Look Now! Speed Cameras Race in, Forcing Drivers to Slow Down

Drivers will have to exercise extra caution when making their way along Riverdale Avenue near West 238th Street because of a new speed camera mounted there.

Speed cameras race in, forcing drivers to slow down

The Riverdale Press, New York, February 16, 2020

The camera is in good company — the northern part of Riverdale Avenue already has several cameras, especially around the campus of P.S. 81 Robert J. Christen. School zone speed cameras ticket drivers traveling at least 36 mph, more than 10 mph over the citywide speed limit of 25.

“Speeding is the No. 1 cause of traffic fatalities,” said Amy Cohen, a member of the Families for Safer Streets advocacy group.

Cohen’s 12-year-old son Sammy was killed in 2013 after a car hit him in Brooklyn as he was chasing a ball into the street.

Families for Safer Streets is composed of family members of people killed or seriously injured by cars. Lowering speed limits was one of Cohen’s first priorities, and the organization pushed the city to drop from the original speed limit of 30 mph citywide to 20. The current limit, 25 mph, Cohen said, was a compromise.