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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 25

December 13th, 2017 Comments off

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season
American Traffic Solutions wishes everyone a joyful and safe holiday season.  Because we want everyone to reach their destinations safely, we are sharing these tips from the National Safety Council.  Please remember to always stop on red, buckle up and obey posted speed limits.

ATS StreetSafe The Future of Speed Enforcement
American Traffic Solutions (Arizona), Dec. 4, 2017

ATS StreetSafe is a handheld speed safety camera solution that enables law enforcement to enforce speed in their community without having to put themselves or others in harm’s way.

To learn more about how ATS StreetSafe can enhance safety in your community, visit

Miami should keep red-light camera program
Miami Herald (Florida) Dec. 13, 2017

The state law that allows for cities like Miami to deploy red-light safety cameras was named after my late husband Mark Wandall, who was killed by a red-light runner when I was nine months pregnant. Our daughter never got to meet her father. He wasn’t there on her first day of kindergarten, won’t be there when she graduates from school and won’t be there to walk her down the aisle. I have dedicated my time and efforts to ensure no other mother, daughter or family member has that experience.

Sadly, a decision to remove the cameras in Miami will soon come before the Miami City Commission. Call the Mayor and Commissioners and ask them to keep these life-saving red-light cameras.

-Melissa Wandall

Turn those red-light cameras back on | Editorial
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 30, 2017

South Florida is starting to see the light when it comes to stopping red-light runners.
Boynton Beach and Pembroke Pines recently joined 20 other cities in restoring red-light cameras to make busy intersections safer.

Red light program gets a green light
The Reflector (North Carolina) Dec. 10, 2017

The number of warning tickets issued during the grace period of Greenville’s new red-light camera program clearly illustrates a problem that had already made itself abundantly clear to most drivers in the city: too many people run red lights.

City planners placed the cameras purposely at the most dangerous intersections. They hope the technology will convince drivers that they need to slow their roll and obey safety rules to avoid crashes and save lives. The numbers over time will bear out the program’s effectiveness.

Glendale considers red-light cameras (Arizona), Dec. 7, 2107

City Council decided to move forward with studies of the potential impact of red-light cameras on problem intersections during the Nov. 21 Council meeting after a study showed tons of red-light runners at one busy intersection.

Mr. St. John believes red-light cameras would reduce these numbers.

“We know from an article that was produced out of the city of Scottsdale that having a red-light camera in intersections reduced the number of traffic accidents in those intersections in the East Valley.”

Police: Pickup driver ran red light, died in crash
Tucson News 4 (Arizona) Dec. 5, 2017

One man died after he drove his pickup truck through a red light and hit another vehicle Monday on the South Side.

Spokane looks to expand school zone cameras, sidewalk and street improvements in 2019 (Washington), Dec. 13, 2017

The Spokane City Council will consider doubling the number of school zone cameras from two to four next year, targeting two elementary schools in the North Hills neighborhood where up to nine out of 10 cars are blowing through the posted 20 mile per hour speed limit before and after classes.

“They’re only going to places where there’s a large volume of speeders, and the speeds are particularly high,” said City Councilman Breean Beggs, who’s sponsoring the resolution that not only adds cameras around Ridgeview and Willard elementary schools, but also sets up a long-term spending plan for the money paid in fines by drivers, limiting the city to paying for sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic-slowing devices and traffic police.


Student Struck, Injured After Exiting School Bus (National) Dec. 7, 2017

A student was hit by a car and seriously injured after she stepped off her school bus on Tuesday, the Florida Highway Patrol told WALA.

A news release from the patrol obtained by WALA stated that Maria Alexandra Wethington, 12, was struck by a vehicle driving in the opposite lane after she left the bus and was walking across the road. She was being treated for her injuries. The driver of the vehicle, who fled the scene before troopers arrived, was later arrested.

Virginia Beach parents film numerous videos of bus violations (Virginia), Nov. 29, 2017

Two parents want the public’s help in getting cameras installed on city school buses.

David Sanders and his wife Sara have been filming stop arm violations outside their home since September.

“We have at least 10 videos that we have shot ourselves,” said Sara. “The [children] are literally playing a live virtual game of Frogger crossing the street.”

Making good on a promise and ignoring school buses | Cheers and Jeers (New Jersey), Dec. 9, 2017

JEERS: To those lousy people who ignore school bus red lights. These flashing lights indicate that a bus is stopped so that kids can get on board or exit. Do we really need to explain that? We bring this up now to point out something recently raised in a Franklin Township community Facebook group. A parent putting a child on a bus reported two cars ignored the flashing reds and continued on their way with no concern for the safety of others.The parents reported the incident to the bus transportation office and got some great news. Cameras on the bus captured the passing motorists and the video was turned over to the police.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Idiot’ drivers threaten our lives. Pay attention, and put down that cell phone.
Bradenton Herald (Florida) Dec. 5, 2017

Maybe, if we just try to pay a little more attention to what we are doing, knowing what is in front or behind us, putting that cell phone down and not care until we get to our destination, and if you are working, day or night, slow down and pay attention to what is in front of you. A life and maybe yours will depend on the action YOU take on our roadways.

It will not be a red-light camera to protect another on the roadway, it will be up to you.

LETTERS: The deadliest of accidents
The (Colorado) Nov. 29, 2017

Because of one careless act

After working as a critical care nurse for 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand the results of people speeding up to run red lights, causing horrific injuries and death to folks just trying to take their children to school or live their lives, which sometimes are shattered forever because of this one careless act.

Most people don’t realize that these are the deadliest accidents, due to the increased speed necessary to run red lights. So at the time of impact, the perpetrator could be traveling at over 60 mph. Since accident rates are on the increase in our town and approximately 80 percent of all accidents nationwide are caused by running run lights, I defy anyone to object to red light cameras at every intersection.

A red light camera can be seen at the intersection of Greenville Boulevard and Arlington Boulevard on Dec. 2, 2017. (Molly Mathis/The Daily Reflector)

Early numbers positive for red light camera revenue
The Reflector (North Carolina) Dec. 7, 2017

 “If we put these cameras in and people slow down and don’t run as many red lights, and the county gets a few hundred thousand dollars for the schools and the streets become safer, that’s a home-run,” he said. “If people stop running red lights totally, and the city lost a whole lot of money on the red light camera but nobody ever died at these intersections, that’s a grand slam home run. It’s almost like the worst financial outcome for us is the best policy outcome.”

– District 4 Councilman Rick Smiley


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 24

November 29th, 2017 Comments off

Boynton Beach Police Department Red-Light Running Video on Facebook
Boynton Beach (Florida), Nov. 27, 2017

This could’ve been a very bad traffic crash. Watch as a driver completely ignores the red light at Woolbright Road and Southwest 8th Street and almost plows into an SUV.
We routinely share videos of red light camera violations in the hopes of creating a constructive dialogue about the dangers of distracted driving. We all need to slow down, put away the cell and pay attention to everything going on around us. Lives depend on it.
#slowdown #savinglives #distracteddriving #redlightcameras #bbpdpride

Check out the CBS News coverage on the video here.

Police: Red light running big rig kills one, injures two
CDL life (Texas), Nov. 24, 2017

Texas police say that a truck driver ran a red light before crashing into two passenger vehicles in the Houston suburb of Humble early this morning.

Thousands fined as red-light cameras return
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 16, 2107

Castillo said he has seen the driving behavior improve citywide, likely because drivers know the city has the cameras. “It’s about improving driving behavior,” he said. “Most people don’t like it, but understand it’s a necessary thing, not just for their safety but for others as well.

Red light cameras likely coming back to Colorado Springs
KKTV news (Colorado), Nov. 16, 2017

“It allows us to focus down on intersections that have the most serious crash potential based on history and being able to set up cameras, making the public aware and just getting folks to slow down and pay attention,” Springs police spokesperson Lt. Howard Black said of the proposal.

Milwaukee leaders want red light cameras after deadly day on the roads
TMJ4 (Wisconsin), Nov. 15, 2017

While community members had a town hall meeting to talk about reckless driving Wednesday, a high-speed chase ensued on Milwaukee’s far north side at the same time.

“The dangerous driving, there’s too many accidents….The speeding, the disregard for stop signs and stop lights,” said Larry Jeter of Milwaukee.

Warning period ends today for Greenville’s red light cameras
WITN (North Carolina), Nov. 14, 2017

The Greenville Police Department is ending its warning period Tuesday and will begin issuing citations on Wednesday for people caught on red light cameras.

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

Death Of 14-Year-Old Delivery Boy Renews Calls For Speed Cameras (Brooklyn), Nov. 28, 2017

The death of a 14-year-old delivery boy in the South Slope has renewed calls for automatic traffic enforcement cameras across New York City. “Even if it turns out that Edwin was crossing against the light, what seems irrefutable is that the car was going at an excessively high rate of speed,” White told Patch. “And in those kinds of situations the driver can and should be held accountable for those actions.”

Courtesy Transportation Alternatives
State Sen. Jose Peralta rallies with Transportation Alternatives to deman faster action on Vision Zero and an immediate end to traffic violence.

Hundreds of cyclists call for Vision Zero action at City Hall on World Day of Remembrance
Times Ledger (New York) Nov 28, 2017

More than 300 New Yorkers, including the families of traffic crash victims, elected officials and community leaders, held a massive rally Sunday by bicycling from all five boroughs to the Hudson River Greenway, site of last month’s attack on cyclists and pedestrians, and into City Hall Park.

The rally, in honor of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, drew attention to Vision Zero’s progress and demanded that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo take immediate action to reduce risk faced by cyclists and pedestrians.

‘What’s a good excuse to use if I am pulled over for speeding?’ and other FAQ
KIR Radio (Washington), Nov. 27, 2017

From speed limit reductions on city streets to automated photo enforcement, the City of Seattle is cracking down on speeding. KIRO 7 spoke to Capt. Eric Sano of the Seattle Police Department about speed enforcement.


Safety concerns have schools eyeing another camera system

Reflector (North Carolina), Nov. 25, 2017

Pitt County Schools staff is considering a plan to move forward with bus arm cameras to help combat drivers who pass stopped buses, an administrator told Board of Education members. With 220 buses transporting more than 12,000 students across 13,000 miles per day, board members said that student safety was the biggest concern.

The school system currently receives proceeds from the City of Greenville’s new red light camera system, which fines drivers $100 if they run red lights and five major city intersections where cameras have been installed.

New Guide Promotes School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Advocacy
School Bus Fleet Magazine, Nov. 14, 2017

A new resource from Safe Kids Worldwide gives guidance on how to advocate for stop-arm cameras on school buses. Safe Kids Worldwide is a nonprofit that works to protect kids from unintentional injuries, which is the No. 1 cause of death for children in the U.S.



American Traffic Solutions Tricia Chiodo Named CFO of the Year
American Traffic Solutions (Arizona), Nov. 14, 2017

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tricia Chiodo has been named “CFO of the Year 2017” by the Arizona Chapter of the Financial Executives International.  The award was given in recognition of her financial stewardship and leadership excellence in her role as CFO at ATS.

American Traffic Solutions Partners with Laser Technology Inc. To Launch ATS StreetSafe
American Traffic Solutions (Arizona), Nov. 29, 2017

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has partnered with Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) to develop and launch ATS StreetSafe, a hand-held laser device designed to protect communities from the dangers of speeding by providing an efficient, safe and effective way of enhancing enforcement. Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the U.S. Combined, ATS and LTI currently partner with more than 100 municipalities nationwide to provide speed enforcement technology.

School Transportation News November 2017 Issue
School Transportation News, Nov. 2017

ATS is proud to congratulate Rick Grisham of the Cobb County Schools for winning the 2017 School Transportation News Leadership Award!

LETTERS: Red light camera reaction (In Colorado Springs) (Colorado), Nov. 21, 2017

“I’ve often wondered what people are thinking when they run a red light. I understand they don’t much care about me or my property/passengers. But, really do they not even care about their own property and passengers? Are you that much more important than me? You really can’t afford the wait?”


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 23

November 8th, 2017 Comments off

ATS StreetSafe – The Future of Speed Enforcement
American Traffic Solutions(Arizona), Nov 2017

The Future of Handheld Speed Enforcement

Speed continues to be a leading cause of collisions and pedestrian fatalities in communities across the country. Conventional speed enforcement tools limit officer effectiveness and increase officer risk during traffic stops.

To help enhance safety in your community, American Traffic Solutions is pleased to offer ATS StreetSafe. ATS StreetSafe is a handheld speed safety camera solution that enables law enforcement to enforce speed in their community without having to put themselves or others in harm’s way. Learn more at


American Traffic Solutions Partners with Laser Technology Inc. To Launch ATS StreetSafe
American Traffic Solutions (Arizona), Nov. 1, 2017

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has partnered with Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) to develop and launch ATS StreetSafe, a hand-held laser device designed to protect communities from the dangers of speeding by providing an efficient, safe and effective way of enhancing enforcement. Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the U.S. Combined, ATS and LTI currently partner with more than 100 municipalities nationwide to provide speed enforcement technology.

Stolen truck from Phoenix captured on speeding camera
ABC 15 (Arizona), Oct. 28, 2017

A valley man’s truck was stolen and he thought it was gone forever, until a couple weeks later, when he received a photo radar ticket and there was a woman sitting behind the wheel.

More red light cameras go to Amarillo city council for approval
ABC 7 Amarillo (Texas), Oct. 26, 2017

Amarillo drivers beware: More red light cameras could soon come to the city. The citizens’ advisory board for photographic traffic enforcement met this week to look at the intersections with the most crashes in the city and considered putting red-light cameras at 12 of them. Amarillo currently has eight intersections with nine red-light cameras. The city could remove four current red light cameras, keep five existing cameras and add seven more cameras. A decision is expected Oct. 26.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Speed Enforcement
WFMD 930 Free Talk (Maryland), Oct. 31, 2017

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that automated speed enforcement cameras at the Maugansville Elementary School Zone on Maugans Avenue, and at the Paramount Elementary School Zone on Longmeadow Road and on Marsh Pike will become operational on November 1st.


Sting nabs 120 drivers flying past stopped school buses
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania), Nov. 7, 2017

A coordinated effort to nab drivers passing stopped school buses netted 120 violators across Pennsylvania last month, but none in the Lehigh Valley.

New school bus cameras catch dangerous drivers in South Bend
WNDU (Indiana) Nov. 2017

The South Bend Community School Corporation has caught 39 drivers disregarding stop arms since new cameras debuted in August.

5-year-old child hit by speeding vehicle after exiting school bus
CBS 46 (Georgia), Oct. 31, 2017

A five-year-old Lulu Pedrick was struck by an intoxicated driver in a Hummer 2 as she began to cross the street to head home in Newnan.

After exiting the school bus, the bus driver checked for vehicles before signaling to Lulu Pedrick it was safe to cross in front of the bus, but was unable to the little girl before Belvins sped around the bus.

Officials say the school bus was stopped with properly working red lights and stop sign at the time of the incident.

Tolleson high schools crack down on motorists who ignore stop signs on buses by installing cameras
Cronkite News (Arizona) Oct. 30, 2017

Tolleson Union High School District has installed cameras on 20 of its buses to deter motorists who ignore the stop signs that come down when students get on or off the bus. The district plans to add 18 more by the end of November.

“What we’re finding is that more and more people are running through and not observing the stop arms when they actually deploy,” said James West, transportation director for the district. “We’ve got just an incredible amount of safety factors and issues that happen through that.”

Convictions for unlawfully passing school buses drop
The Gazette (Iowa) Oct. 28, 2017

Attorneys cite hurdles in prosecuting harsher ‘Kadyn’s Law’. An 8-second video shows the red lights of a stopped school bus flashing through a morning haze.(Gazette file photo)

What part of stopping for school buses do motorists not understand? October 26, 2017

Law enforcement officers across the state have written nearly 9,000 bus stop-arm violation citations in the past six years, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. (Photo by Patty Dextere)



 “Stop! In the name of love!” Using your phone while driving is never safe. Now, “Stop! Before you break our hearts!”


Red-light cameras and rules of the road
Newsday, Oct 27, 2017

“The writer complained that he has a $150 ticket because he failed to come to a complete stop when turning right on red at this Garden City intersection. I’m confused. The law says you may turn right on red if there is no one coming and you have stopped completely.

The ability to turn right on red was a wonderful thing until people started abusing it. I have yet to receive a ticket for disobeying traffic rules. I say put them everywhere!
Linda Oley, Blue Point

More red light cameras go to Amarillo city council for approval
ABC 7 Amarillo (Texas), Oct. 26, 2017

“Cameras at intersections is very much in keeping with the current stats that would indicate the safety of the driving public is enhanced by those extra cameras,” said Steve Rogers, the committee chair. “The driving public is safer when these photo enforcement cameras are in place and we have plenty of intersections around town that would be considered dangerous enough to have photo enforcement.”



ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 22

October 26th, 2017 Comments off

Commentary: Enforcement Drops, Crashes Rise, Pedestrians Die
Tucson Daily Star (Arizona), Oct. 21, 2017

Talk to anyone around here, especially in central Tucson, and you’ll hear the stories. Or just stand at a busy corner and watch. The stories and experiences paint the picture of a pervasive problem of thoughtless Tucson drivers giving no quarter to unprotected pedestrians. While walkers have certainly been at fault in some of the collisions, it’s clear we Tucson drivers often do not pay enough attention. … The police context in which this wave of pedestrian killings — 24 so far this year — have taken place? Less and less enforcement, more and more collisions. Something bigger is going on.  (Tucson Daily Star image by Kelly Presnell)


Greenville Police Address Red-Light Camera Concerns
WNCT-TV CBS 9 (North Carolina), Oct. 24, 2017

It’s been a week since Greenville police launched its red-light camera program. The program is still in its warning period and is causing confusion for some drivers. “One of the main questions we got is they are either going through a yellow light or a green light and they’ve noticed the cameras flashing,” said Officer Pat O’Callaghan, who heads the red-light camera program. He said there are a lot of factors that cause the lights to go off. (WNCT-TV CBS 9 image)

Police: Light Red for 6.6 Seconds when Vehicle Ran It
WPBF-TV ABC 25 (Florida), Oct. 18, 2017

Boynton Beach Police have released video officers describe as a driver running a red light at Woolbright Road and Southwest 8th Street. The light was red for 6.6 seconds when the SUV in the left through lane drove past it, investigators said. The video shows the driver of a pickup truck managing to avoid a crash. (WPBF-TV ABC 25 and Boynton Beach Police image)

Motorcyclist Speaks Out after Being Run Over by Texting Driver
KATC-TV ABC 3 (Louisiana), Oct. 18, 2017

Blake Comeaux, who was thrown from his motorcycle, is now recovering in Lafayette General from a broken pelvis and an injured spine. … He says the woman behind the wheel was texting and driving when she ran into his motorcycle. He said he feels strongly about texting and driving, and doesn’t want to see anyone suffer the way he has. “You wouldn’t give a legally blind person a license, and for that moment when you’re texting and driving, you’re legally blind,” he said.  (KATC-TV ABC 3 images)


Driver Dies from Injuries in Intersection Collision
The Daily Reflector (North Carolina), Oct. 24, 2017

A Colerain woman died Monday from injuries she sustained in a two-vehicle wreck that also injured her passenger and shut down a Memorial Drive intersection for three hours. … A preliminary investigation revealed the 73-year-old driver failed to stop for a red light at Memorial Drive’s intersection with Regency Boulevard and Thomas Langston Road, according to the Greenville Police Department. (The Daily Reflector image by Juliette Cooke)

Community Leaders Welcome Enforcement Camera Proposal
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service/
OnMilwaukee (Wisconsin), Oct. 22, 2017

Community leaders welcome the idea of installing automated technology throughout the city to help ticket reckless drivers, after a state lawmaker introduced legislation Tuesday to temporarily allow the practice. State Rep. David Crowley announced his new measure, the Safe Roads Save Lives Act, at City Hall with 11 members of the Common Council appearing alongside him. (Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service image)

Citizens’ Panel Supports Additional Red-Light Cameras in Amarillo
KVII-TV ABC 7 (Texas), Oct. 18, 2017

Amarillo drivers beware: More red light cameras could soon come to the city. The citizens’ advisory board for photographic traffic enforcement met this week to look at the intersections with the most crashes in the city and considered putting red-light cameras at 12 of them. Amarillo currently has eight intersections with nine red-light cameras. The city could remove four current red light cameras, keep five existing cameras and add seven more cameras. A decision is expected Oct. 26.


City Leaders Look to Improve Speed Enforcement around Schools
Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent (Arizona), Oct. 22, 2017

City of Apache Junction officials are investigating the use of speed cameras and other traffic enforcement around local charter and public schools. … The school zone speed limit is 25 mph, but Police Chief Kelly said “We have them going 50 mph through them, we have them going 10 miles over the limit.”


Authorities Cite Driver in Crash with Stopped School Bus
KLTV-TV ABC 7 (Texas), Oct. 24, 2017

A Mount Pleasant mother has been cited for a wreck that injured her two children and sent others to the hospital following a wreck involving a school bus. The pickup struck the back end of a Pittsburg ISD school bus. District Superintendent Judy Pollan said the bus was stopped on the side of the road on Highway 271, with its flashing lights on. See related article at ABC 7 viewer image)

N.J. Groups Advocate for School Bus Stop Arm Camera Legislation
School Bus Fleet, Oct. 19, 2017

Nearly 100 advocates across New Jersey are pushing for stop-arm camera legislation. Along with the Traffic Safety Coalition, New Jersey education associations, school systems, municipalities, and police departments are urging Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and other lawmakers to take action on two school bus stop-arm camera bills by immediately bringing them to a full Assembly floor vote. (Press of Atlantic City image by Ben Fogletto)

Stop-Arm Cameras Cutting Back on School Bus Violations
Marietta Daily Journal (Georgia), Oct. 18, 2017

Eight years after 5-year-old Karla Campos was struck and killed by a car after she stepped off a Cobb County school bus, district officials say the video cameras installed on buses to catch violators who pass them illegally are paying off. … Rick Grisham, the district’s transportation director, said bus drivers reported about 1,900 stop-arm violations a day five years ago. This year, he said, that figure is down to about 900 per day. The district partnered with American Traffic Solutions in 2012. ( image)



ATS_RoadSafety retweeted GHSA @GHSAHQ “We’re really just trying to get people to slow down.” PA lawmakers look to install speed cameras in work zones. View article at TribLive (Image by Guy Wathen, Tribune-Review)

ATS_RoadSafety The latest road-safety Daily! Thanks to @BikeWalkLee @gohsgeorgia @DriveSafeNV #speedsafety #drivealert  EXTRA: Pedestrian Deaths Near Record in Clarke County. (Las Vegas Review Journal image by Elizabeth Brumley)

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Be the first to learn more about the future of speed enforcement. Visit ATS at #IACP2017. #SpeedSafety #handheldspeed



Tolling Remains Steady on Louisville Bridges
The Lane Report (Kentucky), Oct. 25, 2017

The third quarter of tolling on three bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana saw a steady number of crossings, but no significant growth in the number of drivers using transponders to cross the tolled bridges. On average, 61 percent of weekday drivers used transponders while crossing the tolled bridges. “Tolling has been in place for nearly a year, and it’s important all drivers understand that crossing a tolled bridge with a prepaid account and transponder will save them money, no matter how often they use the bridges,” said Megan McLain with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. “The cost savings are substantial.” (The Lane Report graphic)

Virginia Plans “Mad Push” to Use Transponders on I-66
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM, Oct. 25, 2017

Around half the drivers using Interstate 66 inside the Beltway do not have an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex, even though they’ll need them in less than two months when new toll lanes open, which will require the transponders during an expanded rush-hour period. … “There’s no pay-by-plate … you have to have an E-ZPass transponder to access the Express Lanes … if you don’t have a transponder, then a violation will get created,” Virginia Department of Transportation Tolling Operations Division Administrator David Caudill said.  (WTOP image by Neal Augenstein)


“We have evidence at the four intersections where the cameras are being removed that traffic accidents are down at each of those intersections so that allows us to remove those and relocate them to other places in hopes we’ll reduce traffic accidents at those intersections as well.”
Steve Rogers, City of Amarillo Citizens’ Advisory Board for Photographic Traffic Enforcement
KVII-TV ABC 7 (Texas), Oct. 18, 2017


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 21

October 12th, 2017 Comments off

National School Bus Safety Week is nearly here. This dedicated week is backed by the National Association for Pupil Transportation and is intended to engage parents, students, teachers, motorists, school bus operators, school administrators, and other interested parties in addressing the importance of school bus safety. It all begins Oct. 16. Learn more at

Use hashtag #NSBSW2017 and join the conversation on social media. Spread the message to keep our kids safe as they head to and from school. American Traffic Solutions is supporting National School Bus Safety week by partnering with schools and law enforcement nationwide to remind motorists of the laws and safe practices to follow when approaching a school bus.


Video Shows 6th-Grader Nearly Hit Leaving School Bus
Pioneer Press (Minnesota), Oct. 10, 2017

To highlight the need for motorists to obey the state’s stop-arm law, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety on Monday released a video of an 11-year-old Rosemount girl who was nearly struck by a pickup truck after getting off her school bus. (Minnesota State Patrol/Pioneer Press image)

Vehicle in Chain-Reaction Crash Hits Boy Waiting for Bus
Daily Press (Michigan), Oct. 9, 2017

When an 18-year-old driver crested a hill in Escanaba on 18th Road, he struck another vehicle that was stopped waiting for a Hannahville school bus to load a student. The teen driver’s vehicle then ran off the roadway to the right, hitting a 13-year-old boy waiting for the bus. The boy was flown by helicopter to a hospital. (WNMU-Radio FM 90.1 image)

Wake County Commissioners Act to Stop School Bus Passings
WUNC-Radio 91.5 FM (North Carolina), Oct. 4, 2017

Wake County Commissioners unanimously supported a plan to create a civil penalty for drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus. The North Carolina Highway Patrol says 3,100 vehicles pass stopped school buses daily, as students climb on and off. See additional news coverage at The News & Observer.


Reckless Driving Fuels Call for Safer Streets in Milwaukee
WITI-TV FOX 6 (Wisconsin), Oct. 10, 2017

On Monday, a group gathered with signs in their effort to curb reckless driving in Milwaukee. This, as lawmakers plan to propose legislation that would allow red-light cameras to be installed at dangerous intersection. So-called “red light cameras” are something that’s been talked about to help with safety on the roadways, and on Tuesday, October 17th a news conference is scheduled to announce a formal request for the cameras to be installed in Milwaukee.  See additional coverage at WITI-TV FOX 6, WISN-TV ABC 12(WITI-TV FOX 6 image)


Denver’s Vision Zero Plan Aims at No Traffic Deaths by 2030
KCNC-TV CBS 4 (Colorado), Oct. 7, 2017

In response to the alarming number of people who lost their lives on Denver streets last year (61 in 2016), the city is trying to spread a message about safety with its Vision Zero campaign. The goal is to have no traffic deaths or serious injuries on Denver’s roadways by 2030. Funding for the program right now is planned to come in part from revenue generated by photo enforcement tickets.  (KCNC-TV CBS 4 image)

Traffic Engineer: Cameras Are Here to Help Reduce T-Bone Crashes
WCTI-TV ABC 12 (North Carolina), Oct. 5, 2017

Red-light camera equipment is now installed at five selected Greenville locations. Currently, operational tests are being conducted on the equipment until Oct. 15. After that, the cameras will start capturing photos and issuing warnings. The five intersections were chosen for their high rate of T-bone crashes. There were 204 combined at the five locations in the past five years. See news coverage of approaching warning phase at The Daily Reflector.  (WCTI-TV ABC 12 image)



ATS_RoadSafety retweeted Vision Zero Network @Visionzeronet Philly’s #VisionZero Plan gets 20k+ public comments, 72% say they know someone personally who suffered traffic crash.  (Image by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash)


ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Don’t drive distracted! Check out this infographic on the dangers of using a phone while driving. #ItCanWait #PutThePhoneDown  (Gem Motoring Assist image)



Workers Ready to Begin ‘Open Road Tolling’ Project
The Topeka Capital-Journal (Kansas), Oct. 10, 2017

Work begins Wednesday on a construction project to implement an “open road tolling” arrangement enabling motorists to enter or leave the Kansas Turnpike using the middle lanes of its East Topeka toll plaza at mile marker 183 without slowing down to pay their toll or pick up a ticket. The project is expected to be completed by November 2018.  (The Topeka Capital-Journal image by Chris Neal)

2 More Bridges Cease Cash Tolling in New York
Queens Chronicle, Oct. 5, 2017

The Whitestone and Throgs Neck bridges switched over to a cashless tolling system in the early morning hours of last Saturday. Until 3 a.m. on Oct. 1 they were the last remaining bridges operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to drop cash tolls. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the benefits of the technology are already making it easier for New Yorkers to get where they need to go, with improved traffic flow, reduced congestion and decreased commute times. (Queens Chronicle images)

Editorial: Mind State Laws on Passing Buses
Press Republican (New York), Oct. 10, 2017

Sensible people will shudder to learn that Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1174(a), which regulates driving around school buses, is frequently violated. Can you imagine anything more tragic than a student being injured or killed because a driver passed a stopped school bus and ran a child over? Yet, all too often, impatient drivers do try to bypass the buses. … Be patient behind a bus. The kids’ lives are worth much more than the few minutes gained by foolish and illegal maneuvers.


“Open road, cashless tolling is critical to modernizing our roadways, easing congestion, and re-imagining our transportation system for the 21st century economy.”
Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor
Queens Chronicle (New York), Oct. 6, 2017

“We’re trying to change people’s behavior and how they drive. By doing it at select intersections, we’re hoping that this will bleed over into their everyday driving.”
Rik DiCesare, Greenville City Traffic Engineer
WCTI-TV ABC 12 (North Carolina), Oct. 5, 2017

“Nothing infuriates us more than to have a school bus passed needlessly by drivers who are putting our greatest asset at risk.”
Sig Hutchinson, Chairman of Wake County Commissioners
WUNC-Radio 91.5 FM (North Carolina), Oct. 4, 2017

“When you’ve got people being killed because of reckless drivers running red lights, we have to do something to protect the people in this community.”
Tony Zielinski, Milwaukee Alderman
WISN-TV ABC 12 (Wisconsin), Oct. 3, 2017