ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 26



St. Louis Car Crashes Caught On Red-Light Cameras
River Front Times, May 29, 2013

American Traffic Solutions has released video of some of the crashes caught on tape in St. Louis. ATS is urging motorists to drive safely this summer. They hope that drivers who view this video will slow down.


Spokane Police Department Releases Radio Ad about Intersection Safety

City of Spokane Police Department wants you to stop on red! When it comes to intersection safety play it safe–don’t risk running a red.


Melissa Wandall, President of NCSR talks about yellow lights and the benefits of red-light safety cameras 
WTSP, May 29, 2013

The real victims are the people on the other side of that red light,” she says. “We don’t need longer lights to tell us what to do out there. (Drivers) are trying to find any way they can to make excuses. Lives have been saved. And lives will continue to be saved,” she says.



Man arrested for DWI while having sex, May 30, 2013

Albuquerque Police say Luis Briones was having sex with a woman while attempting to drive when he ran a red light and hit another car while drunk.

Bill would let Michigan install red-light cameras
The Oakland Press, May 24, 2013

Michigan’s local governments would have the option to put cameras at intersections to spot drivers running red lights under proposed legislation in the state House. Under the bill, communities would have to put up a sign within 500 feet of the intersection to warn motorists about the camera. Drivers wouldn’t be penalized for citations that result from the camera on their driving record or toward their insurance.


KC is set to renew red-light cameras for five years
The Kansas City Star, May 22, 2013

Five years after Kansas City approved a contract to install red-light cameras, both red-light running and crashes are down at most of those intersections, police said Wednesday.

Montgomery sees decrease in collisions at intersections with red light camera, May 23, 2013

The city of Montgomery has seen a decrease in collisions at intersections monitored by red-light safety cameras since 2008, a trend Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange characterized as a sign of changing driving habits.


Stop-arm pilot catches nearly 50 violations in 2 months
School Bus Fleet, May 24, 2013

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) provided Mansfield ISD with its CrossingGuard school bus stop-arm camera solution to help monitor the extent of the illegal-passing problem. Two buses were equipped with the camera system. The pilot program captured nearly 50 bus-passing violations in two months.

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