment grant for the police department. The grant, issued from the Attorney General’s office to the commonwealth, will pay for a new transport van, ballistic vests, shields and helmets, as well as a drone with software.

“From the very beginning, when we put this photo red-light program in … people ask ‘what are the funds going to be used for?’” Police Chief Doug Keen said at a committee meeting last week. “It was always the plan that this is the type of thing, so it doesn’t come out of our taxpayer general fund basis.”


Seattle Approves Law Authorizing More Automated Speed Cameras In Bid To Curb Street Racing, Washington, July 25, 2023

The Seattle City Council approved legislation Tuesday that paves the way for increased use of automated speed cameras in an attempt to crack down on street racing.

“This technology is another tool in our tool belt to reduce collisions and save lives on some of our city’s most dangerous roadways,” Seattle councilmember Alex Pedersen, who co-sponsored the bill, said during Tuesday’s meeting.


Community Groups Call For Speed Cameras In California, July 11, 2023

With organizations like Walk San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets, Jenny is taking part in the fight for legislation that would legalize speed safety cameras in California.

“The streets are supposed to be shared by everyone… they’re supposed to be usable areas. Don’t wait until you become part of the victim’s side,” Yu said.

“I want you to listen to what the bill is about and why there’s a group of people trying to make this legal…it’s about the streets that you’re gonna travel on, your loved ones are gonna travel on, your kids, your grandparents,” Jenny Yu said.