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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 40

September 15th, 2016


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Schools Release Videos Showing Drivers Endangering Students
CBS News (New York), Sept. 14, 2016

As students return to class, some school districts are releasing dramatic videos to highlight the dangers from drivers who fail to stop for school buses. A growing number of schools are equipping buses with cameras to record violators. Families, who have been impacted by motorists illegally passing stopped school buses, speak out. (CBS News image)

Valley Drivers Ignoring Stopped School Buses
KPHO-TV CBS 5 (Arizona), Sept. 15, 2016

Valley school districts are exploring the idea of using technology, similar to red-light cameras, to reduce the number of vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses. Last year, Arizona school districts took part in a national survey and counted 1,450 vehicles passing stopped school buses in just one day. “They’re ignoring the safety of children,” said Clementina Salinas, transportation director for Cartwright School District.

Video Captures Car Striking Student Leaving Bus
Star-Telegram (Texas), Sept. 13, 2016

A video released by Dallas County Schools today shows what can happen when a motorist ignores the stop signs and flashing lights on a school bus. The Sept. 1 video, captured by the school bus camera, shows the car side-swiping a 12-year-old Richardson school district student, who suffered minor injuries. The mother of the student said he is distraught and afraid to ride the bus now. … Drivers illegally pass a stopped school bus more than 400 times daily in Dallas. (Star-Telegram/Dallas County Schools image)

Slow down! Akron Using Speed Cameras in School Zones
WJW-TV FOX 8 (Ohio), Sept. 12, 2016

School is back in session, and Akron city officials say they are taking extra steps to make sure students are safe. Two school zone speed safety cameras will be deployed starting Sept. 12 for two hours during school hours. The program will once again be run by American Traffic Solutions. See related article at Akron Beacon Journal. (WJW-TV FOX 8 image)

Cameras Catch Drives Passing School Buses
WSB-TV Channel 2 (Georgia), Sept. 9, 2016

Police say more drivers are passing school buses and putting students in danger. This morning we have a warning as children head out to the bus stop. (WSB-TV Channel 2 image)

Some Drivers Fail to Stop for Buses, Put Children in Danger
KFSN-TV ABC 30 (California), Sept. 8, 2016

Tens of thousands of families in the Central Valley rely on our public school buses. For many years, drivers in California have been required to stop when school buses have their red lights flashing or a mechanical stop sign activated. Yet how many drivers actually follow the law? (KFSN-TV ABC 30 image)

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Village Renews Red-Light Camera Agreement
The Chicago Tribune (Illinois), Sept. 8, 2016

The Lincolnwood Village Board renewed its contract with American Traffic Solutions to continue managing the red-light camera at Lincoln and Eastbound Touhy avenues. The program began in 2009.


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Pickup Truck Rams School Bus Letting Off Students
WXDE-Radio FM 105.9 (Delaware), Sept. 13, 2016

A pickup truck rear-ended a school bus Monday as it was letting off students in Glasgow. Delaware State Police said the bus was stopped and had its red lights flashing when the truck struck the bus from behind. Eighteen students were on board the bus; five were hospitalized.


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AISD Police Chief @AISDPoliceChief Reminder — DO NOT pass School buses loading/unloading. We don’t need any students struck!

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety  Have you checked us out on #YouTube yet? Subscribe & learn more about the dangers of red-light running: bit.ly/jKGDmY #StopOnRed


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Survey: New Technology Transforms Mobility
IBTTA News Release, Sept. 13, 2016

Advancements in electronic tolling are transforming highway transportation by providing greater mobility, smoother traffic flow, and improved safety for drivers and their passengers, according to new survey data released by the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. View survey report here. See related article at TheTrucker.com. (IBTTA images)

Port Plans Electronic Tolling on Bridge of the Gods
Hood River News (Oregon), Sept. 13, 2016

Traffic surged this year at Bridge of the Gods, prompting the Port of Cascade Locks to hone in its pursuit of an automated toll system. “The technology will move cars and trucks across the Bridge of the Gods more efficiently and with less traffic back up,” Port General Manager Paul Koch said.

Ohio Turnpike Officials Seek Public Opinion
WYTV-TV ABC 33 (Ohio), Sept. 9, 2016

A new survey from the Ohio Turnpike is out and drivers are encouraged to weigh in on the planning process. The Ohio Turnpike Commission is exploring some big changes in how motorists travel through tolling states and wants to hear from drivers about what they would like to see. An all-electronic tolling system with no gates is being explored.


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Commentary: Speeding Is a Game of Catch Me If You Can
The Glendale Star (Arizona), Sept. 15, 2016

I know many, many people that are very good law-abiding citizens; they believe in law enforcement and strict penalties. They would not even think of violating any law — except one — speeding. That law is an exception in their mind.

Editorial: Fix Don’t Scrap Red-Light Camera Program
Jacksonville Journal Courier (Illinois), Sept. 13, 2016

In the days before the eyes of government became omnipresent courtesy of technology, a driver had to really be trying to get a ticket for running a red light. Short of blasting through the intersection right in front of a police car, there was little chance of being busted. … This is no longer the case with red-light cameras available. However, some want legislation to dump the cameras. That seems a rather extreme approach. If the notion that unblinking eye of the camera is watching can help to make the roads safer, then it seems worth reforming the system rather than removing it.



“Safety is the primary reason our city uses traffic cameras in school zones. Our true goal in this matter is to provide the children of our community with the safety they deserve as they walk to and from school.”
Dan Horrigan, Mayor of Akron, Ohio
Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio), Sept. 10, 2016