ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 34

Tampa Tribune photo by Jay Conner
ATS crews will begin installing red-light safety cameras at 19 intersections in the city of Tampa this August. See article.

Road Safety Camera Programs Could Expand in Pennsylvania
The York Dispatch, July 28, 2011

A York City official says he would support a proposal to install red-light cameras here if such legislation is introducted in the General Assembly, a strong possiblity considering a governor-appointed panel has recommended the program be expanded.

L.A. Puts Stop to Red-Light Safety Cameras
Westwood-Century City Patch (California), July 27, 2011

Cameras installed at 32 intersections in the city of Los Angeles will be removed after July 31, the city council decided Wednesday.

Incentive to Pay Up Offered to Holders of Older Traffic Tickets
The Washington Post (District of Columbia), July 27, 2011

The District of Columbia’s Department of Motor Vehicles will temporarily suspend penalties on older outstanding parking, photo enforcement and moving violation tickets for six months to encourage people to pay.

End of Legal Challenges to Red-Light Safety Cameras in Sight
Sunshine State News (Florida), July 26, 2011

A company that sells and operates red-light safety cameras says recent court victories signal “an end” to legal challenges against the controvesial traffic enforcement program.

Cameras Installed at High-Risk Intersections in Palm Beach County
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), July 25, 2011

Two intersections with higher than average crash numbers in Palm Beach County now have ATS’ red-light safety cameras installed. No fines will be issued during the 60-day warning period that began July 25. For additional coverage see, for related video visit Sun Sentinel.

Money Isn’t the Name of the Game
The Miami Herald (Florida), July 25, 2011

Safer streets remains the goal, even though the debate over red-light safety camera revenues shows some cities fall short of their projections and others exceed budgeted amounts.

The city of Houston resumed issuing red-light running traffic citations based on evidence provided by ATS red-light safety cameras on Sunday, July 17. photo

Also this week. The cities of Pasadena, Calif., and Frederick, Maryland, renewed their red-light safety camera program contracts with ATS. Meanwhile, Palm Beach County, Florida, activated red-light safety cameras at two intersections and began a 60-day warning phase.

Editorial: Kinks Remain, but Red-Light Cameras Are Worthwhile
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), July 25, 2011

The red-light safety camera controversy isn’t over, but we’re starting to get some welcome clarification on the issue.

Editorial: Speed Kills and Makes Messy Laws
The Advertiser (Louisiana), July 25, 2011

The seemingly straightforward task of enforcing speed limits and other traffic regulations turns out to be fraught with intrigue, conspiracy theories and, yes, legal language that makes us wonder if there’s some little-known constitutional right to be a dangerous driver.

Letter to Editor: Penalties Are Necessary to Stop Red-Light Runners
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), July 26, 2011

Public safety is improved if red-light cameras result in lower accidents to vehicles and to pedestrians.

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras. Saving Lives, Costing Drivers?
AAA New York Car and Travel, August 2011

As you read this, the city of Rochester is working toward installing red-light cameras at up to 50 intersections. Yonkers and Suffolk County, too, are on red-light-camera campaigns; and New York City, where cameras have been used since 1993, hopes to double the number of camera equipped intersections to 300.

@ATS_RoadSafety It is better to lose seconds of your time than to lose your life in seconds! #RedmeansSTOP! #RLSC


Media Inquiry Finds Collisions Fall in West Palm Beach
WPTV Channel 5 (Florida), July 26, 2011

In the city of West Palm Beach, the Contact 5 Investigators found the number of collisions dropped by 33 percent and 36 percent at two of the four intersections with red-light safety cameras.

Research Supports Use of Red-Light Cameras: Professor (Texas), July 22, 2011

Dallas says a recent study shows that controversial red-light cameras are effective in improving safety and reducing crashes. For additional coverage of the study see page 5 of TM&E magazine.

“The day somebody goes through a right turn and doesn’t see a pedestrian … that’s the one that’s got the biggest potential to do the biggest harm. That’s the activity that I think we really need to nip in the bud.”
John Stilin, Redmond, Wash., city councilman
Redmond Patch, July 27, 2011

“It has saved lives. We’ve seen a reduction of 21 percent in roadway fatalities throughout the county since we started the program.”
Christopher Mistron, traffic safety educator for Nassau’s Department of Public Works
AAA New York Car and Travel Magazine, August 2011

“We want to send a message that if you do this, that if you are going to try and save yourself three seconds and put everyone else at risk, then there is a penalty and a price that you’re going to pay.”
Bob Buckhorn, mayor of Tampa
WFTS-TV ABC News, July 22, 2011

New York
In Nassau County, intersections with red-light safety cameras are estimated to prevent a couple of thousand injuries each year, along with a decrease in the severity of crashes that do occur. SOURCE: AAA New York Car and Travel Magazine, August 2011.

Red-light runners cause nearly 100 deaths and 6,300 injuries yearly in the state of Florida. SOURCE: Sun Sentinel, July 25, 2011.

There have been about 1,200 red-light running crashes in Tampa over the past three years. SOURCE: WFTS-TV ABC-Channel 28, July 22, 2011. 

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