ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 17

Opelika Launches Red-Light Cameras at 4 Intersections
WTVM-TV 9 (Alabama), March 26, 2013

Red-light safety cameras will be turned on at four of Opelika’s busiest intersections on April 1 with the goal of saving lives. During the first 30 days of operation, red-light runners will receive warnings without fines.

Car Disrupts Cross Traffic, Picked as Red-Light Runner of the Week
Clearwater Patch (Florida), March 26, 2013

A vehicle weaves through cross traffic at the Chestnut Street and Fort Harrison Avenue intersection making Clearwater Police’s latest selection for red-light camera violator of the week.

Red-Light Camera Data Helpful in Hit-and-Run, Other Crimes
WCYB-TV NBC 5 (Virginia), March 22, 2013

Cameras are watching drivers at key intersections in the Tri-Cities and if you’re caught breaking the law by running a red light or by speeding, you’ll end up paying. But what you might not know is those cameras also provide cold, hard facts. We checked with police and learned cameras are helping in more ways than one.

Montgomery Police Start Up New Speed-Detection Vehicles
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), March 21, 2013

Montgomery police are beefing up enforcement of speed limits in school zones, construction areas and neighborhoods with four new speed-detection vehicles. The regularly marked police cars remain stationary in specified locations and are equipped with radar detectors and cameras that take photos of license plates.

Daring Rescue Attempt Caught on Camera
KTVI-TV FOX 2 (Missouri), March 21, 2013

A red-light safety camera caught several Good Samaritans in action helping a woman having a seizure gain control of her car. See related coverage in the Arnold Patch.

Speed Cameras in New York; An Idea Whose Time Has Yet to Come, Somehow
Capital New York, March 27, 2013

In recent months, advocates and city officials have pointed to two fatal speeding crashes that claimed children’s lives as Exhibits A and B in the case for cameras that enforce traffic rules by snapping photos of scofflaws and penalizing them accordingly. (The New York Times photo by Todd Heisler)

Henderson Police Ticket Nearly 400 for Running Red Lights
KVVU-TV FOX 5 (Nevada), March 27, 2013

Police kept a close eye on intersections in Henderson over the last month, and it resulted in nearly 400 tickets for red-light runners.

City Considers Pushing Traffic to Toll Roads to Ease Congestion
KXAN-TV (Texas), March 27, 2013

Austin City Council will vote Thursday on a measure that will set up an agreement between Austin Police Department and state traffic agencies like TxDOT. The agreement instructs police officers to divert traffic from non-toll roads to toll roads “for unexpected, unforeseen major traffic incidents.”

Historic Neighborhood Wants More Traffic Enforcement
WTOP 103.5FM (Maryland), March 26, 2013

The residents of a historical part of Frederick, Maryland, are tired of traffic speeding down their street, so they are working to recruit more police enforcement to the neighborhood.

Unexpected Benefits of Red-Light Safety Cameras
ITS International (Kent, England), March 25, 2013

According to the U.S. National Coalition for Safer Roads, red-light cameras don’t only make roads safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike, they also keep communities safe in other ways.

More Speed Cameras En Route to School Zones
The Daily News (Washington), March 23, 2013

The Longview City Council plans to install school zone speed cameras at five more schools, which would bring the city’s total number of camera-monitored school zones to seven. (The Daily News photo by Roger Werth)

Car Runs Stop Sign, Hits Child Who Just Left School Bus
WTVR-TV CBS 6 (Virginia), March 25, 2013

The search continues for the driver who hit a 9-year-old child in Richmond and drove away. Police said investigators are still looking for clues and trying to locate people who witnessed the hit and run.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this newsletter and share the message to stop on red.

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William E. Cleary Sr ‏@CNBNEWSNET Philadelphia Parking Authority: Red Light Cameras Make Philadelphia Safer

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that the City of Littleton, Colorado, has extended its road safety camera program contract for two years. ATS, which became the city’s vendor of choice in 2009, is honored to continue to be a part of Littleton’s traffic safety efforts.

Commentary: Join the Fight, Red Means Stop
Peoria Times (Arizona), March 22, 2013

Drivers, passengers and pedestrians are still being injured and killed on our roads because of red light runners. … The 2013 goal of the Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance is to educate a new generation of safe, responsible drivers, breaking the cycle of continuing to put ill-prepared teenagers behind the wheel. If we expect our children to grow into safe drivers when they reach adulthood, neglecting the basics as teens is a huge mistake.

Editorial: Camera Footage Is a Fair Tool for Detectives
Kitsap Sun (Washington), March 27, 2013

Sara Burke’s murder was a high-profile situation in the city for which citizens were demanding the most from police, and the judge’s actions hint more toward leaving no stone unturned than an unwarranted invasion of privacy. That’s why we support Substitute House Bill 1047, which would allow law enforcement to obtain warrants for footage from red-light cameras or toll booth cameras, to be used in criminal investigations.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Working
The Ledger (Florida), March 28, 2013

Keep the red-light cameras, Rep. Neil Combee. They’re working and making us all better drivers.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Help Us Slow Down
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), March 25, 2013

America is a society where we are always in a hurry for everything. … We must keep the red-light cameras on our streets. They are deterrents for people who think it’s OK to break the law, just because they are in a hurry.

Letter: Cameras Mean Safety
The Miami Herald (Florida), March 24, 2013

Red-light cameras are needed in Miami. They’re important and help people drive better. Miami drivers are crazy, pushy and rude. They always want to cut you off, and you have to drive defensively. Having the red-light cameras makes it easier to punish people who don’t follow the rules.

Letter: Teens Slow for Cameras
The Herald-Tribune (Florida), March 24, 2013

As the mother of a 19-year-old son, I can attest to the fact that red-light cameras do deter bad driving behavior, not just in adults but our teenagers as well. I am glad that Sarasota County has installed cameras at dangerous intersections and I would encourage the Florida Legislature to let local communities decide how they are going to enforce traffic laws.

Letter: How to Beat Red-Light Cameras? Obey Traffic Rules
St. Augustine Record (Florida), March 24, 2013

I have read much ado from opponents of red-light cameras. There is a simple solution: Obey the traffic laws!

Letter: Deputies Know Cameras Save Lives
The Palm Beach Post (Florida), March 24, 2013

My husband is a deputy sheriff who constantly responds to vehicle crashes. He has had to call parents of young children and let them know their angel wouldn’t be coming home tonight. Red-light cameras save lives.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Are Good for All
St. Augustine Record (Florida), March 24, 2013

After living in Palm Coast since 2007 and seeing the number of drivers who ran red lights every day, I am extremely grateful for the red-light camera program. I definitely see an improvement in the traffic patterns approaching yellow or red lights.

Letter: Time to Stop
Naples Daily News (Florida), March 23, 2013

During a recent drive home we must have seen a dozen people running red lights. They do not even slow down, let alone stop. Many times cars ran red lights as many as three in a row, clearly after the light turned. Let’s return the red-light cameras.

Letter: A Welcome Crackdown on D.C. Red-Light Runners
The Washington Post, March 22, 2013

We should never lose sight of the fact that running red lights, speeding, rolling through stop signs, failing to stop for pedestrians and other bad driver behaviors are dangerous.

“Some folks say it’s like Big Brother, but it’s today’s technology and it extends our police department.”
Gary Fuller, Mayor of Opelika, Alabama
WTVM-TV 9 (Alabama), March 26, 2013

“Citations have actually gone down in numbers, and that’s what our goal has been all along — safety. The revenue is not our focus here.”
Kevin Murphy, Montgomery Police Chief
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), March 22, 2013

“If you get a citation with one of these, you’ve earned it, because you’ve had to drive past a police car, a marked police car, speeding.”
Keith Barnett, Montgomery Police Major and Traffic Division Commander
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), March 22, 2013

Montgomery police used speed safety cameras to issue 6,941 speeding citations in 2012, more than 80 percent of which involved school zone violations. When comparing the first half of 2012 with the last six months, total speed citations decreased 64 percent and school zone violations decreased 54 percent. SOURCE: Montgomery Advertiser, March 22, 2013.

Drivers are slowing down at Columbia Valley Gardens and Mint Valley elementary schools, where speed safety cameras became operational on March 1, 2011. At Columbia Valley Gardens School, tickets decreased 32 percent from 1,250 in 2011 to 852 in 2012.  At Mint Valley School, speeding tickets diminished 23 percent from 1,231 in 2011 to 953 in 2012.  A backing-up hit and run is the only reported collision in the two school zones since the installation of cameras. SOURCE: The Daily News, March 23, 2013.

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