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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 7, Issue 3

February 2nd, 2017


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Bill Addresses Danger to Students Leaving School Buses
KSL-TV NBC 5 (Utah), Feb. 2, 2017

Utah lawmakers are considering a bill that would use cameras to help crack down on drivers who ignore stop signs on school buses. They say an alarming number of drivers ignore the stop arm and keep driving, even as kids get off the bus. It’s difficult for bus drivers to write down the license plate number to give to police. But with this new bill, cameras would do the work. (KSL-TV NBC 5 image)

Intersection Crash Injures Teen, Grandmom in Michigan
WDIV-TV NBC 4 (Michigan), Jan. 30, 2017

A 14-year-old girl and her grandmother are in serious condition Monday night after getting into a crash with a school bus in Roseville. Police said the bus driver and five or six students suffered minor injuries. … The crash happened because the driver of the SUV ran the blinking red light, police said. (WDIV-TV NBC 4 image)



Proposal Dedicates Traffic Fines to Fund School Bus Seat Belts
School Transportation News (National), Jan. 30, 2017

Legislation was introduced in January before the Washington State Legislature that would require all newly purchased school buses to be equipped with lap-shoulder seat belts, with illegal passing cameras paying for the occupant restraints as well as all new school bus purchases. … House Bill 1246 also provides a funding stream for the lap-shoulder seat belts by requiring all school districts to install stop-arm cameras by Sept. 1, 2018. (The News Tribune video image by Drew Perine)

New Speed Cameras in Windsor Heights Draw Comments
WHO_TV NBC 13 (Iowa), Jan. 26, 2017

Interim Windsor Heights Police Chief Derek Meyer says it seems simple. “Citizens can expect to obey the law.” As two fixed speed cameras along University Avenue in Windsor Heights became active on Friday, feelings are mixed. … “If it gets people to slow down, then I am OK with that,” said Chris Kannapel of Windsor Heights. (WOI-TV ABC 5 image)

Police Looking for Vehicle that Nearly Struck Student
WVNS-TV Channel 59 (West Virginia), Jan. 27, 2017

A Kanawha County student is lucky to be alive after a close call at a school bus stop in Dunbar. School bus cameras captured the shocking incident as the student was crossing the street to get onto the school bus. The stop arm was out on the side of the bus at the time but the passing motorist did not obey the sign.



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Retweet ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety SarasotaPD @sarasotapd About to stop a driver for traveling 32mph in a 15mph school zone near Cardinal Mooney. Ladies & gents, please slow down! #TweetFromTheBeat



ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety VIDEO: Red-light safety cameras save lives. That’s a message that deserves to be told & one we are proud to tell.



Use of Transponders Rises in 1st Month of Tolling on New Bridges
Courier-Journal (Kentucky), Feb. 1, 2017

RiverLink officials said Wednesday that more than 2 million people cross Kentuckiana’s three tolled bridges during the first month of tolling, with the number of crossings with transponders increasing each week. The percentage of drivers using transponders rose from 45 percent during week one of tolling to roughly 59 percent during week five. See related story at WLKY-TV CBS 26. (Image by WLKY-TV CBS 26.)


Tolling to Begin on Veterans Bridge in Virginia
The Daily Advance, Jan. 31, 2017

North Carolinians crossing the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge to get to Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach will begin paying for the privilege starting next week. … Tolls will be collected electronically either through transponders or a toll-by-plate system. … The four-lane Veterans Bridge is part of the $399.4 million Dominion Boulevard Improvement Project, which recently was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.  (The Daily Advance image by Thomas J. Turney)



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Commentary: City Manager States Photo Enforcement Improves Safety
The Des Moines Register (Iowa), Jan. 30, 2017

Several recent new articles and discussions dealing with Automated Traffic Enforcement camera programs have missed the point that the cameras exist to supplement traditional traffic enforcement. The one and only speed camera on I-235 is located at the point where traffic needs to slow down as the roadway transitions from a straightaway to one with tight curves, multiple exits/entrances and very narrow, unforgiving shoulders.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Save Lives
Napa Valley Register (California), Jan. 26, 2017

I had to just shake my head, when I read in the Napa Valley Register headlines that four members of the City Council actually voted against red-light cameras. Chief of Police Steve Potter is trying to give you the facts and the best reasons for keeping them. Reducing accidents by 40 percent, that alone is worth the cost and “ill-will” of nay tourists or residents. Every red-light ticket is potentially saving a life. All of you sang Steve’s praises on why he would be such an amazing police chief, so why are you choosing to not listen to him about the safety of Napa?

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Deter Dangerous Trend
The Post and Courier (South Carolina), Jan. 26, 2017

With increased traffic comes frustrated drivers. Every day I see cars running red lights, especially from left-turn lanes. I have entered intersections as the light turned yellow and at least two cars follow me through the red light. … Red-light cameras would deter this dangerous trend.


“It just takes once for that driver not to stop, a kid to step out when they’re expecting to be given the right of way, and a child to be killed.”
Ben Horsely, Granite School District spokesman
KSL-TV NBC 5 (Utah), Feb. 2, 2017

“The evidence shows that these cameras are effective in reducing these speed-related collisions. These tools work, these tools help prevent people from dying.”
Wayne Jerman, Cedar Rapids Police Chief
Quad-City Times (Iowa), Jan. 27, 2017