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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 8, Issue 2

January 17th, 2018

Fourth consecutive year of declining traffic fatalities under Vision Zero, fewest New Yorkers lost since 1910—strongly countering national trends
New York City (New York), Jan. 8, 2017

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City saw the fewest traffic fatalities on record last year, driven by a 32 percent drop in pedestrian fatalities. This marks the fourth consecutive year of declining traffic deaths under Vision Zero. Since 2013, fatalities have dropped 28 percent. Pedestrian deaths have plummeted by nearly half—45 percent. These mark the lowest levels since recordkeeping began in 1910.  The Mayor made the announcement at an event at NYPD’s Central Garage in Woodside, Queens where he thanked City workers responsible for implementing Vision Zero.

Lakeland PD shares red-light running video on Facebook
City of Lakeland (Florida), Jan. 17, 2018

Distracted Drivers = Red Light Runners

Thankfully, motorists were not hurt by the distracted drivers shown here, running red lights at intersections here in Lakeland.

These videos are a few of the infractions reviewed and issued citations recently. The City of Lakeland, FL – Government currently has 18 cameras installed at eleven intersections. Every violation submitted by American Traffic Solutions is reviewed by sworn LakelandPD officer before a citation is issued.

For additional information about Red Light Cameras visit: http://www.lakelandgov.net/departments/lakeland-police-department/bureaus-divisions/special-services/red-light-camera-program/

Florida’s Worst Red-Light Runners
Miami Herald (Florida), Jan. 4, 2018

One clip shows a man on a four-wheeler narrowly avoiding a crash in a Miami Gardens intersection after running a red light.

Another shows a car speeding through a red light and slamming into an SUV in Bal Harbour.

A third catches a car going through a red light into oncoming traffic.

GREENVILLE: 3,336 red light camera tickets issued in first month
WITN.com (North Carolina), Jan. 8, 2018

Thousands of drivers have received unwelcomed letters during the first month of Greenville’s red light camera program

Leon Valley red light camera program to start next week; many residents thrilled
ABC 12  (Texas) Jan. 9, 2018

Red light cameras have become a controversial topic in Texas, with many people pushing to eliminate them. The city of Leon Valley is about to install 11 at nine intersections over the next month, and residents are the ones asking for them.

It’s a sight that’s become common on Bandera Road in the Leon Valley area: driver after driver speeding through red lights.

Robert Velazco blew his truck through a red light in West Miami
Miami Herald (West Miami, FL) Jan. 10, 2018

Robert Velazco blew his truck through a red light in West Miami. He ran over a young father on a scooter, causing critical brain injuries. But Velazco drove off, which might have doomed the criminal case against him.

Speed camera on Beltway generates huge number of tickets
WTOP (Maryland), Jan. 17, 2018 

If you have plans to drive on the Capital Beltway through Prince George’s County, Maryland, you will want to be extra careful while traveling through one particular area that has become a speed camera hot spot.

Nearly 75,000 speed camera tickets were issued in the Suitland Road Bridge work zone during the last six months of 2017, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

“There has been, on average, a 90 percent reduction of speeding 12 mph or more over the speed limit where automated speed deployment is present,” said spokeswoman Lora Rakowski with the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Speed Camera Activated in Mesa
Facebook (Arizona), Jan. 7, 2018

New school zone cameras start taking photos at Red Mountain High School tomorrow, Monday January 8, 2018. The system will issue warnings for the first 30 days. Let’s all slow down in those school zones

Here’s when you MUST stop for school buses
12news.com, (Gilbert, AZ), Jan. 3, 2018 

The Gilbert Police Department took to social media Tuesday to offer sound advise when it comes to sharing the road with school buses.

This particular traffic tip pertained to when drivers must stop for them — a question many Valley drivers probably have.

The answer: Always.


Red-light cameras catch law-breakers, so stop whining
Bradenton.com (Florida) Jan. 5, 2018

I am sick and tired of people thinking that getting caught committing a crime is an invasion of their privacy. Traffic light cameras are no different then any other security camera that guard and protect our safety every time we go to a bank, shopping center, convenience store, pumping gas or drive into their parking lots.

Let the scofflaws pay their own way
Albuquerque (New Mexico) Jan. 12, 2018

“Who better to help pay for local government than the people breaking our laws and causing taxpayer expense for treating the injured uninsured and fixing infrastructure damage caused by accidents?”