Caught on Camera!

Frederick Man Sentenced To 100 Months In Prison For Robbery
City of Frederick (Maryland),  April 18, 2018

Frederick City Police Department (“FPD”) investigators obtained red light camera footage that showed Shorb’s vehicle fleeing from one of the robberies.  When an FPD police officer later attempted to conduct a traffic stop of Shorb for speeding, Shorb fled from police.  Shorb was apprehended and later admitted to committing the robberies and said that he used a handgun that he tossed into a sewer in Baltimore.

Department of Transportation Launches Comprehensive Safety Campaign Aimed at Reducing Accidents on City Streets
City of  Baltimore (Maryland),  April 21, 2018

As part of the city’s comprehensive safety campaign, the Department of Transportation will be conducting a variety of safety initiatives that aim to increase awareness about dangerous driving behaviors and the safe usage of city roadways.  These initiatives include

  • “Don’t Block the Box” – Starting on May 1st, the Department of Transportation will begin issuing warnings to motorists who “block the box” at various intersections in the city. Blocking an intersection causes traffic congestion and delays by preventing other vehicles from passing through, and also creates dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.  Warnings will be issued for a 30 day period and then motorists who “block the box” will receive $90 fines and 1 point on their license.
  • “Don’t Be That Person” – This safety education campaign is aimed at teaching citizens about dangerous driving habits that lead to serious injuries and/or fatalities on city streets. Safety messages will be posted throughout the city and will address issues such as pedestrian and bicycle safety, speeding, red light running, seatbelt usage and distracted driving.
  • Automated Enforcement – Speed, red light and truck automated enforcement cameras will continue to be placed in school zones and at high crash intersections, as they are proven mechanisms for deterring dangerous driving habits.

Both said they had the green light
Orange Park (Florida), April 13, 2018

Watch this footage captured by red-light safety cameras!

Speed-camera violations down 11.8 percent
Chicago Sun Times (Illinois), April 13, 2018

Chicago’s drivers appear to be slowing down, based on a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of the city’s speed-camera data.

This year through March 29, drivers had been caught speeding by one of Chicago’s 151 speed cameras 208,891 times, a Sun-Times analysis of city data found. That’s down 11.8 percent from the same period in 2017.

Top tip: If you want to stay out of trouble, don’t do what this driver did and swear at our mobile safety cameras while driving past in a car fitted with a laser jammer. Today he’s beginning 8 months in jail for perverting the course of justice.