ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 25

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season
American Traffic Solutions wishes everyone a joyful and safe holiday season.  Because we want everyone to reach their destinations safely, we are sharing these tips from the National Safety Council.  Please remember to always stop on red, buckle up and obey posted speed limits.

ATS StreetSafe The Future of Speed Enforcement
American Traffic Solutions (Arizona), Dec. 4, 2017

ATS StreetSafe is a handheld speed safety camera solution that enables law enforcement to enforce speed in their community without having to put themselves or others in harm’s way.

To learn more about how ATS StreetSafe can enhance safety in your community, visit

Miami should keep red-light camera program
Miami Herald (Florida) Dec. 13, 2017

The state law that allows for cities like Miami to deploy red-light safety cameras was named after my late husband Mark Wandall, who was killed by a red-light runner when I was nine months pregnant. Our daughter never got to meet her father. He wasn’t there on her first day of kindergarten, won’t be there when she graduates from school and won’t be there to walk her down the aisle. I have dedicated my time and efforts to ensure no other mother, daughter or family member has that experience.

Sadly, a decision to remove the cameras in Miami will soon come before the Miami City Commission. Call the Mayor and Commissioners and ask them to keep these life-saving red-light cameras.

-Melissa Wandall

Turn those red-light cameras back on | Editorial
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 30, 2017

South Florida is starting to see the light when it comes to stopping red-light runners.
Boynton Beach and Pembroke Pines recently joined 20 other cities in restoring red-light cameras to make busy intersections safer.

Red light program gets a green light
The Reflector (North Carolina) Dec. 10, 2017

The number of warning tickets issued during the grace period of Greenville’s new red-light camera program clearly illustrates a problem that had already made itself abundantly clear to most drivers in the city: too many people run red lights.

City planners placed the cameras purposely at the most dangerous intersections. They hope the technology will convince drivers that they need to slow their roll and obey safety rules to avoid crashes and save lives. The numbers over time will bear out the program’s effectiveness.

Glendale considers red-light cameras (Arizona), Dec. 7, 2107

City Council decided to move forward with studies of the potential impact of red-light cameras on problem intersections during the Nov. 21 Council meeting after a study showed tons of red-light runners at one busy intersection.

Mr. St. John believes red-light cameras would reduce these numbers.

“We know from an article that was produced out of the city of Scottsdale that having a red-light camera in intersections reduced the number of traffic accidents in those intersections in the East Valley.”

Police: Pickup driver ran red light, died in crash
Tucson News 4 (Arizona) Dec. 5, 2017

One man died after he drove his pickup truck through a red light and hit another vehicle Monday on the South Side.

Spokane looks to expand school zone cameras, sidewalk and street improvements in 2019 (Washington), Dec. 13, 2017

The Spokane City Council will consider doubling the number of school zone cameras from two to four next year, targeting two elementary schools in the North Hills neighborhood where up to nine out of 10 cars are blowing through the posted 20 mile per hour speed limit before and after classes.

“They’re only going to places where there’s a large volume of speeders, and the speeds are particularly high,” said City Councilman Breean Beggs, who’s sponsoring the resolution that not only adds cameras around Ridgeview and Willard elementary schools, but also sets up a long-term spending plan for the money paid in fines by drivers, limiting the city to paying for sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic-slowing devices and traffic police.


Student Struck, Injured After Exiting School Bus (National) Dec. 7, 2017

A student was hit by a car and seriously injured after she stepped off her school bus on Tuesday, the Florida Highway Patrol told WALA.

A news release from the patrol obtained by WALA stated that Maria Alexandra Wethington, 12, was struck by a vehicle driving in the opposite lane after she left the bus and was walking across the road. She was being treated for her injuries. The driver of the vehicle, who fled the scene before troopers arrived, was later arrested.

Virginia Beach parents film numerous videos of bus violations (Virginia), Nov. 29, 2017

Two parents want the public’s help in getting cameras installed on city school buses.

David Sanders and his wife Sara have been filming stop arm violations outside their home since September.

“We have at least 10 videos that we have shot ourselves,” said Sara. “The [children] are literally playing a live virtual game of Frogger crossing the street.”

Making good on a promise and ignoring school buses | Cheers and Jeers (New Jersey), Dec. 9, 2017

JEERS: To those lousy people who ignore school bus red lights. These flashing lights indicate that a bus is stopped so that kids can get on board or exit. Do we really need to explain that? We bring this up now to point out something recently raised in a Franklin Township community Facebook group. A parent putting a child on a bus reported two cars ignored the flashing reds and continued on their way with no concern for the safety of others.The parents reported the incident to the bus transportation office and got some great news. Cameras on the bus captured the passing motorists and the video was turned over to the police.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Idiot’ drivers threaten our lives. Pay attention, and put down that cell phone.
Bradenton Herald (Florida) Dec. 5, 2017

Maybe, if we just try to pay a little more attention to what we are doing, knowing what is in front or behind us, putting that cell phone down and not care until we get to our destination, and if you are working, day or night, slow down and pay attention to what is in front of you. A life and maybe yours will depend on the action YOU take on our roadways.

It will not be a red-light camera to protect another on the roadway, it will be up to you.

LETTERS: The deadliest of accidents
The (Colorado) Nov. 29, 2017

Because of one careless act

After working as a critical care nurse for 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand the results of people speeding up to run red lights, causing horrific injuries and death to folks just trying to take their children to school or live their lives, which sometimes are shattered forever because of this one careless act.

Most people don’t realize that these are the deadliest accidents, due to the increased speed necessary to run red lights. So at the time of impact, the perpetrator could be traveling at over 60 mph. Since accident rates are on the increase in our town and approximately 80 percent of all accidents nationwide are caused by running run lights, I defy anyone to object to red light cameras at every intersection.

A red light camera can be seen at the intersection of Greenville Boulevard and Arlington Boulevard on Dec. 2, 2017. (Molly Mathis/The Daily Reflector)

Early numbers positive for red light camera revenue
The Reflector (North Carolina) Dec. 7, 2017

 “If we put these cameras in and people slow down and don’t run as many red lights, and the county gets a few hundred thousand dollars for the schools and the streets become safer, that’s a home-run,” he said. “If people stop running red lights totally, and the city lost a whole lot of money on the red light camera but nobody ever died at these intersections, that’s a grand slam home run. It’s almost like the worst financial outcome for us is the best policy outcome.”

– District 4 Councilman Rick Smiley