ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 39



ATS Video Challenges Yellow-Light Critic’s Claim
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), Aug. 28, 2013

Call it the battle of the bulbs. A vendor for New Jersey’s controversial red-light traffic cameras and a team headed by Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon are accusing each other of putting out misleading videos regarding the timing of yellow lights at some intersections. See additional coverage in Brick Patch, The Consumerist and related press release.

St. Louis Adds Red-Light Safety Cameras
KMOV-TV Channel 4 (Missouri), Aug. 27, 2013

In the past few months, 11 new cameras have gone up at a dozen intersections in St. Louis in hopes of reducing traffic crashes.

Red-Light Cameras Get Public Hearing in Odessa
NewsWest9 (Texas), Aug. 27, 2013

Red-light cameras were the topic of discussion on Tuesday night. The Odessa City Council held a public hearing and called individuals over for comment.

Red-Light Runner of the Week in St. Pete
St. Pete Patch (Florida), Aug. 26, 2013

Each week, the St. Petersburg Police Department releases a “highlight” reel of red-light runners in St. Petersburg. This week’s showing displays the danger drivers face at several intersections.

Red-Light Runner of the Week Times 3
Clearwater Patch (Florida), Aug. 26, 2013

Three vehicles run a red light at Gulf to Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road making the latest Clearwater Police Red Light Camera Violator of the Week.

Gov. Christie Won’t Pull Plug on Red-Light Cameras
101.5 FM (New Jersey), Aug. 28, 2013

Don’t expect New Jersey’s controversial red-light camera program to be scrapped any time soon. Last night, on Townsquare Media’s monthly ‘Ask the Governor’ program, Gov. Chris Christie said he hasn’t seen enough evidence that the cameras are ripping off drivers or that they cause accidents.

Warning Phase Begins Sunday at New Camera Locations in Lakeland
Bay News 9 (Florida), Aug. 28, 2013

The city of Lakeland will have more red-light cameras when the first of the month arrives Sunday. Nine additional cameras are going in at six intersections. They’re in addition to the nine the city already has in place. Tickets won’t be given until after a 30-day warning period ends.

Odessa Council Hears from ATS, Public on Camera Proposal
KOSA-TV CBS 7 (Texas), Aug. 27, 2013

After a presentation Tuesday night, given by Arizona-based company American Traffic Solutions (ATS) the floor was opened to the public. Not everyone agreed with the product. Ben Upton a former trauma ER specialist was one of them. He says red light cameras are not the best use of the city’s money. … David Jackson with ATS says taxpayers pay nothing.

Creve Coeur Extends ATS Agreement
Creve Coeur Patch (Missouri), Aug. 27, 2013

Creve Coeur City Administrator Mark Perkins confirmed to Patch that the City Council has signed off on an extension of Creve Coeur’s existing contract with American Traffic Solutions through 2013, while the city considers five bidders for the project in the future. ATS is among the bidders.

City Launches Speed Camera Program Outside Schools
CBS New York, Aug. 26, 2013

Speed demons are about to get schooled. The city is launching a new speed-camera system outside schools in crash-prone areas on Sept. 9 — the day that summer break ends for more than 1 million public school kids. See related coverage in Staten Island Advance. Read press release from mayor’s office.

Odessa Police Say Cameras Will Not Invade Privacy
KOSA-TV CBS 7 (Texas), Aug. 26, 2013

The Odessa Police Department says red-light cameras will make intersections safer and they won’t invade people’s privacy. “What’s being considered in the city of Odessa are images of the vehicle only,” said Police Chief Timothy Burton. All pictures and videos of infractions will be reviewed by the police department and not issued automatically as tickets.

Georgia State Patrol Urges Drivers to be Alert around School Buses
Georgia Department of Public Safety, Aug. 26, 2013

The new school year has already started for thousands of students across the state and Georgia State Troopers are reminding motorists to be alert of school buses on the roadways. (The Telegraph photo by Jason Vorhees)

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Editorial: Failing Grade in Passing (New Jersey), Aug. 29, 2013

All drivers should know one of the basic motor vehicle rules, drummed into their heads when they first got their licenses: It’s illegal to pass a stopped school bus driving in either direction. It’s a simple law and one that make perfectly good sense. But the number of people ignoring that basic safety rule is staggeringly high.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Abolish Red-Light Cameras
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), Aug. 29, 2013

I have observed numerous drivers running red lights. At times, I have nearly been hit. I have never observed any of these lawbreakers being pulled over by the police; there are not enough police to solve this problem. My only hope is that some of these red-light runners are caught on camera. 

Drive Safely and You Won’t Fear Cameras (New Jersey), Aug. 27, 2013

The recent article and editorial about red-light cameras miss the point. Is technology fallible? Yes. Is tampering with it to make money wrong? Yes. The real issue is that red lights are now optional and yellow, which were optional, now no longer pertain.


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