Your December Edition of the Road Safety Ink

2021’s Worst Red-Light Runners Caught on Camera, National, December 28, 2021

For nearly a decade, we have released annual footage from our red-light safety cameras highlighting the dangers of reckless driving behaviors. Looking back at 2021’s worst red-light runners caught on video, we are reminded how dangerous driving continues to have a devastating impact on human life.
The videos in this year’s compilation come from Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina, highlighting how dangerous driving decisions and in-vehicle distractions can have a devastating impact on human life. The examples showcased in the video could have been captured anywhere and yielded similar disturbing results. This year’s video vividly reinforces that red-light running is one of the most dangerous traffic scenarios on American roads. Please remember to always #StopOnRed.
View the video here:



If you Block the Box in Some Intersections, Cameras Will Catch You, and Seattle Police Will Mail the Ticket, Washington, December 6, 2021

The new year brings new fines for Seattle motorists if they enter certain bus lanes or clog four problem intersections.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has chosen eight locations to install traffic enforcement cameras, which will read license plates. Starting in early January, drivers will be mailed a warning the first time and fined $75 for repeat violations.


What Role Should Driver Education and Enforcement Play in Road Safety?

Greater Greater Washington, Washington D.C., December 20, 2021

Last week, the Governors Highway Safety Association issued a report which aimed to “debunk the misconception held by some in the traffic safety community that infrastructure alone can end road deaths” and “make the case for the integral role of behavioral safety and road user responsibility in the Safe System approach to traffic safety.”




Speed Cameras Are Coming to I-83 in Baltimore in February. Here’s What You Need to Know., Maryland, December 13, 2021

Smile, speed demons, you’re on camera. Or you will be soon.

In February, long-awaited speed cameras will be installed on one of Baltimore’s busiest thruways: Interstate 83. After years of serious crashes and complaints by drivers and public officials alike, scofflaw drivers can expect to get a ticket in the mail if they choose to sail through the corridor at an unsafe speed.


County Board to Consider Speed Cameras Near Schools, Virginia, December 6, 2021

Arlington County could start cracking down on speeding near schools and highway work zones with newly-allowed speed cameras.

This weekend, the Arlington County Board is scheduled to set a public hearing for its Jan. 22 meeting on the question of whether to install speed cameras.

Currently, Arlington County only has cameras that capture red-light violations, but in 2020 the Virginia General Assembly allowed localities to install radar-based speed detectors around school crossing zones and highway work zones. Now, the county is poised to consider adding 10 movable cameras to these zones.



Bill Allowing Camera Enforcement in School Zones Speeds Ahead

Florida Politics, Florida, December 2, 2021

One study found Florida ranks worst among all U.S. states in school speed zone safety.

Florida communities are one step closer to gaining a new tool to curb dangerous driving in school zones after a bill that would allow cameras and radar detection devices to enforce speed limits passed through a committee this week.


Photo Enforcement Coming to Union City School Zones

HomeRuleNews, Georgia, December 15, 2021

State law allows speed cameras to be deployed in school zones with violations issued to the vehicle’s registered owner caught traveling 10 miles over the posted speed limit.

Union City Police conducted a traffic study at the two schools and found in three days, 9,608 violators were traveling more than 11 miles per hour in the posted 30 miles per hour speed limit area. The department will review each incident before sending a notice to the vehicle’s owner.

“The warning period allowed drivers to check their speed and comply with our school zone safety program before actual citations begin,” Chief Cassandra Jones said. “This program intends to alert drivers to the school zones, reduce speeds and increase safety for our children.”




‘Block-the-Box’ Crosswalk Cameras Can Improve Safety on Seattle Streets

Seattle Times, Washington, December 12, 2021

Seattle pedestrians are known for dutifully waiting for the light before they cross the street. A pilot program starting next year wants to ensure that drivers return the favor and keep the crosswalk clear or face a fine.

It could be a positive step for a city that wants to move away from a car-centric culture.