ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 34


Red-Light Camera Violations Get Green Light to Return
Daily Record (New Jersey), July 25, 2012

Gov. Chris Christie announced this week that all intersections where the use of red-light cameras were suspended while the yellow-light timing was checked have been re-certified for operation. Skeptical lawmakers and driver advocates, however, question the data used. See related coverage from Asbury Park and The Express-Times. (The Jersey Journal photo by Reena Rose Sibayan)

City Ordinance Directs Red-Light Running Fines to Safety Needs
Arnold Patch (Missouri), July 24, 2012

The Arnold City Council voted 8-0 to direct money generated by the city’s red-light camera system toward city safety programs, assuring future councilmembers of the purpose for those funds. About $50,000 is expected to be available this year.

Study: Economic Savings Tied to Red-Light Cameras
Murrieta Patch (California), July 24, 2012

One red-light cameras was projected to save the city of Murrieta and its residents more than $1 million over a five-year period, according to a study released by American Traffic Solutions.

Red-Light Cameras Save Cities Money
Security Info, July 23, 2012

While they may draw the ire of drivers across the nation, a new study conducted by John Dunham and Associates on behalf of American Traffic Solutions has found that red-light safety cameras provide substantial cost savings to cities in the long run in terms of reduced number of accidents and the manpower required in responding to them.

School Systems to Install Bus Safety Cameras
Times-Georgian (Georgia), July 21, 2012

Both Carroll County Schools and Carrollton City Schools will install the bus camera system known as CrossingGuard, a new technology from Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, before school starts in August.

School Board OKs ATS Contract for Bus Safety Cameras, Fine Processing
WXIA TV 11 (Georgia), July 20, 2012

The Cobb County School Board approved a contract with American Traffic Solutions to install school bus safety cameras on all district buses and to send tickets to the owners of those vehicles that illegally pass a stopped school bus. In 2009, a driver who failed to stop struck and killed a 5-year-old girl in the district. See related coverage from the Atlantic Business Chronicle, South Cobb Patch and School Bus Fleet.

Is Broward County Intersection Still Nation’s Worst?
WFOR CBS TV 4 (Florida), July 23, 2012

A decade after being named the most dangerous intersection in the nation, residents and police say the Pines Boulevard and Flamingo Road location is not what it used to be even though traffic volume has increased. Design changes and the addition of red-light safety cameras get credit.