ATS’ Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 9

Police Demonstrate Red-Light Videos
St. Joseph News-Press (Missouri), Jan. 31, 2013

St. Joseph police demonstrated Wednesday how they review and approve red-light violations before a $100 ticket is sent to the driver. (St. Joseph News-Press photo by Matt Reid)

Driver Surrenders to Police in Fatal Car-Pedestrian Collision
Star-Telegram (Texas), Jan. 29, 2013

A Grand Prairie middle school teacher abruptly resigned and walked into a Grand Prairie police station to turn herself in to police Tuesday morning, telling officers that she is the driver they were searching for in the hit-and-run death of a 6-year-old boy last week. Police said the traffic signal was red for 14 seconds when a vehicle ran it and hit the boy. ( graphic)

Stop, Go, Floor It: The Dilemma Zone, Jan. 29, 2013

It sounds like a reality TV show, but it’s actually something most drivers encounter every day: The moment when, approaching a yellow traffic light, you must decide to continue through the intersection at the same speed, hit the gas or apply the brakes. Each of these decisions carries risks.

Police Say Red-Light Running Involved in Early Morning Crash
KVOA TV 4 (Arizona), Jan. 28, 2013

According to Tucson Police Department officials, an early morning crash that sent one man to the hospital with serious injuries was caused by a red-light running violation.

Gotcha! Red-Light Cameras Slow Rate of Red-Light Violations
Fleet Owner Magazine, Jan. 28, 2013

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reviewing the use of red-light cameras at four major intersections in Arlington County, Virginia, determined that cameras significantly reduced the number of red-light violations – proving, in the eyes of the group’s researchers, that such technology can successfully “modify” driver behavior. See related news coverage in and

Study Declares Red-Light Cameras Effective at Improving Safety
WTOP 103.5 FM Radio (District of Columbia), Jan. 28, 2013

A  new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that cameras in Arlington County, Virginia, are effective at reducing the number of drivers committing red-light violations, along with reducing violations that could cause a crash.  See related news coverage in Virtual Strategy Magazine, The Car Connection and ARLnow. Read related statement from National Coalition for Safer Roads in the Sacramento Bee.

Red-Light Cameras Bringing Results
St. Joseph News-Press (Missouri), Jan. 30, 2013

During the 12 days since St. Joseph’s red-light safety camera program began at two intersections, authorities have approved 91 violations. (St. Joseph News-Press photo by Eric Keith)