Slow Down: Cameras Now Will Catch Speeders in 3 Athens-Clarke School Zones

Wayne Ford/Athens Banner-Herald Barnett Shoals Elementary School is one of three zones where motorists’ speed will be monitored by cameras.

Slow Down: Cameras Now Will Catch Speeders in 3 Athens-Clarke School Zones

Online Athens, Georgia, March 23, 2021

Athens-Clarke police will soon begin issuing citations for motorists caught on camera speeding through three school zones in Athens.

“Our priority is to keep our students safe. The school zone speed cameras will encourage drivers to slow down, thereby protecting children before and after school,” Clarke County School Superintendent Xernona Thomas said in a statement Monday.



Minnesota Stop-arm Camera Bill Aims to Increase Student Safety

School Transportation News, National, March 17, 2021

HB 2172 and SB 584 would increase the fine to no less than $500 for drivers for a violation.

HB 2172 states that the funds would be deposited into an account, to be appropriated to the commissioner of public safety to provide grants to school districts, charter schools and companies that provide school bus service for installing stop-arm camera systems or reimbursing for systems already purchased.

If passed, the bills, which were introduced last month, would take effect on July 1.


School Bus Safety Measure Passes in Ky. House

Spectrum News, Kentucky, March 24, 2021

A bill that aims to stop drivers from illegally passing school buses has moved ahead in the Kentucky Legislature.

Under House Bill 189, Kentucky school districts could put camera systems on school buses to record vehicles that pass illegally while students are getting on or off.

Rep. David Hale (R – Wellington) said the goal is to hold drivers accountable.

“I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone that would do such a dangerous act as this and put our most vulnerable people at risk, our children,” Hale said from the House floor Thursday. “It is estimated that each year across the United States of America that there are literally tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of violations that occur when a school bus is actually stopped.”




California State Senator Pushes For Speeding Cameras In School Zones

Los Angeles CBS Local, California, March 19, 2021

California Sen. Susan Rubio, D-Baldwin Park, has introduced a bill that would authorize local governments to install speeding cameras near school zones.

If the bill passes, there would be new and obvious signage to let drivers know they’re entering a speed safety zone. Tickets could be up to $150 each.



A speed camera on North Avenue near Pulaski Road in Humboldt Park. Photo: John Greenfield

New Data Shows Chicago’s Speed Cameras are Effective in Preventing Traffic Deaths

Streets Blog Chicago, Illinois, March 4, 2021

Early figures showed that Chicago’s speed cameras were effective in deterring dangerous speeds. After the Chicago Department of Transportation installed the city’s first 51 speed cameras in 2013, the number of speeding cars observed by the cams fell by an average of 43 percent. At some locations, the number of speeders dropped as much as 99 percent.



Lawmakers May Legalize Speed Cameras in Many Oregon Cities

Pamplin Media, Oregon, March 18, 2021

A pair of bills by Happy Valley lawmaker Jeff Reardon would allow for fixed radar speed enforcement, and no longer require police to write the ticket.

If House Bill 2530 is passed into law, the cameras would be allowed, though not required, in roughly 11 cities with a population over 50,000, as well as those cities encompassed by one of Oregon’s eight metropolitan planning organizations, such as the Portland area suburbs.