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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 23

May 21st, 2015 Comments off

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Community Remembers Slain Crossing Guard
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), May 20, 2015

A year ago today, a Clearwater crossing guard was hit and killed at Gulf to Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road. Doug Carey, 70, had been on the force for about 20 years and was working as a school crossing guard. Police say Carey was on the sidewalk at the corner of Belcher and Gulf to Bay when a black Cadillac ran a red light and collided with a car that had the right of way to turn. The Cadillac spun out and struck Carey, killing him. (WTSP-TV CBS 10 image)

Residents Upset Over Deadly Intersection
WJXT-TV CBS 4 (Florida), May 20, 2015

Residents in Fleming Island are concerned that an intersection at U.S. 17 and Village Square Parkway has become far too dangerous after three people died in accidents within one month while driving through it. … A man and a woman were killed Tuesday after a truck ran a red light and T-boned the car they were riding in. … Right now there are no plans to set up red-light cameras at the intersection, but many people have said that they wouldn’t mind putting up tax dollars to get them if it means they’ll be safer. (WJXT-TV CBS 4 image)

Drivers Urged to Be Cautious During Holiday Weekend
WNC8 (Washington), May 19, 2015

Melissa Wandall, president of the National Coalition for Safer Roads, goes on camera to urge drivers to be mindful of safe driving on Memorial Day and other upcoming holidays as they are the times when drivers are most likely to run red lights. Last year, more than 3.7 million motorists ran red-lights in the U.S. (WNC8 image)

Caught on Camera, Vehicle Nearly Hits Pedestrian
WSVN-TV Channel 7 (Florida), May 18, 2015

It was a close call for a South Florida man who was caught on camera barely getting out of the way of a driver who ran a red light. A red-light camera captured the moment. (WSVN-TV Channel 7 image)

Chesterfield Mom Pleads for School Bus Safety Cameras
WWBT-TV NBC 12 (Virginia), May 18, 2015

A Chesterfield mother is pleading for the county to install a new system of cameras on school buses after her son was hit by a car near a bus stop. (WWBT-TV NBC 12 image)


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Driver Cited for Hitting Stopped School Bus
Valley Journal (Montana), May 20, 2015

A 19-year-old Bigfork man was cited last week after rear-ending a Polson school bus at 78 mph. A student who was exiting the bus at the time of the crash was thrown onto the ground and sustained cuts, minor road rash and bruises. (Lake County Leader photo by Trip Burns)

Disregard for Bus Laws Staggers County with 90 Violations in 1 Day
WSAZ-TV Channel 3 (West Virginia), May 19, 2015

Transportation officials with Kanawha County Schools on Tuesday afternoon released surprising information from a nationwide survey about drivers’ disregard for school bus laws. On April 22, the day of the nationwide survey, 90 drivers ran a school bus’s stop sign and flashing red lights. Of those 90 drivers, 60 were caught in the Kanawha City. (WSAZ-TV Channel 3)

Mobile County Looks to Outfit All School Buses with Safety Cameras
WALA-TV FOX 10/WSFA-TV NBC 12 (Alabama), May 19, 2015

An Alabama school bus safety bill is waiting on a signature from the governor, and if signed into law it would allow school systems like Mobile County Public Schools to put cameras on their buses. … Last year the school was able to put cameras on a handful of buses on a trial run. One video shows kids running out of the way as a car barrels through the stop arm. (WALA-TV FOX 10/WSFA-TV NBC 12 image)  See related news article by WKRG-TV CBS 5.

Plea Deal Reached in Death of Child Crossing Street to Bus
The Augusta Chronicle (Georgia), May 19, 2015

The family of an 8-year-old boy who died from injuries suffered when he was hit by a car while trying to get on his school bus asked for justice Tuesday. The family of the young man who killed the child asked for mercy. At the end of an emotional hearing in Richmond County Superior Court, 21-year-old Scott W. Hancock was led out of the courtroom to begin serving a three-year prison term. He will have an additional seven years on probation when released.

Failure to Stop
School Transportation News, May 19, 2015

Some crimes are considered inexcusable. For the student transportation industry, the prevalence of motorists illegally passing stopped school buses that are loading or unloading students fits this bill. Too often, violators who ignore the buses’ flashing lights and extended stop signs get off scot-free — completely free from obligation, harm or penalty. Yet every day student riders remain in harm’s way.


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Red-Light Running Violations Rise in Summer
WFLX-TV FOS 29 (Florida), May 20, 2015

The National Coalition for Safer Roads released new data today on red-light running, which revealed an increase in the number of violations that occurred during peak periods of summer travel in 2014. According to statistics, more than 3.7 million drivers in the United States ran a red light in 2014. A large percentage of these violations occurred during the peak summer travel weekends of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. (WNC8 image)

Caught Red-Handed; Camera Images Assist Police Investigations
Reuters, May 18, 2015

American Traffic Solutions’ red-light safety cameras in Florida are helping law-enforcement agencies investigate crimes by providing evidence to identify and locate potential suspects, as well as re-creating crash and crime scenes. A recent count shows ATS has provided video from red-light safety cameras to federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies on more than 3,500 occasions from January 2014 through April 2015, averaging more than 200 video requests a month.

Authorities Charge Driver for Running Red Light
The Virginian-Pilot (Virginia), May 18, 2015

A North Carolina man has been charged following a crash on Friday that involved a school bus and left three people injured. Suffolk police charged the work truck driver with failure to stop at a red light.


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ATS_RoadSafety 27,000 children ride on school buses in Mobile County every day. The goal of law is to keep them safe.…  @WKRG

NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA Safe Summer Driving Kick Off is underway with @MelissaWandall here with us in DC to promote #safedriving during peak summer travel periods!

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Commercial Growth Increases Along Texas Toll Road
Community Impact Newspaper, May 20, 2015

The corridor between Lakeline Mall Drive and SH 45 has seen development increase in the past 24 months, creating a rise in commercial occupancy rates and potential construction of new businesses. The boom followed the November 2006 opening of SH 45 and the March 2007 opening of Toll 183A. New businesses are also filling nearby vacancies that have been empty for months. (Community Impact Newspaper photo by David Weaver)

I-77 North of Charlotte to Have Toll Lanes
WLTX-TV CBS 19 (North Carolina), May 20, 2015

Toll lanes are officially coming to I-77 near Charlotte. The North Carolina Department of Transportation just finalized the loan process. Construction could begin in the next few months. See state’s press release here.

Tolls Proposed as Funding Source for Missouri River Bridge
Leavenworth Times (Kansas), May 15, 2015

The Kansas Department of Transportation is conducting a study to look at options for replacing Centennial Bridge, which spans across the Missouri River between Leavenworth, Kansas, and Platte County, Missouri. … Leavenworth City Manager Scott Miller said the local participation for the bridge construction would be paid for from toll fees charged once the bridge opens. Earlier in its history, Centennial Bridge was a toll bridge. But tolls are no longer collected on the bridge. (2011 video image from, posted by Mark Shannon)


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Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: Read This, Then Try to Say You Dislike Cameras
Richmond Drives (Virginia), May 15, 2015

This was going to be a column about red-light cameras. It was going to make the obvious George Orwell Big Brother comparison about losing even more privacy and infringing upon our rights…. That was until I came across an old article from Family Circle magazine in my files. There was a profile of a man named Frank Hinds. His commitment to his beliefs is so strong that he co-founded Jennifer’s Law to push for harsher penalties for drivers who run red lights, causing death or injury. You see, Frank lost his daughter when the car she was traveling in was struck by another driver who ran a red light. Jenn was just 17.

Editorial: Speed Cameras — You Can’t Argue with the Results
The Staten Island Advance (New York), May 19, 2015

Say what you will about speed cameras — and we Staten Islanders certainly have had a lot to say — they seem to be having the desired effect in the school zones, where a number of them have been deployed and have posted a  55 percent drop in violations.

Letter to the Editor: Cities’ Right to Enforce Traffic Laws
The Denver Post (Colorado), May 19, 2015

The Denver Post’s editorial page crusade against traffic enforcement seems based on nothing more than a libertarian sentiment that does nobody any real good. Towns are enforcing the speed limit? OMG! Maybe the incentive here is for these communities to make a point of civic pride against a prevailing disregard for local norms.


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“We’ve seen, generally, around a 60-percent drop in speeding at camera locations. That might not be the case at every location, but generally speaking, that’s what we’ve seen. And we think that’s terrific.”
Polly Trottenberg, Transportation Commissioner, New York City
Staten Island Advance, May 19, 2015

“The warning period gives drivers in the Village time to adjust to the program. Our goal is to increase safety by reducing violations and crashes, and we know the presence of the systems will serve as a deterrent for most drivers.”
Yocelyn Galiano Gomez, Pinecrest Village Manager
Pinecrest Tribune (Florida), May 21, 2015


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New York
The city Department of Transportation reports that, as of March of this year, there has been an approximate 55 percent drop in violations generated from the five fixed school-zone speed cameras that were operating on Staten Island as of that time. Source: Staten Island Advance,  May 19, 2015.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 22

May 14th, 2015 Comments off

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Tucson Police Data Point Out Top School Zones for Speed Violators
KVOA-TV NBC 4 (Arizona), May 13, 2015

Tucson Police photo enforcement vans are catching drivers violating the speed limit of 15 mph in school zones. … Howell and Henry Elementary schools are the top spots for speeding violations this year. In the first three months of 2015, police issued 66 violations at Howell, and 41 at Henry. (KVOA-TV NBC 4)

Neighbors’ Concerns Rise after School Bus Runs Red-Light
WSB-TV ABC 2 (Georgia), May 12, 2015

Residents in this DeKalb County neighborhood said the recent report of a school bus running a red-light is the latest example of the constant dangers they see at a problem intersection.

More Drivers Charged with Illegally Passing School Buses
WRC-TV NBC 4 (Washington, D.C.), May 12, 2015

More than 2,200 drivers have been charged with illegally driving past a stopped school bus in the Washington, D.C., suburbs in the past three years, according to a review by the News 4 I-Team. These violations endanger the well-being of children boarding the buses and people standing nearby. … A review of state court records and motor vehicle agency reports show the violations are widespread and growing in some D.C.-area communities. (Image by WRC-TV NBC 4)


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Pickup Rear-Ends School Bus as Children Exit (Montana), May 12, 2015

A full-sized pickup rear-ended a stopped school bus about three miles east of Polson, sending three students to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Terry Rosenbaum said the pickup was traveling at a “significant speed” when it struck the bus as it was unloading students. See related article at (Daily Inter County Leader photo by Trip Burns)

County Sheriff’s Office Issuing 80 School Bus Violations Per Day
The Eatonville Dispatch (Washington), May 11, 2015

Too many drivers in the Bethel School District pass school buses illegally, and the video proves it. In barely three months, cameras mounted on buses have caught nearly 140 apparent violations in which automobiles didn’t stop for buses whose flashing red-lights and paddle-stop sign were activated while picking up students.


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Search Is on for Runaways in Deadly Hit and Run Caught on Camera
WTVJ-TV NBC 6 (Miami), May 12, 2015

Police have released red-light camera video of a deadly hit-and-run collision in Miami. Authorities are looking for two men who fled the scene after their pickup truck collided with a vehicle making a left turn. (Image by WTVJ-TV NBC 6)

Judge Continues Hearing over Red-Light Camera Debate
KTIV-TV NBC 4 (Iowa), May 11, 2015

A Woodbury County judge has continued a hearing on whether Sioux City can keep its red light and speed cameras up and operational. The hearing was scheduled for Monday morning, but it has been continued to a later date. … A judge granted an injunction in the case and the cameras have stayed up.

Red-Light Runner Blamed in Tampa Power Outage
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), May 8, 2015

A red-light runner who crashed into a power pole and fled on foot caused a blackout that affected some 14,000 TECO customers on May 8, police said. See related article in Sun Times.


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ATS logo

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to announce it will provide a CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm system to the Arlington Public School system in Virginia according to the terms of a new multiyear agreement. ATS looks forward to working with the Arlington Schools and with the Arlington Police Department, whose representative will make the final determination of whether a violation has occurred, and a citation issued. ATS recognizes all of its customers as partners in traffic safety and thanks them.



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ATS_RoadSafety Fact: In 2013, nearly 700 ppl were killed in red-light running crashes. Help lower that number. RT #StopOnRed

NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA We are entering the most dangerous time of year for drivers, so slow down, obey traffic laws and buckle up!


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Study: Express Lanes Cut Commute Times
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM (Washington D.C.), May 13, 2015

A new survey from toll lane operator Transurban finds that the Virginia Express Lanes have cut the commute times for everyone, including those in the main lanes. On the 95 Express Lanes, the company compared travel times between last February and this February, and found that people saved an average of between six and 23 minutes, with the average speed at least 11 mph higher. The 95 Express Lanes opened in December 2014. (AP photo by Molly Riley)

Toll Authority Assists in Arrest of Manslaughter Suspect
KPRC-TV NBC 2 (Texas), May 10, 2015

After authorities issued an alert for a Texas mother with two manslaughter warrants, the Harris County Toll Road Authority’s incident management division entered vehicle information in a license plate recognition system and tracked the woman until she was in custody. Her arrest came on the Sam Houston Tollway East.

Colorado Drivers Encouraged to Get the Pass
KCNC-TV CBS 4, May 9, 2015

Access to express lanes in the Denver metro area are changing this summer and it could save drivers a lot of money. The Colorado Department of Transportation is urging drivers to “Get the Pass,” a $15 transponder that switches between “Toll” and “HOV,” which allows carpools to bypass the toll or drivers to pay a toll without an additional surcharge. (Image by KCNC-TV CBS 4)

Trucker Arrested on Charges of Shortchanging Tolls
New York Daily News, May 9, 2015

No more free rides for this Bronx trucker who owes $13,000 in toll violations. Port Authority police busted a truck driver last week for shortchanging tolls at the George Washington Bridge by using a cheaper passenger car’s E-Z Pass on his Kenworth big rig. See related article at about toll dodger owing $30,000.


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Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Are Efficient
The Denver Post (Colorado), May 13, 2015

Red-light cameras are a very cost-efficient way to enforce a basic traffic law. In my mind, they encourage driving safely. And photo radar equipment should be standard in school and construction zones to reduce speeding when children and  workers are present.


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“The visibility of the van is a deterrent for speeding. We will see an increase in violations when the van’s not there.”
Paul Tosca, Lieutenant with the Tucson Police Department, Traffic Division
KVOA-TV NBC 4 (Arizona), May 13, 2015

“It’s much more cost-effective to have a red-light camera at an intersection 24/7 than it is to hire a police officer to stay at that intersection and write red-light violations.”
Craig Gundlauch, Lieutenant with the Modesto Police Department
KCRA-TV NBC 3 (California), May 8, 2015

Header Statistics 480

According to Tucson police data, the top five school locations with the most speeding violations caught by speed safety cameras for the first three months of 2015 are: Howell elementary with 66 violations; Henry Elementary with 41; St. Ambrose with 39; Prince Elementary with 35, and Oyama Elementary with 32. Source: KVOA-TV NBC 4, May 13, 2015.

In barely three months in the Bethel School District, cameras mounted on buses have caught nearly 140 apparent violations in which automobiles didn’t stop for buses whose flashing red lights and paddle-stop signs were activated while picking up students. Source: The Eatonville Dispatch, May 11, 2015


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 21

May 7th, 2015 Comments off

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Neighborhood Petitions for Cameras, Other Traffic Safety Measures
Democrat & Chronicle (New York), May 6, 2015

Residents and business owners along a historic and well-traveled stretch of Mt. Hope Avenue say they are living in a danger zone and the situation will get worse if the city and traffic engineers don’t step in and take action. … A petition sent to Rochester officials asks for traffic and police officials to review the stretch of road and make changes including the use of red-light and speed safety cameras. (Democrat & Chronicle image by Jon Hand)

Coal Truck Narrowly Misses Children from School Bus
WSAZ-TV Channel 3 (West Virginia), May 1, 2015

A terrifying scare for students getting off the bus after school: video from Boone County shows a coal truck weighing several tons flying by a school bus, just missing a group of kids. (WSAZ-TV Channel 3 image)

Parents React to Vehicle-Pedestrian Close Call Near School Bus
KAAL-TV ABC 6 (Minnesota), May 1, 2015

It is horrifying, to say the least, to think of kids getting on or off a school bus and drivers ignoring the warning lights and signs, narrowly missing, or in some cases, hitting unsuspecting children. Most recently, a camera inside a school bus in Washington state captured an SUV that barely missed three children as it plowed through their path toward their school bus. The video leaves local parents speechless. (KAAL-TV ABC 6 image)


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8,000 School Zone Speeders Pay Kent Close to $1 Million Reporter (Washington), May 1, 2015

Kent Police issued 8,417 citations worth fines of $1.47 million in 2014 from cameras at Sunrise and Neely-O’Brien elementary schools, according to city reports. The city collected $927,543 in revenue last year from those fines. Tickets cost $124 for drivers 1 to 9 mph over the 20 mph limit and $248 for drivers 9 mph or more over. The cameras operate for 30 minutes in the morning before school and 30 minutes in the afternoon after school.

Kaufman Official Says Saving 1 Life Is Why He Supports Cameras
KLTV-TV ABC 7 (Texas), May 1, 2015

Kaufman County Judge Bruce Wood, who is a former educator and superintendent in Kaufman County, said the county’s school safety cameras are not about money, but are here to keep children safe after several examples of how dangerous the areas can be in their county. “Kaufman unfortunately had a student back three years ago that was struck and killed getting off a Kaufman school bus,” he said. (KLTV-TV ABC 7 image)


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Traffic_Lake Shore Drive_Chicago_Illinois_082713
Drivers Treat Chicago Roads like Highways, Speed Cameras Show (Illinois), May 6, 2015

Drivers along Irving Park Road and Foster Avenue appear to be mistaking these city streets for the Kennedy and Edens expressways, if speed camera data is any indicator. According to data analyzed by DNAinfo, Chicago speed cameras installed at 2705 W. Irving Park Road and 4124 W. Foster Avenue are among the most active in the city, collecting a combined total of nearly $3 million in fines since they were installed in late 2013. … The city says the cameras are working. At one location, for example, warnings fell from 4,800 in November 2013 to 1,285 in March 2015.  (WMAQ-TV NBC 5 image)

Speeding Vehicle Collides with Turning School Bus; 1 Dead, KBFX (California), May 1, 2015 

One person is dead and another suffered major injuries in a crash with a school bus, according to the California Highway Patrol. CHP said the driver of an Acura was driving recklessly and speeding when the car hit the turning bus. (, KBFX image)


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New Red-Light Safety Cameras Go Up in Florida
WIOD-Radio AM 620, May 6, 2015

As of May 6, the city of Pinecrest began issuing warnings to any drivers who run red lights at four of its photo-enforced intersections along US 1. The new measure will last for 30 days, and drivers caught running the lights will receive a notice in the mail. The program officially begins June 5 with fines starting at $158.

Car Driver Hurt in Red-Light Running Collision with School Bus
Delaware Online, May 6, 2015

A car ran a red light and hit a school bus Wednesday near Georgetown, injuring the car driver but no one on the bus, state police said.

Red-Light Cameras Rekindle Home Rule Debate
The Blade (Ohio), May 3, 2015

It’s been more than 100 years since turn-of-the-century Progressives got their way and amended the Ohio Constitution to grant cities the power to decide their own forms of government. … The tension of local-vs.-state power is rising again and this time involves the use red-light and speed-enforcement cameras.

Iowa Mayors Push Back Against ‘Big Brother’
The Gazette, May 1, 2015

Mayors of three of Iowa’s largest cities want the assistance of state government on common problems but think they are better judges of their communities’ needs, including the need for traffic enforcement cameras, than “big brother” state agencies. Perhaps nowhere has the difference been more apparent than on cities’ use of traffic enforcement cameras. See related coverage from Iowa Public Television. (IPTV image)


Header Announcements 480

ATS logo

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to introduce the city of Annapolis, Maryland, as its latest client. ATS and the city recently finalized an agreement for the installation and operation of a red-light safety camera program with an initial term of five years along with provisions for future term extensions. ATS is also honored to announce that the Harris County Department of Education/Choice Partners has exercised its second of four one-year renewal options , ensuring that school districts in Texas that are members of Choice Partners may contract with ATS for school bus stop arm camera programs. ATS looks forward to working with the city of Annapolis and to its continued relationship with Choice Partners and all of its road safety camera clients.


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ArlingtonCountyPD @ArlingtonVaPD PhotoRed camera activated at Columbia Pike/George Mason Dr today. 30 day warning period starts today. PD’s PSA

ATS_RoadSafety Vehicle runs red light, hits school bus in eastern #ColoradoSprings via @FOX21News #StopOnRed


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Hertz Announces Fleet Upgrade
Naples Daily News (Florida), May 6, 2015

The Hertz Corporation, which includes the Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty brands, is updating its U.S. rental car fleet with 2015 model year cars ranging from sedans and SUVs to high-end luxury models. … Other improved products and service offerings available with Hertz rentals include PlatePass, for convenient travel through the country’s toll systems, and more. View Hertz press release.

Indiana Grants Bridge Company Access to Vehicle Records Times (Indiana), May 5, 2015

The private company set to rebuild the Cline Avenue Bridge in East Chicago and charge drivers tolls for crossing will get assistance from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles in collecting its revenue. Republican Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law House Enrolled Act 1397, providing United Bridge Partners free access to BMV registration records and requiring the agency to suspend the license plates of motorists who fail to pay their bridge tolls.

Texas Advances $410 Million Toll Highway
Texas Department of Transportation, April 30, 2015

The Texas Transportation Department is entering the process of selecting a qualified builder to design and construct a four-lane tolled highway in Grimes and Montgomery counties. The 26-mile project could be completed as early as winter of 2018. Houston Chronicle photo by Brett Coomer.


Header Commentaries 480
Editorial: School Bus Cameras Can Save Lives
Newsday (New York), April 29, 2015

Ideally, cameras on school buses would be a preventive tool, rather than punitive. The goal is to keep drivers from passing stopped school buses, not to fine them for this dangerous behavior. Ideally, even just a few tickets written could have a huge impact. School districts should have the ability to install cameras on buses and keep our children safe, and police should have the ability to write tickets based on the footage.

Letter to the Editor: In Defense of Red-Light Cameras
The Denver Post (Colorado), May 6, 2015

Anyone who drives regularly on major thoroughfares in the Denver area knows most drivers pay absolutely no attention to speed limits. … Then we have people who ignore red lights, frequently resulting in accidents. Compounding these problems is the chronic shortage of police who could give these scofflaws well-deserved tickets.

Letter: Legislator Off the Mark
Lakeland Ledger (Florida), May 4, 2015

I am writing about the lack of real interest Rep. Neil Combee, R-Polk City, shows for real Florida problems. He spends way too much time on issues such as abolishing red-light cameras, just because he got caught. The system in Haines City brings in $60,000 after all fees are taken out. I wonder what a police officer would cost to patrol those areas daily. I bet it’s a lot more than $60,000.


Header QuoteOfTheWeek 480

“And guess what; we do expect motorists whether they’re from this city or another to actually stop when a light turns red. And guess what; we’re not ashamed of it. Does he understand that a red light is something that you should obey not just when a police officer is there?”
Adam Loukx, City of Toledo Law Director
The Blade (Ohio), May 3, 2015

“We had a person the first few days of operation that went through that school zone at 80 mph during a 35 mph school zone.”
Bruce Wood, Kaufman County Judge
KLTV-TV ABC 7 (Texas), May 1, 2015

Header Statistics 480

Trauma centers in Florida are funded through vehicle registration taxes and red-light camera fines. As red-light cameras have proliferated, the amount of money sent to the state’s trauma centers has spiked — from $5.1 million in 2011 to more than $12.6 million in 2012, according to a March 2014 assessment of Florida’s trauma centers by the Department of Health. Source: Miami Herald, May 6, 2015.

Speed cameras are getting drivers to slow down in Chicago. Department of Transportation spokesman Mike Claffey said data show  a 31 percent reduction in speeding violations when comparing speeding rates during the first month of a camera’s presence with the sixth month. At 4124 W. Foster Ave., speed violations fell from 4,800 in November 2013 to 1,285 in March 2015. Source:, May 6, 2015.

ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 20

April 30th, 2015 Comments off

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Heart-Stopping Video Shows SUV Narrowly Missing Young Students
ABC News (Washington, D.C.), April 28, 2015

Heart-stopping video from a school bus security camera shows a driver coming within inches of mowing down three school children as they were about to step on the bus in the Bethel School District of Washington State. Nobody was hurt, but 5-year-old Charity said it sure felt like something touched her. Detectives say the driver went into a ditch to pass the bus and did not stop later to check on the children. See related coverage from KNDU-TV NBC 25 and WZVN-TV ABC 7(ABC News images)

Police Release Video, Ask for Help with Arizona Murder Case
KNXV-TV ABC 15 (Arizona), April 27, 2015

Detectives are asking the public for help one year after they found a man murdered inside his Paradise Valley home in Arizona. … In the video, photo radar cameras capture the killers in the victim’s stolen vehicle turning right near 94th Street and Shea Boulevard. Another car follows closely behind. Police say the killers drove to a remote area, lit the victim’s BMW on fire and then used the other car to get away. (KNXV-TV ABC 15 image)

School Bus Cameras Catch Violators
WNCT-TV CBS 9 (North Carolina), April 24, 2015

Lenoir County Schools are ahead of legislation, equipping several of its buses with stop-arm cameras. The next time you think about passing a school bus, think again.


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Dallas Police Monitor Video for School Bus Stop Arm Violations
KXAS-TV NBC 5 (Texas), April 29, 2015

After an SUV nearly hit three children trying to board a school bus in Washington, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drivers who ignore bus stop signs. Dallas County Schools, the organization that provides buses to 11 districts, has cameras on their 1,700 buses. (KXAS-TV NBC 5 image)

Cameras Catch Thousands Illegally Passing School Buses
WSB-TV Channel 2 (Georgia), April 27, 2015

Cameras have captured over 7,000 drivers illegally passing stopped school buses in Gwinnett County alone. Each morning and afternoon 1,900 school buses roll through the county. Two hundred and thirty of them have stop-arm cameras, catching violations.

Suffolk Pols Back NY School Bus Stop Arm Camera Bill
Long Island Press (New York), April 24, 2015

Three school buses on eastern Long Island were equipped with cameras as part of a pilot program aiming to record drivers breaking laws against passing school buses when they’re stopped, officials said. In the first six school days of April, 38 vehicles were filmed passing stopped school buses fitted with cameras, a Longwood Central School District official told the Public Safety Committee of the Suffolk County Legislature on Thursday. See related coverage from WCBS-TV CBS 2. (WCBS-TV CBS 2 image)


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County Judge Rejects New Ohio Rules on Road Safety Cameras
WDTN-TV Channel 2 (Ohio), April 28, 2015

A judge in northwest Ohio has made the latest ruling rejecting the state’s new restrictions on traffic camera enforcement. Lucas County Judge Dean Mandros followed up his March 22 preliminary injunction against the law with a ruling Monday that it violates home-rule powers given to local governments under Ohio’s constitution.

Boynton Officials Say Red-Light Cameras Helped Keep Drivers Safe
Sun Sentinel (Florida), April 27, 2015

According to a 2012 Boynton Beach Police Department crash report, in 2011 the city’s red-light cameras reduced crashes by 55 percent at the city’s then four red-light camera intersections compared to 2010. This is the most recent data, according to Police Department spokeswoman Stephanie Slater. In addition to reducing crashes, the city’s cameras were a deterrent, keeping people from repeatedly running red lights.

Red-Light Cameras to Return to Fayetteville Intersections
WTVD-TV (North Carolina), April 25, 2015

This summer, the city of Fayetteville plans to begin the installation of 11 cameras at eight intersections. The installation is dependent on approval from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. … Four of the seven selected intersections could have cameras as early as July 1, marking  a return to Fayetteville after nearly 8 years.


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ATS_RoadSafety Fact 7: RLSC Intersections in #Florida have reduced fatal crashes & saved lives. #StopOnRed RT if you agree.

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TODAY Parents @Today_Parents  Police target drivers who pass stopped school buses


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ATS_RoadSafety  Video: @HCSOSheriff Red-Light Runners – Round 9 shows the dangers of red-light running #StopOnRed RT!

ATS_RoadSafety  @CDCgov tool calculates econ benefits of lives saved as a result of using #roadsafetycameras:…


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Toll Lanes: What Fort Worth Area Motorists Can Expect
Star-Telegram (Texas), April 28, 2015

To say Fort Worth-area motorists are becoming accustomed to paying tolls wherever they go is an understatement. And there’s more. In 2018, a rebuilt Interstate 35W is expected to open between downtown Fort Worth and Alliance Texas. That’s another road that will feature a combination of toll and toll-free lanes. So like them or not, toll lanes appear to be here to stay. With that in mind, here are some things to expect in the coming months and years on the western side of the Metroplex. (Star-Telegram photo by Ron Jenkins)

Commentary: Give Road, Bridge Funding Some Gas
Portland Tribune (Oregon), April 28, 2015

Regardless of your politics, there is little debate over the critical need for net new revenues to build and repair our nation’s roads and bridges, says Patrick Jones, executive director and CEO of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. One proven method with a long history is tolls. Thirty-five states now use toll financing to build and operate much-needed infrastructure. There are nearly 6,000 miles of tolled facilities in the United States, and nearly 3,000 of those miles are on the interstate highway system. Recent research shows that more than four-fifths of all Americans think tolls should be considered as a primary source of transportation revenue on a project-by-project basis.

10,000 Good to Go! Flex Passes in Hands of Early Adopters
The Enumclaw Courier-Herald (Washington), April 27, 2015

Drivers aren’t waiting to the last minute to prepare for the opening of Interstate 405 express toll lanes this fall. Since the new Good To Go! Flex Pass launched in March, the Washington State Department of Transportation has distributed over 10,000 new Flex Passes. Carpools will need a Flex Pass to travel free on the I-405 express toll lanes.


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Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: Once Again, Yellow Means Green, Red Means Maybe
Miami Herald (Florida), April 27, 2015

Yellow has a new meaning in my life. A few months ago, yellow signified “apply the brakes.” But the Fourth District Court of Appeal has altered my very perception of color. The state appeal panel left municipal and county red-light camera programs in disarray with a decision that the city of Hollywood should not have outsourced enforcement to a private company. … Suddenly yellow looked different. Red undertones disappeared. Yellow became just another shade of green It meant pound the accelerator.

Editorial: School Bus Cameras Can Save Lives
Newsday (New York), April 29, 2015

Ideally, cameras on school buses would be a preventive tool, rather than punitive. The goal is to keep drivers from passing stopped school buses, not to fine them for this dangerous behavior. Ideally, even just a few tickets written could have a huge impact. School districts should have the ability to install cameras on buses and keep our children safe, and police should have the ability to write tickets based on the footage.

Letter to the Editor: Cameras Do Prevent Crashes
The Ledger (Florida), April 27, 2015

The red-light camera located on Daugherty Road and Socrum Loop Road on the north side of Lakeland was installed a number of years ago. I go through the intersection about four times a day. Before the cameras were installed, there was about one accident a week and one major accident a month. Since then, I’m not sure when the last time was that there was an accident at that location. I think those cameras have done their job.

Letter: Police, City Officials Urge Support for Red-Light Cameras
The Pasadena Citizen (Texas), April 27, 2015

The data from local law enforcement officials across Texas is indisputable; red-light cameras successfully reduce red-light running and crashes at the state’s most dangerous intersections and improve driver behavior. Chiefs of police and city officials warn the abandonment of the lifesaving camera program could increase collisions and put Texas’ residents at serious risk of death or injury. A sampling of their opinions follows.


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According to statistics from 2010 reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the $871 billion economic loss and societal harm caused by vehicle crashes cost the average U.S. citizen $900 per year. Studies into the causation of crashes have concluded that approximately 90 percent of incidents can be attributed to driver error. Source: Federal Highway Administration. Public Roads. March/April 2015.

New York
Last year in New York state, drivers passing stopped school buses hit 35 children. And school officials say drivers illegally sped past stopped school buses about 50,000 times a day in the state. Source: WCBS-TV CBS 2, April 23, 2015. 

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North Carolina Senate OKs Option for School Bus Cameras
WLOS-TV ABC 13, April 23, 2015

Local governments and school districts soon could have administrative tools to expand the use of cameras to reduce the number of motorists driving by stopped school buses loading and unloading children. The Senate voted Wednesday to allow counties to initiate ordinances that enforce state law already prohibiting vehicles from unlawfully passing buses when their stop arms swing open and lights flash. (WNCN-TV NBC 17 image)

Vehicle Crashes into Stopped School Bus; 2 Injured
Charlottesville Newsplex/ (Virginia), April 21, 2015

Police say two students suffered minor injuries after a Chesterfield County school bus was hit by a sport utility vehicle. Police tell media outlets that the bus had stopped to pick up students when it was hit in the rear by the SUV. The bus’ lights were flashing at the time. (WWBT-TV NBC 12 image)

Family of Boy Injured at School Bus Stop Files Lawsuit
WNCN-TV (North Carolina), April 21, 2015

The family of an 11-year-old boy in Apex, who was hit by a vehicle while trying to get on his school bus, has filed a civil lawsuit against the driver who hit him. … The Highway Patrol said the bus was picking up three students when the approaching driver failed to yield to the bus’ stop arm and flashing lights. … The driver told troopers that she did not see the bus because of dense fog.

School Buses Adopt Stop-Arm Safety Cameras
The Highline Times (Washington), April 19, 2015

Starting in June, those who ignore school buses with their stop signs out will face a hefty $394 ticket thanks to newly installed cameras on buses throughout Highline. … Currently five buses throughout Highline are equipped with the cameras with more buses expected to follow soon. … For the time being, enforcement officials will only send out warning notices to those caught through May while actual fines will go into effect in June. (Highline School District photo)

SUV Rear-Ends Stopped School Bus, 4 Injured
WTVD-TV ABC 11 (North Carolina), April 17, 2015

Fayetteville police say the driver of an SUV that rear-ended a school bus jumped and ran after the crash. The incident happened last week as the bus was stopped to let a student disembark. Three students and the bus driver were sent to the hospital and later released. (WTVD-TV ABC 11 image)


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Tennessee Legislature Shows Support for School Zone Cameras
Reuters News Service, April 23, 2015

American Traffic Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of road safety cameras, applauds the Tennessee Legislature for their support of school zone speed safety cameras. By their action, lawmakers align their state with the latest efforts to improve traffic safety. The legislation permits communities in the state to continue to use lifesaving school zone speed safety cameras and speed cameras along dangerous sharply winding roads across Tennessee. HB 1372 now awaits signing into law by Gov. Bill Haslam. View pdf of press release here.


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State Capitol Building_Texas_DL042315
City, Police Officials in Texas Voice Support for Red-Light Cameras
Plano Star Courier, April 22, 2015

A new report from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis shows 420 people died in Texas in red-light running crashes from 2009-2013, the second highest total in the country. This new data comes at the same time Texas mayors, police chiefs, children’s safety experts, trauma officials and traffic safety advocates are urging state legislators to vote in support of red-light cameras in Texas, claiming the technology is effective in reducing red-light running and avoidable crashes. (The Dallas Morning News photo)

Speed Cameras Poised to Return to Sioux City, Iowa
KMEG-TV CBS 14 (South Dakota), April 20, 2015

A Woodbury County judge says Sioux City police can continue to operate four traffic cameras on state highways until a hearing next month. In that order, the judge prohibited the Iowa DOT from enforcing its order to remove the cameras. The cameras will stay operating until at least May 11th, when the city and DOT will appear in court to argue over the city’s request for a permanent injunction.

Town Board Moves Forward with Red-Light Camera Proposal
Times Herald Record (New York), April 10, 2015

The Wallkill Town Board voted 5-0 in favor of authorizing red-light cameras at two intersections on Route 2111, the region’s retail corridor. The measure moves to the state Legislature for approval. “Whether it goes through this session or next session, we’ve made the decision to move the matter forward,” Town of Wallkill Supervisor Dan Depew said.


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ATS_RoadSafety  Video: Florida Fact 6: Think red-light running isn’t a problem in Florida? THINK AGAIN.…  #StopOnRed

WacoPolice @WacoPolice To give you some numbers on how significant red-light running is, this morning so far we have written 75…


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I-405 Deal Moves Forward in California
The Orange County Register, April 20, 2015

An agreement with Caltrans to build a toll lane and regular lane on I-405 is headed to the board of the Orange County Transportation Authority after a transit panel approved the tentative deal Monday. … The deal would see the California Department of Transportation spend $82 million toward construction of a toll lane running in both directions between the 73 toll road and the 22. (The Orange County Register file photo by staff photographer Stuart Paley)

New Hampshire Toll Lanes Get Enforcement Cameras
New Hampshire Union Leader, April 21, 2015

Toll evaders will soon have to face the music as the state rolls out the installation of enforcement cameras on all toll lanes on the N.H. Turnpike. Until now, cameras have existed on all dedicated E-ZPass lanes and open road tolling lanes. As part of the last phase of the state’s plan to cut down on evaders, cameras will be installed on all open toll lanes.


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Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Save Lives
The Dallas Morning News (Texas), April 19, 2015

Someone please help me understand why the Texas Legislature would want to ban red-light cameras. Is it because people object when they are not allowed to break the law? … I have been hit twice by people running red lights and am lucky to be alive to talk about it. Whole families have not been as lucky. Why would the Texas Legislature even consider repealing laws that encourage safe driving?