Your April Edition of the Road Safety Ink

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School Bus Stop-Arm Cameras Are On In Griffin-Spalding Schools

Fun101.1, Georgia, April 19, 2022

“Our goal is to educate and awaken drivers to the dangers of illegally passing school buses,” said Griffin-Spalding County Board of Education Chairperson Sue McDonald. “Many drivers need education on school bus stop laws. When a school bus has the stop-arm deployed, you must stop. This program will help us change driver behavior in a positive way to protect the lives of our students.”

More than 7000 students in the Griffin-Spalding County School System (GSCS) are transported to and from school on buses every day. As part of the county’s partnership with Verra Mobility, all GSCS buses, a total of 115, will be equipped with school bus stop arm safety cameras.



Verra Mobility Seeks Smarter Solutions

ITS International, International, March 30, 2022

Verra Mobility has long been known as a safety specialist but is increasingly pivoting its existing technology towards smart mobility as well. “Technology which you used to drive safety outcomes can also be used to drive mobility outcomes,” says Michael Tooker, senior vice president of product solutions.



Two New Red-Light Cameras Are Now Live In Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 18, 2022

Two new red-light cameras go live Monday in Colorado Springs as a part of the Red Light Safety Camera Program.

There are currently ten red-light cameras across the city.

Police say the goal of the program is to protect drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians from injuries or crashes that happen when people run red lights.




Chesapeake School Zone Speed Cameras Now Active

Wavy, Virginia, April 19, 2022

For now, speeders will get a pass, but in 29 days you could get a ticket that will cost you $100. Much like red-light cameras, speeders will receive their tickets in the mail and be directed to pay a civil penalty.


School Zone Cameras Will Protect Auburn Students, Superintendent Says, Washington, April 2, 2022

In Auburn’s school zones over the last decade, almost 100 close calls and minor accidents with pedestrians had occurred, the school district reports.

This past February, the Auburn City Council unanimously passed a resolution allowing Mayor Nancy Backus to enter into an agreement with Arizona-based Verra Mobility, which provides automated traffic safety cameras.



REI Helps A Texas ISD Overcome Fleet Management Hurdles With SaaS

School-bus ride, Texas, April 11, 2022

REI is a leading provider and innovator for mobile video surveillance and fleet management software solutions in the school bus industry as well as the motorcoach, transit, and OEM markets. With helpful solutions for day-to-day operations, REI’s overriding goals are to improve safety on buses, help school districts maximize efficiency, and simplify the workdays of those involved.    

“One of the beautiful aspects of ARMOR is it shows a screen telling me what’s working and what’s not,” McKinney explained. “It’ll tell me if there’s a hard drive that’s not operational. We also have a stop-arm camera enforcement program in our district. REI camera systems are currently installed in 15 of our buses that are part of the Verra Mobility Stop-Arm Camera Enforcement Program, and those images are extremely clear for license plate reading to curb stop-arm violations. Over two years, we have seen monthly violations cut by 56 percent.”

“There is a financial benefit to it,” McKinney added. “Funds from violations are largely untouched by our department and are available for security and safety upgrades in our district.”





 Political Leaders Need To Adopt Vision To Make City Streets Safer For All, Canada, April 17, 2022

FFSS is here to tell everyone the anguish of traffic violence is preventable. We don’t want what happened to us and our families to happen to you. It is infinitely easier to build safe streets than it is to bury your loved one or live out your days with chronic pain and significantly reduced quality of life. The human cost of road violence is far higher than the financial cost of changing our streets. We don’t need more lip service about Vision Zero. We need our leaders to finally get serious about actually building it.


Speed Cameras Are The ‘Nuisance’ That Saves Lives | Commentary

Baltimore Sun, Maryland, April 18, 2022

Finally, there’s the matter of revenue. Motorists resent that speeding tickets will generate millions of dollars. Quite a few probably think the Jones Falls speed limit, which varies from 40 mph to 55 mph depending on the location, is too strict anyway. Too bad. All one needs to do to avoid paying one thin dime to the city of Baltimore is to stay within 12 mph of that limit. And who benefits? Here’s the real beauty of it. The chief beneficiaries aren’t the contractor or city government. They just collect some money. It’s the motorists who are less likely to be involved in a serious, potentially fatal crash that stand to gain the most if everyone will just slow down to a reasonable and safe rate of speed.