Your August Edition of The Road Safety Ink

Take a look at the August edition of the Road Safety Ink, where the EVP of our Government Solutions business shares his thoughts on National Stop on Red Week and find out how schools are keeping their kids safe as they head back to school.

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Move America: David Roberts Talks Vision Zero and Sustainable Solutions, Global, August 24, 2022

Verra Mobility is excited to be a platinum sponsor at the upcoming MOVE America conference this year. Verra Mobility CEO, David Roberts spoke earlier this month with MOVE America about our industry solutions and how they make cities smarter and safer.

Jon Baldwin, EVP of Government Solutions will also be joining a panel at MOVE America to discuss how new tech is reducing traffic flow and increasing safety.

Learn more at MOVE America 2022


Stop on Red. Save Lives.

LinkedIn, National Stop on Red Week 2022, August 12, 2022

National Stop on Red Week, August 7-13 was a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us spread the message to always stop on red. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Together, we can build safer streets and save lives.

During National Stop on Red Week, Jon Baldwin, EVP of our Government Solutions business, shares his thoughts on the importance of stopping on red and the technology that can help save lives. Read the LinkedIn article here.

As we add more people and vehicles to the road, we need people and technology to work harmoniously toward safe, healthy, equitable mobility in our communities. With safety enforcement systems, reaching vision zero is possible. Verra Mobility is proud to offer solutions that bring us closer to vision zero in communities across the country.


Deadly Car Crashes Hit A High In Early 2022. Pandemic-Fueled Risky Driving May Be To Blame

NBC News, National, August 2022

Traffic deaths were up by 7% compared to the first quarter of 2021, and last year’s auto deaths were already at a 15-year high.

It’s a reversal from the pre-pandemic trend: Deaths from car crashes in the U.S. declined for three years leading up to 2020.

Making roads narrower or installing roundabouts, speed bumps, or automated cameras that capture traffic violations could address the problem, she said.




Smyrna City Council Approved Installation Of Red-Light Safety Camera

Cobb County Courier, Georgia, August 2, 2022

City council unanimously approved the installation and maintenance of a red-light camera system for safety and traffic control at two intersections in the city — Spring Road at Cumberland Boulevard and South Cobb Drive at the East-West Connector.

“The intent is to create changes in driving behavior at intersections with high incidents of traffic accidents and potential hazards due to repeated violations,” City Administrator Joseph Bennett said. “From intelligence data collected at strategic intersections, first-hand accounts, and complaints from our community, it has been a long-standing concern our largest traffic intersections need increased enforcement.”

New Red-Light Safety Camera Implemented At Fillmore & Union

Fox21news, Colorado, August 3, 2022

The City of Colorado Springs has an additional red-light camera at the intersection of Fillmore and Union as part of the “Red-Light Safety Camera Program.” This red-light safety camera will aid in the city’s overall goal which is to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities caused by red-light running and improve citizen safety throughout Colorado Springs.


Traffic Safety Group Calls On State To Lift ‘Deadly’ Red-Light Camera Limits Following Fatal Manhattan Crash, New York, August 3, 2022

Traffic safety advocates are saying a more diligent approach to red light cameras could have prevented a fatal car crash in the Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood on Wednesday morning that left two pedestrians dead.

“This restriction is deadly, and we demand that Albany legislators lift the limits on the red light camera program to start saving lives.” Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris said in a statement addressing the crash. “To reach Vision Zero, we need the Adams administration to redesign streets for safety and for Albany to let us expand additional automated enforcement tools.”

According to a Transportation Alternatives study, New York City’s red light camera program has reduced injuries from T-bone crashes by 58%.




Deadly Crashes Down on Roosevelt Blvd., Philly Officials Want More Speed Cameras

NBC Philadelphia, Philadelphia, August 16, 2022

Philadelphia leaders are calling the pilot program for speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard a “success” for curbing traffic deaths and stopping speeding.

Here are the stats on the impact of the speed safety cameras:

  • Deadly traffic crashes went down by about 50% in the first seven months after the cameras went live in June 2020.
  • From June 2020 to May 2022, about 900,000 tickets got issued.
  • Speeding violations dropped by 93% from June 2020 to January 2022.

“The success of Automated Speed Enforcement here on Roosevelt Boulevard cannot be overstated,” Mayor Kenney said. “Even as traffic crashes rose in late 2020 in Philadelphia and across the country, the Boulevard saw 200 fewer crashes in the first seven months.




New Market To Send Warnings To Vehicles Who Speed Through School Zones, August 9, Maryland

As the new school year approaches, the town of New Market is reminding residents not to speed in school zones.

Beginning on September 9 school zone speed safety cameras will be in place in school zones to catch speeders. Warnings will be issued for the first 30 days.

Learn more about New Market’s School Zone Speed Safety Program here.


Speed Enforcement Cameras Planned In Some Alexandria School Zones, Virginia, August 17, 2022

2020 law passed by the Virginia General Assembly allows localities to use speed cameras in school and work zones. According to Virginia law, a speeding violation of at least 10 miles over a posted school zone or highway work zone speed limit can carry a fine of up to $100.

After funding for five speed enforcement cameras in Alexandria school zones was approved in the city’s fiscal year budget, the city is planning to launch the program in early 2023.

Learn more about Alexandria’s School Zone Speed Safety Program here.


School Zone Traffic Cameras Will Turn On Next Week, City Says, Louisiana, July 30, 2022

School zone cameras will be turned on again starting at 7 a.m. Aug. 2, as Orleans Parish schools start back up,  according to the City of New Orleans.




Gwinnett Schools Police Prepare To Deal With Bus Stop Violators, Georgia, July 27, 2022

Gwinnett County Public Schools buses are prepared to hit the road again, many of them armed with cameras armed to capture the thousands of people who pass stopped buses illegally each year.

Only a fraction of Gwinnett County’s buses are armed with cameras to catch violators, and yet the evidence collected resulted in over 14,000 citations in 2019. The numbers dipped as many students stayed home at the start of the pandemic but are rising again with over 9,000 citations issued last year.


Marietta School District Urging Drivers To Slow Down, Georgia, August 21, 2022

Students around Georgia are headed back to school, and yet cameras are catching drivers blowing past stopped school buses. The district’s bus depot in Marietta showed Channel 2 what they’re adding to more school buses this year.

“We have a SOAR program that teaches kids how to be safe, orderly, and respectful around the school bus,” Kimberly Ellis, director of transportation for Marietta City Schools, said.
And these stop-arm cameras on school buses spot drivers that blow through the stop sign.
“I’m proud to say Marietta has stop arm cameras on 62 of our route buses. We are waiting on eight more to come in,” Ellis said.


When Do FL Drivers Have To Stop For School Buses

Patch, Florida, August 21, 2022

Drivers in Florida who violate school bus stop arms can face hefty fines and lose their license. Here’s what to know about passing buses.

Florida law requires that on a two-way street or highway, all drivers in both directions must stop for a stopped school bus that is picking up or dropping off children. Vehicles must remain stopped until all children are clear of the roadway and the bus’ stop arm is withdrawn.