Your October Edition of the Road Safety Ink


Check out our October edition of the Road Safety Ink, where we share highlights from National School Bus Safety Week, we learn what safety improvements cities are implementing to combat the nationwide rise in traffic fatalities and find out where automated enforcement is changing driver behavior and making communities safer.


Looking Back at National School Bus Safety Week, National, October 17, 2022

As our EVP of Government Solutions, Jon Baldwin highlighted in his article, at Verra Mobility, our goal is to zero in on bus safety. We have been partnering with school districts of all sizes across the United States for more than a decade to employ technology solutions like CrossingGuard™ to keep children safe as they go to and from school.  Verra Mobility is proud to partner with road safety champions like National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR)  and our clients during National School Bus Safety Week. Thank you for helping us Zero in on School Bus Safety this National School Bus Safety Week! We all play an increasingly important role in ensuring our children travel safely to and from school. Your advocacy to educate communities across the country on the dangers of school bus stop-arm running has made a difference.

To learn more about Verra Mobility CrossingGuard™, you can meet our one-stop solution for school bus safety here:


National School Bus Safety Week will take place from Monday, Oct. 17, through Friday, Oct. 21.Staten Island Advance

National School Bus Safety Week: Drivers Warned About Dangers Of Illegally Passing A Stopped School Bus, New York, October 12, 2022

The federal government reminded drivers that it’s both illegal, and highly dangerous, to pass a school bus while its stop arm is extended.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a new paid media campaign to educate drivers on the dangers of illegally passing stopped school buses during National School Bus Safety Week.



Interview: Future of Mobility, National, October 14, 2022

Verra Mobility CEO David and Brandon Bartneck sat down to discuss smart mobility solutions and applications and perspectives on successful leadership on Brandon Bartneck’s the #futureofmobility podcast.

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Virginia Traffic Deaths Are Back Up Again. Can Road Safety Improvements Help?, Virginia, October 8, 2022

Transportation officials are spending millions on traffic infrastructure in Virginia in hopes of curbing an alarming increase in traffic fatalities from 2014 to 2021.

In a rare move last month, the Commonwealth Transportation Board voted to appropriate $672.4 million to accelerate road safety improvements across the state.


DOT Updates Roadway Safety Strategy In Wake Of Increasing Fatalities, National, October 15, 2022

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) released an update on its National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) on October 14, and shared a new online dashboard that allows stakeholders and the general public to track the Department’s progress on commitments made as part of the NRSS. The update comes as U.S. traffic fatalities are at a 16-year high and pedestrian fatalities are up 13% on 2020 alone.



Transportation Officials Hope Red-Light Cameras Change Driving Culture

Hawaii Public Radio, Oahu, October 7, 2022

There has been a lot of news about the installation of red-light cameras at Honolulu intersections where motorists running red lights have been a chronic problem. The Conversation got the latest from Ed Sniffen, the Department of Transportation Highways Administrator. Sniffen says there are signs leading up to the intersections to notify drivers.

Listen to the interview.


Red-Light Safety Cameras Issue Citations at Colorado Springs Intersection

KOAA, Colorado, October 13, 2022

Drivers passing through Dublin Boulevard and North Powers Boulevard may want to drive carefully from now on. The intersection’s red-light camera is now giving citations to those that run a red light.

The camera has been in a 30-day warning period to give drivers time to adjust, but starting Thursday there is no longer a grace period. This is the 19th camera in Colorado Springs and the first installed on Powers Blvd. Lieutenant Shannon Snuggs with the Colorado Springs Police Department’s protective security section said the red-light cameras are to enforce traffic safety and reduce crashes.


Now That NYC Speed Safety Cameras Are 24/7, What Does The Data Say?, New York City, October 4, 2022

On Aug. 1, New York City’s speed cameras shifted to around-the-clock operation, now ticketing motorists 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

While the daily number of violations issued has risen with the implementation of additional hours, the rate at which the cameras are ticketing while turned on has remained relatively consistent to what it was prior to the expansion.

“We anticipated an initial uptick in violations as we expanded hours of operation; we’ve seen reckless driving on the rise across the city during the pandemic and turning on speed cameras 24/7 is helping us hold drivers accountable. These cameras save lives and, in previous expansion efforts, we’ve seen increases in violations followed by large declines,” said DOT spokesman Vin Barone.

City data shows that, as of December 2020, speeding has dropped by an average of 72% at locations where the cameras have been installed, with injuries falling by 14%.

The cameras have also shown to deter repeated speeding offenses, with the majority of vehicles only receiving one or two violations since the program began in 2014.

In 2021, more than half of the vehicles that received a speed camera violation did not receive a second one.



A survey of Patch readers found support for speed cameras in Alexandria school zones from some respondents. (Emily Leayman/Patch)

Majority Support Alexandria School Zone Speed Cameras In Survey, Virginia, October 17, 2022

Speed cameras in Alexandria school zones got support from a majority in a Patch survey. On Saturday, Alexandria City Council unanimously approved an ordinance allowing speed cameras in school zones and highway work zones as allowed by state legislation, setting the stage for a 2023 launch in some school zones.