Your July Edition of the Road Safety Ink


Verra Mobility Investor Day

Nasdaq, New York, July 19, 2022

Verra Mobility’s Investor Day Conference took place on July 19. We spent a day at NASDAQ with current and potential investors and analysts to increase awareness of our company and increase interest in our stock. Through Investor Day, we create an opportunity to give investors and analysts a deep dive into Verra Mobility’s long-term growth strategy, financial outlook, and capital allocation priorities. By sharing these forward-looking insights, we increase retention with our existing investors and attract new high-quality investors, making it much more efficient to raise capital in the future. Check out highlights from the day: 


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Watching Out For Bicyclists, Pedestrians Will Be Part Of Driver’s Ed

Spectrum News, New York, July 15, 2022

New drivers will have to learn about pedestrian and bicyclist safety when taking their pre-licensing exam under a bill approved Friday by Gov. Kathy Hochul.

“My top priority as Governor is to keep New Yorkers safe, and it is common sense to make pedestrian and bike safety education mandatory for drivers,” Hochul said. “This law will help prevent crashes and save lives, and I thank my partners in the Assembly and Senate for passing this legislation to make our streets safer.”


An EMT with the Elizabeth Fire Department says when New Jersey reversed its stance on red-light cameras he cheered the decision. But my mind changed for good on Jan. 2, 2022, when I responded to the first fatality of the year on Union County roads. A woman died because someone was trying to beat a red light.

EMT: I Cursed Red-Light Cameras. Now I Embrace Them. Here’s Why., New Jersey, July 3, 2022

But my mind changed for good on Jan. 2, 2022, when I responded to the first fatality of the year on Union County roads. A woman died because someone was trying to beat a red light. Had there been a red-light camera at this intersection, it is less likely the driver would have run the light. Vehicle safety regulations have a proven track record. Can you imagine if seatbelts weren’t required in cars today? Red light and speed cameras can change driver behavior.

Smart street design saves lives. Complete street design that considers the safety of our most vulnerable road users, people outside of cars, saves lives.



City Holds ‘Day of Awareness’ With Speed Cameras Set To Be On 24/7, New York, July 27, 2022

The Department of Transportation hosted a citywide “Day of Awareness” on Wednesday to remind New Yorkers that speed cameras will be on 24/7 in the five boroughs starting next Monday.

According to the DOT, more than half of vehicles that received one violation in 2021 did not receive a second.

“We can be a role model to the whole nation,” Rodriguez said. “Still, today, New York City is the safest one for pedestrian and cyclist safety, but we are losing too many lives. So the message to the drivers is, ‘Please, be a part of the solution. Drive on the speed limit.’”


DC Mother Starts Petition To Get More Lights And Speed Cameras On Suitland Parkway

WUSA9, Washington D.C., July 24, 2022

One DC mother is calling for changes along Suitland Parkway near the Washington, DC, and Maryland border. Lakisha Leach said her 13-year-old son Javon died after the car he was riding in stalled and another vehicle crashed into it back in March of 2022.

This hurting mother doesn’t want any other family to experience her pain and wants others to sign her petition in hopes of seeing changes along this busy stretch of road.

“I feel like they should get more lights and cameras, speed cameras because it’s so dark on the highway and I would hate for another person to lose (someone), I would hate for it to happen again cause it’s too many and we’re not getting no justice or no help,” Leach said.


Gwinnett Police Issue Thousands Of Tickets To Drivers Speeding Past School Buses

46 CBS News, Georgia, July 26, 2022

Most students are heading back to school in about a week but Gwinnett School Police officers said drivers are showing no signs of slowing down for your students crossing the street after they get off the bus.

“No one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong,” Gwinnett School Police Officers Jack Moody said it’s a crime with a hefty fine but drivers are still disregarding student safety.

“When you see the yellow lights that’s the time to slow down,” Officer Moody said. He said the department issued more than 8,000 bus stop sign tickets in 2021 for drivers who broke the law, despite cameras watching drivers’ every move from the bus.

The department said it is an inexcusable crime and drivers will face fines if they fail to stop for students.


Mayor Outlines Vision Zero Public Safety Initiative

Post-Journal, New York, July 25, 2022

“The idea for Vision Zero is to really enhance the Complete Streets model,” he said. “Not only are we looking at every street in the city for safety, for pedestrians, for bikers, but how are we also educating the public. How can we change behaviors to ensure everyone is safe?”

Sundquist said the city adopted the Complete Streets Program several years ago, which is a street design approach that considers how to safely build roads for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders. Since that time, the city has worked to slowly increase public safety through this program.

“It made sense to move toward a Vision Zero model because we had started seeing kids getting hurt in certain school zones,” he said. “The idea of having zero fatalities within the next 10 years is really important. We’ve really focused on ways that we can improve our streets.”


Roy Harryman/Pixabay

Making School Zones Safer For Students And Pedestrians

American City and County, National, July 20, 2022

Ultimately, implementing such measures will make our schools and schoolchildren safer and help communities nationwide to advance Vision Zero, a movement to end all traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by taking a systematic approach to road safety. If there is truly a desire to implement Vision Zero, though, school officials, communities, and municipalities must be serious about, and committed to, implementing Vision Zero policies, procedures, and design. Money and funding must be allocated. What remains unclear is how many Americans are prepared to fight to ensure that Vision Zero promises to translate into action. Otherwise Vision Zero within school zones throughout the country is likely to remain just that, “a vision.”

Commercial-News Editorial: Be Alert Around School Buses

Commercial-News, Illinois, July 25, 2022

They reappeared last week, the black-and-yellow harbingers of an annual change. They rumble around city neighborhoods, making frequent stops. Sometimes, a single one can attract a crowd.

School buses are back in Danville.

Drivers must stay extra alert in the coming weeks as they share the roads with more black-and-yellow buses during their daily ritual, both in the city and out in the county. No one can be in such a hurry that endangering a child can be justified.

Slow down. Stay alert. That way, everyone makes it to school or to home safe and sound.

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