ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 22

Commentary: Enforcement Drops, Crashes Rise, Pedestrians Die
Tucson Daily Star (Arizona), Oct. 21, 2017

Talk to anyone around here, especially in central Tucson, and you’ll hear the stories. Or just stand at a busy corner and watch. The stories and experiences paint the picture of a pervasive problem of thoughtless Tucson drivers giving no quarter to unprotected pedestrians. While walkers have certainly been at fault in some of the collisions, it’s clear we Tucson drivers often do not pay enough attention. … The police context in which this wave of pedestrian killings — 24 so far this year — have taken place? Less and less enforcement, more and more collisions. Something bigger is going on.  (Tucson Daily Star image by Kelly Presnell)


Greenville Police Address Red-Light Camera Concerns
WNCT-TV CBS 9 (North Carolina), Oct. 24, 2017

It’s been a week since Greenville police launched its red-light camera program. The program is still in its warning period and is causing confusion for some drivers. “One of the main questions we got is they are either going through a yellow light or a green light and they’ve noticed the cameras flashing,” said Officer Pat O’Callaghan, who heads the red-light camera program. He said there are a lot of factors that cause the lights to go off. (WNCT-TV CBS 9 image)

Police: Light Red for 6.6 Seconds when Vehicle Ran It
WPBF-TV ABC 25 (Florida), Oct. 18, 2017

Boynton Beach Police have released video officers describe as a driver running a red light at Woolbright Road and Southwest 8th Street. The light was red for 6.6 seconds when the SUV in the left through lane drove past it, investigators said. The video shows the driver of a pickup truck managing to avoid a crash. (WPBF-TV ABC 25 and Boynton Beach Police image)

Motorcyclist Speaks Out after Being Run Over by Texting Driver
KATC-TV ABC 3 (Louisiana), Oct. 18, 2017

Blake Comeaux, who was thrown from his motorcycle, is now recovering in Lafayette General from a broken pelvis and an injured spine. … He says the woman behind the wheel was texting and driving when she ran into his motorcycle. He said he feels strongly about texting and driving, and doesn’t want to see anyone suffer the way he has. “You wouldn’t give a legally blind person a license, and for that moment when you’re texting and driving, you’re legally blind,” he said.  (KATC-TV ABC 3 images)


Driver Dies from Injuries in Intersection Collision
The Daily Reflector (North Carolina), Oct. 24, 2017

A Colerain woman died Monday from injuries she sustained in a two-vehicle wreck that also injured her passenger and shut down a Memorial Drive intersection for three hours. … A preliminary investigation revealed the 73-year-old driver failed to stop for a red light at Memorial Drive’s intersection with Regency Boulevard and Thomas Langston Road, according to the Greenville Police Department. (The Daily Reflector image by Juliette Cooke)

Community Leaders Welcome Enforcement Camera Proposal
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service/
OnMilwaukee (Wisconsin), Oct. 22, 2017

Community leaders welcome the idea of installing automated technology throughout the city to help ticket reckless drivers, after a state lawmaker introduced legislation Tuesday to temporarily allow the practice. State Rep. David Crowley announced his new measure, the Safe Roads Save Lives Act, at City Hall with 11 members of the Common Council appearing alongside him. (Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service image)

Citizens’ Panel Supports Additional Red-Light Cameras in Amarillo
KVII-TV ABC 7 (Texas), Oct. 18, 2017

Amarillo drivers beware: More red light cameras could soon come to the city. The citizens’ advisory board for photographi