ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 7


At the start of this month, Gov. Doug Ducey issued a special proclamation declaring March to be Red-Light-Running Awareness Month. He urged everyone to “do all they can to stop red-light running on our roadways.” Although the month is about to end, the need to share the message goes on. Arizona ranks fourth in the nation for red-light running fatalities. These tragedies can be avoided. ATS encourages everyone to slow down on yellow and stop on red. For more information on driving safely at intersections, visit visit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance and National Coalition for Safer Roads.

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130 School Zones Get Photo Enforcement Warning Signs
WVUE-TV FOX 8 (Louisiana), March 28, 2017

New Orleans’ mobile speed enforcement program caught more than 17,000 violations during the one-month pilot period earlier this year, and 11,000 of those happened in school zones. “That’s alarming for most citizens, and that why we have those cameras in those areas,” city communications director Tyronne Walker said. (WVUE-TV FOX 8 image)

School District Looks to Buy Cameras to Enhance Bus Safety Spectrum News (New York), March 22, 2017

Nova Disotell is a bus driver for South Lewis Central Schools and interacts with her kids daily, making sure they get to and from school safely — which is why she’s passionate about ending a problem on her route. Drivers are passing right by her stopped bus and its flashing lights. (, Spectrum News image)

Montgomery Police Release Red-Light Camera Video, WAKA-TV CBS 8 (Alabama), March 21, 2017

Recently, the Montgomery Police Department released some shocking video captured on their red-light cameras. The city has cameras installed at around 20 intersections and they hope the video sends a message to drivers. “What we’re showing you is what happens when you run a red light or what could potentially happened when you run that red light,” explained Lt. Stanley Rucker. (WAKA-TV CBS 8 image)

Leon Valley Pursues Red-Light Camera Safety Program
KENS-TV Channel 5 (Texas), March 21, 2017

Leon Valley is moving ahead with plans to install red-light safety cameras at intersections along Bandera Road in an effort to calm traffic and reduce crashes. Last year, police saw 1,111 crashes on at at Bandera Road. Authorities issued 4,584 citations to motorists along the roadway, of which 317 went to Leon Valley residents. (KENS-TV CBS 5 image)



Red-Light Camera, Friend or Foe?
WTOL-TV CBS 11 (Ohio), March 29, 2017

According to Toledo Police, nine people in the city have died due to traffic accidents in 2017 alone, and for that reason they believe red-light cameras are becoming ever more important in keeping drivers safe. (Cleveland Plain Dealer image)

Arizona Bans License Plate Covers
KTVK-TV Channel 3, March 29, 2017

Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation that bans license plate covers typically used to prevent photo enforcement cameras from capturing an image of the plate. Bill sponsor Sen. Steve Farley, who sponsored the bill, said the measure is about more than photo enforcement. He says it makes no sense to require a license plate and then allow covers that can make them difficult if not impossible to read.

Tennessee Official Has 10 Unpaid Speeding Tickets
Nashville Scene (Tennessee), March 23, 2017

In today’s living proof that privilege is real and all encompassing, we present to you state Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden), whose never-ending quest to eliminate traffic cameras is, in fact, a quest to benefit himself. As NewsChannel 5 found out, Holt has at least 10 unpaid traffic camera speeding tickets — yes, 10 — and that’s just in one town alone.

Red-Light Camera Program Gets Green Light (North Carolina), March 22, 2017

A red-light camera program for Greenville has the green light to go forward. The Greenville City Council , by a 3-2 vote on March 20, approved an interlocal agreement with Pitt County schools for the operation of cameras that will issue tickets to suspected red-light runners at five problem intersections. The council approved an agreement with American Traffic Solutions to install, operate and maintain the system. Police will be responsible for reviewing and approving each citation and will handle any appeals by drivers who are issued a citation.  (WNCT-TV CBS 9 image)

Iowa Senate Rejects Ban on Traffic Enforcement Cameras
The Des Moines Register, March 22, 2017

The Iowa Senate rejected a statewide ban on automated traffic enforcement cameras used to issue tickets to motorists for speeding and running red lights. Senate File 220 was approved on a 31-18 vote, sending the legislation to the Iowa House for consideration. The key vote came earlier when lawmakers passed an amendment to keep traffic enforcement cameras while imposing a new set of regulations to govern the devices.

Study: Red-Light Cameras Make Chicago Streets Safer
WLS-TV ABC 7 (Illinois), March 20, 2017

Chicago’s red light cameras help make driving safer in Chicago, according to a study by the Northwestern University Transportation Center. The report was authorized by the Chicago City Council and paid for by the Chicago Department of Transportation. It found “significant safety benefits” and recommended the continuation of the program. Read the report here. (Northwestern University Transportation Center image)


Senate Again Agrees to School Bus Cameras to Catch Motorists Spectrum News (North Carolina), March 22, 2017

The idea of catching drivers passing school buses unlawfully with cameras and issuing monetary penalties based on photos or video is advancing again at the North Carolina General Assembly. The Senate voted in favor of letting counties pass ordinances imposing penalties and letting school districts install and operate bus stop-arm cameras. Supporters say the measure could save school children from death and injury.  (Salisbury Post image by John C. Lakey)

School Bus Safety Bills Pass 1st Committee
WUSF-TV (Florida), March 21, 2017

Last year, 16-year-old Cameron Mayhew was walking to his school bus in Fort Myers when a car hit him. He died a day later from his injuries. “The stop sign was out, the lights were on,” said Rep. Dane Eagle. “And, he was unfortunately stuck and killed.” … On behalf of Cameron’s parents, Eagle has filed a bill to raise the minimum penalty for someone who strikes and kills or injures someone at a school bus stop.



NYC Mayor Wants More Speed Cameras
Staten Island Live (New York), March 22, 2017

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants more speed cameras to deter dangerous drivers across the five boroughs. Expanding use of the cameras is part of de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” plan to completely eliminate traffic fatalities. “The speed cameras have worked,” he said. (Staten Island Advance image)



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Top State Lawmaker Sees Tolls in Connecticut’s Future, March 27, 2017

In a sit-down with the Hartford Courant editorial board, Connecticut House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz called the return of tolls “inevitable” and decried out-of-state drivers speeding through the state without paying. “Tolls are coming,” he told the board. “They’re not going to be border tolls. They will be all over the place.” See related article at FOX 61. (FOX 61 image)


Dulles Toll Road Windfall Likely Due to Mild Winter
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM (Washington D.C.), March 23, 2017

More people are using the Dulles Toll Road this year compared with 2016, and a lack of snow could be playing a role. Drivers paid about $12 million in tolls in January and more than $11 million in February. The $23 million total is more than what was paid during the same months in 2015 or 2016. (WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM image)

Commentary: Cashless Tolling Offers Safe, Efficient Travel
The Times (Pennsylvania), March 20, 2017

Cashless tolling allows motorists to experience the convenience of nonstop travel. Other agencies that have pursued cashless tolling have found it to be safer for motorists because there are fewer accidents at toll plazas. We have committed to a staged process to introduce cashless tolling so that we can assess the technology and gauge the impact on customers under different circumstances.



Commentary: It’s Time to Bring Back Red-Light Cameras
Road & Driver (National), March 23, 2017

Here’s the problem that accompanies the good news that camera companies are getting kicked out of town after town. For better or worse, red-light cameras were the only enforcement mechanism that we really had to prevent people from running red lights. … The solution to all of this is right in front of us: Bring the cameras back. But this time, do it right. Make it a moving violation.



“Those traffic cameras have changed people’s habits.”
Dan Zumbach, Iowa State Senator
The Des Moines Register, March 22, 2017

“The speed cameras have worked. There is no question the speed cameras have worked. They are a crucial part of our arsenal and we need much more freedom to put them in so we can save lives. It is as simple as that.”
Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor
Staten Island Live, March 22, 2017