Your November Edition of the Road Safety Ink

Thanksgiving Weekend Traffic Data Shows Red-Light Running Is Most Prevalent On Wednesdays, National, November 21, 2023

We recently released data from our U.S. traffic safety systems showing the most red-light violations during the holiday weekend occurred on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, while the most speeding violations occurred on Thanksgiving Day.

Examining driving data across nearly 200 communities, Verra Mobility found almost 50,000 red-light violations and 200,000 speed violations occurred during the 2022 Thanksgiving weekend – Wednesday through Sunday – which was estimated to be the deadliest Thanksgiving since 2007 according to the National Safety Council.

Read the full Press Release here.


Caught on Camera: How Stop-Arm Programs Prevent Illegal Passing, National, November 15, 2023

We have a great opportunity coming up to learn more about the issues surrounding school bus safety. We are hosting a webinar with STN where we will discuss the illegal passing of school buses and the safety programs schools can implement to help prevent it.
Our special guest speakers will be discussing topics that include national trends and statistics, the role of stop-arm safety programs, how the technology works, the roles and responsibilities of a program, and the benefits of partnering with a turnkey provider.

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Survey: 54% of Americans Believe Average Driver is Worse than Before the Pandemic, National, November 14, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many Americans’ transportation habits to change, especially at the start of the lockdown. To compare mobility preferences and perceptions pre- and post-pandemic, Verra Mobility surveyed 2,000 Americans aged 25 and older.

Among the most surprising results, the survey found that 54% of Americans feel the average driver is worse now compared to before the pandemic and 40% feel less safe on the roads.

Download the full report here.


Eastbound traffic on Platte Avenue drives past the newly installed red-light camera on at the intersection of Platte Avenue and Chelton Road.

Red-Light Cameras Fully Installed to Deter Violations at Colorado Springs Intersections

Denver Gazette, Colorado, November 24, 2023

The Colorado Springs Police Department has finished installing red-light cameras across Colorado Springs throughout notably dangerous city intersections, a means to combat traffic violations and promote public safety.

Learn more about the red-light safety camera program here.


Traffic cameras, and tickets, come to Edmonds; Mukilteo could be next, Washington, November 26, 2023

In Edmonds, an attempt to reach that public health goal will begin in about two months. Beginning in January 2024, cameras will cover five intersections in four school zones, near Edmonds-Woodway High School, Westgate Elementary School, Scriber Lake High School and Chase Lake Elementary School.

In a proposed ordinance, the police reported that near the Rosehill Community Center, about 15% of traffic moving south was speeding. And in two school zones, over 80% of traffic was speeding while the school zone lights were flashing.



Two cars drive past a school bus’ flashing stop sign on Central Park Ave. in Yonkers. The First Student Bus was taking students to the Casimir Pulaski School Weds. morning Nov. 8, 2023.

How Do School Bus Cameras Catch Scofflaws? What We Saw On A Yonkers Bus Ride Along

The Times Herald, New York, November 13, 2023

Yonkers is joining municipalities across the state and the nation cracking down on bus-arm scofflaws. Most of the Yonkers fleet has cameras. The rest will be outfitted come January.

The program is called Yonkers Safe Stop, and it holds the promise of changing driver behavior, one ticket at a time, making city streets safer.

In the first 20 days of the warning period, 1,789 notices were sent.


Installation of 19 School Zone Speed Cameras Underway, Norfolk City Leaders Say

12 News Now, Virginia, November 28, 2023

School zones in Norfolk are about to get a little bit safer as the city actively installs school zone speed cameras in the hopes of slowing down drivers.

Richard Bowling Elementary School, Booker T. Washington High School, Norview High School and Larchmont Elementary School will be the first to get the cameras installed in their school zones.

Stevenson said they hope these cameras will keep students safe in light of past tragedies.

“Several of these are six lane roadways that have students crossing them every day,” he said. “Booker T. Washington had a severe injury to a student. Bowling Elementary had a student that was involved in a fatality.”

Stevenson assured Norfolk city council members that these cameras would not replace other safety measures like crossing guards, but will supplement them.

“It’s been shown to help reduce the speeds of vehicles going through the school zone, so it aids the crossing guard in crossing students across the road,” he said.

California Cities To Reduce Speeding With Proven Safety System Technology

SFGate, California, November 27, 2023

California cities are taking back control of their highways. In an effort to create safer communities, select pilot cities — Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Long Beach and Glendale — were granted approval to install speed safety systems to help reduce the number of deaths due to excessive speeding.

For too long, speeding has plagued the safety and peace of mind of California residents. Of all the vehicle collisions that occurred in California in 2022, 45% (25,269) were caused by unsafe speeds, according to data from UC Berkeley. This year, the number has already surpassed last year’s stats, standing at 47% as of October 2023.

As pilot cities roll out these traffic solutions, many other California cities want to be next in line to incorporate these programs in their communities. For example, Mayor Steve Uhring hopes Malibu, which has seen an uptick in traffic deaths, will be able to take advantage of the state’s speed camera pilot program.

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