ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 52, Dec. 29, 2016



Travel Safely and Enjoy the New Year, from ATS
American Traffic Solutions (ATS) asks motorists to be particularly careful while driving on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This is a dangerous weekend to be traveling on the road. ATS urges travelers to be safe and courteous to one another so that everyone may enjoy the holiday with their friends and family. Start 2017 with a renewed commitment to drive safely and to stop on red. Happy New Year everyone! ( image)

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Here Are the Worst Red-Light-Running Crashes in Florida and U.S.
Miami Herald (Florida), Dec. 28, 2016

Red means stop. At least, that’s what children and driver’s ed students are taught. But some drivers see red as an invitation to hit the gas. The result can be — unsurprisingly — disastrous as this video from American Traffic Solutions shows us. See related national coverage at Time Warner Cable News  and WTSP-TV CBS 10(Miami Herald/ATS image)

Survey Finds Support for Red-Light Cameras in Charlotte
WSOC-TV Channel 9 (North Carolina), Dec. 26, 2016

A recent survey by the Charlotte Department of Transportation shows that hundreds of locals support red-light cameras on area roads to catch dangerous driving. … The survey gathered opinions from more than 400 people; support for red-light cameras peaked at 66 percent. (WSOC-TV Channel 9 image)

Red-Light Runners Make Driver Crazy in Tucson
KVOA-TV NBC 4 (Arizona), Dec. 23, 2016

Red-light runners are driving Christopher crazy. He told us, “I find myself having to look for red light runners before proceeding on a green light. I wish the city had the funding to place a motorcycle cop at random major intersections.” (KVOA-TV NBC 4 image)

Survey: Thousands Illegally Pass School Buses Each Day in N.Y.
Time Warner Cable News/Spectrum News, Dec. 22, 2016

A new report from the New York State Association of Pupil Transportation reveals stopped school buses were passed illegally, statewide, an estimated 44,000 times on one day alone. Peter Mannella, director of the New York Association for Pupil Transportation calls the data disturbing. (Time Warner Cable News/Spectrum News image)

ATS Technology Gets Noticed in Lafayette
KATC-TV ABC 3 (Louisiana), Dec. 20, 2016

Changes could be coming to red light and speed cameras in Lafayette. The Lafayette Consolidated Government is considering American Traffic Solutions to administer the program. Councilman Bruce Conque said “The hardware that we’ve seen from ATS is totally different technology. It’s the same approach, but the hardware is different.” (KATC-TV ABC 3 image)



Florida Warns Drivers about Fraudulent Red-Light Ticket Scheme
Sun Sentinel, Dec. 28, 2016

If you are notified via e-mail that you were caught on camera running a red light and that you must pay the fine online, state officials warn you not to do it. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says it’s a scam that’s been making the rounds for a few weeks. Spokeswoman Beth Frady said the highway safety department does not send e-mail citations and the agency does not require online payments.

Red-Light Running Fines Help Elgin Install Speed Bumps
Elgin Courier (Texas), Dec. 27, 2016

Speeding in Elgin was made more difficult with the recent installation of speed calming devices. A total of 10 speed calming devices were installed last month at six locations in Elgin. … Funds for the project came from the city’s red-light camera fund.