ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 28

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Neighbors Push for Safety Changes after 2 Deadly Crashes (Pennsylvania), June 23, 2015

A second deadly accident in the last year at a busy intersection in State College has neighbors pushing for change. Last year, Donna Queeney, President of the College Heights Association, helped start a grassroots effort to bring red-light cameras to State College. “We said we hope it’s not going to take somebody being killed at this intersection to make something happen. Since then, two people have been killed. So am I sad? Does it upset me? Yes,” she said. (WTAJ-TV CBS 32 image)

Frightening Police Crash Caught on Cam
KETK-TV NBC 56/ (Texas), June 23, 2015

A terrifying police crash in Grand Prairie, Texas, is caught on tape by a nearby traffic camera. Police say the semi ran a red light and caused the collision. The officer miraculously survived the wreck with minor injuries. (KETK-TV/ image)

Several Cameras Show Police Shooting, Car Chase
KVOA-TV NBC 4 (Arizona), June 19, 2015

Traffic cameras at Sixth Avenue and Ajo Way captured the ending of a police chase where officers shot at a man in a truck. Just before noon on Friday, officers pulled a man over, who stopped then drove off. Video provided by the city’s photo enforcement camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions, shows the man continued toward Sixth Avenue where he ran a red light. He hit a car in the driver side door and collided with at least three more vehicles. See related coverage from KVOA-TV NBC 4.


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Fayetteville to Start Red-Light Camera Program at 3 Intersections
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), June 25, 2015

Starting July 1, Fayetteville is getting cameras at three intersections to catch drivers who run red lights. More cameras are coming by Sept. 1. But any seasoned driver in Fayetteville knows to always look both ways when your light turns green, if you value your life. This map shows where cameras are going up. (The Fayetteville Observer image)

Red-Light Camera Fines Pay for Preschool Repairs
Oak Ridge Today (Tennessee), June 24, 2015

An inspection last year by the health and safety manager of Anderson County Head Start found flaking lead-based paint on the exterior of the current preschool. Officials said the city-owned building needs to be renovated or vacated for the Head Start program to receive federal funding in the 2015-2016 school year. They are hopeful that their plan to fix the lead-based paint by early August will satisfy federal officials.  The Oak Ridge City Council agreed to use $150,000 in red-light camera money to repair the lead-based paint on the preschool. (Oak Ridge Today image)

White Plains on Verge of Adding Red-Light Cameras
CBS New York, June 23, 2015 

Red-light cameras could soon be coming to White Plains. The state Legislature approved Mayor Tom Roach’s request for cameras at 12 dangerous intersections. Gov. Andrew Cuomo still must sign off on them. The mayor’s request came after he suffered a cracked rib when a red-light runner T-boned his car last year. Fines will go into a fund for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Snag Island Drivers
Staten Island Advance (New York), June 22, 2015

Staten Island red-light cameras caught about 57,185 motorists running red lights in 2014, according to Police Department summons data. While the numbers reflect a significant decline since the cameras were first put into use, the violations still are strikingly high given it’s one of the most basic rules of safe driving. (Staten Island Advance image by Vincent Barone)

Police: Motorcyclist Runs Red Light, Dies in Crash
KPIC-TV Channel 4 (Oregon), June 22, 2015

A 27-year-old motorcyclist died when he ran a red light and collided with a car Sunday morning, according to Roseburg police. Witnesses told authorities the motorcycle was traveling north at 50 to 60 mph.

More Drivers Running Red Lights Since Cameras Shut Off
Springfield News-Sun (Ohio), June 21, 2015

More people are running red lights in Springfield at intersections with red-light cameras three months after they were turned off due to a new state law that restricted their use. The Springfield Police Division saw a 47 percent increase in the red-light violation detection rate at the 17 cameras at 10 intersections, according to Sgt. Brett Bauer. The number of red-light detections also rose to more than 5,300, up about 41 percent from May 2014.


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Kent Police to Spend Speed Camera Funds on Jail, Overtime
Kent Reporter (Washington), June 19, 2015

The Kent Police Department plans to spend up to $845,000 of school zone traffic camera funds on city jail renovations, police overtime costs, a use-of-force training simulator and traffic safety equipment. The City Council’s Operations Committee approved the expenditures at its Tuesday meeting. … Voters last fall turned down a $34 million city bond measure to build a new police headquarters as well as raise about $800,000 for jail renovations. (Kent Reporter file image)


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SchoolBus_StopPaddle_UnknownLocation MaybeAlabama_061915
Law Approves School Bus Cameras in Mobile, AL
School Transportation News, June 19, 2015

The School Bus Safety Bill, which passes this month, only impacts the Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS), the largest school district in the Cotton State with over 60,000 students attending 90 schools. … Pat Mitchell, MCPSS transportation coordinator, said he believes the new law will serve as an example for other Alabama school districts to follow. See related article at WJTC-TV Channel 44.


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Avoiding Future Congestion Will Cost
Daily Democrat (California), June 23, 2015

Fewer of tomorrow’s freeways will be free. In exchange, drivers willing and able to pay will avoid the traffic congestion that bedevils everyone else. Toll lanes are an increasingly common solution in metropolitan regions with limited public space or money to widen highways. One increasingly popular idea is to convert carpool lanes to let solo drivers pay for a faster ride. In the future, non-carpool lanes might also be tolled. That’s just one approach transportation planners are taking as they try to ease the nation’s deepening traffic congestion.

Expressway Closure Set for Toll Payment Conversion
WFTS-TV ABC 29 (Florida), June 23, 2015

For the next two weeks, crews will finish the conversion of toll plazas to cashless tolls on the Veterans Expressway. See related article at Bay News 9.

Drivers Who Fail to Pay Toll Fees May Face Court Time
KFOX-TV FOX 14 (Texas), June 22, 2015

Drivers who use the Cesar Chavez Express Toll Lanes and have not paid the fees may soon find themselves in court. The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority said they have begun legal proceedings in the El Paso Municipal Court system against vehicle owners using the toll lanes without paying. (KFOX-TV FOX 14 image)


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Commentary: Opposition to School Bus Cameras is Misguided
Chesterfield Observer (Virginia), June 24, 2015

To me — a parent, an educator and a citizen — it’s a no-brainer: Let’s install cameras on school buses to not only save lives but generate income for the county. Upon reading the article, “Buscams: Saving kids or taxpayer cash grab?” I am very confused. For those who remember watching “Seinfeld,” “It’s as if I’m living in bizarro world.”

Letter to the Editor: Blame Drivers, Not Red-Light Cameras (New Jersey), June 24, 2015

My personal experience is having seen numerous drivers run the light at a Route 1 intersection that was previously active with a red-light camera. It indicates a tendency to disregard the red light when there is no fear of penalty. The “rear-end” danger is not the fault of a traffic light, but rather the proximity, speed and attention of the vehicle behind you.


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“We are not talking about committing a minor traffic infraction; we’re talking about violating one of the fundamental rules of the road and endangering lives.”
William Milczarski, Professor of Urban Planning at Hunter College and co-director of recent red-light running study
Staten Island Advance (New York), June 22, 2015


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New York
The Department of Transportation operates red-light cameras at 150 intersections citywide. The average red-light infractions captured at each camera has dropped from 80.1 in 1994 to 12.3 per day in 2013, an 85 percent drop. Injuries from traffic crashes at Staten Island’s 19 intersections with red-light safety cameras have dropped by 17.4 percent since 2009. SOURCE: Staten Island Advance, June 22, 2015.