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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 28

June 23rd, 2016


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School Bus Stop Arm Ordinance to Go to San Antonio City Council
KSAT-TV ABC 12 (Texas), June 21, 2016

An ordinance allowing school buses to be equipped with cameras will be going before San Antonio’s City Council next week. The move is an effort to catch more bus stop arm violators and keep students safe. (KSAT-TV ABC 12 image)


In 90 Minutes, 104 Vehicles Fail to Stop at Intersection Near Park
The Jersey Journal (New Jersey), June 21, 2016

An intersections in Downtown Jersey City is raising a number of concerns about pedestrian safety. A Bright Street resident recently shot video of drivers rolling through the intersection of York Street and Jersey Avenue, ignoring the stop signs posted there. In 90 minues, 104 motorists were caught on film failing to stop at the intersection.

Neighbors Petition City for Speeding Solution
Northwest Cable News (Washington), June 21, 2016

Residents in one South Tacoma neighborhood have had enough with reckless driving on their streets. Neighbors have signed a petition and filed it with Tacoma’s city council this month. They’re asking for anything to get drivers to pay attention when driving around their corner.


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City Could Reinstall Red-Light Camera to Curb Increase in Crashes
Daily Herald (Illinois), June 22, 2016

Citing safety concerns, Wauconda officials are considering reinstalling a red-light camera at Bonner Road and Route 12. In the time since the camera was removed from that intersection crashes there have increased 36 percent, according to a village memo. (Daily Herald image by Bob Susnjara)

Crashes Drop at 55 Nassau County Intersections with Cameras
Newsday (New York), June 21, 2016

The number of crashes at Nassau County’s red-light camera intersections in 2014-2015 was down at 55 locations, unchanged for three and up at another 15 compared with crashes in the year before the cameras were installed, according to data from the county’s Traffic Safety Board. See related article at Newsday.

City Says Photo Ban Led to Massive Increase in Speeding Drivers
KPHO-TV Channel 3 (Arizona), June 20, 2016

El Mirage is seeing a massive increase in the number of drivers speeding through the city, officials said on Monday and are blaming a recent ban on photo enforcement on state highways in Arizona. The city has also experienced more crashes since the cameras were turned off.


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Law Puts School Bus Cameras Back to Work Catching Dangerous Drivers
Washington Post (Washington D.C.), June 22, 2016

A new state law will permit Arlington County and the city of Falls Church to reactivate enforcement cameras on their school buses, which help snag motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses. The violation, which school officials say endangers young people as they get on and off of school buses, is difficult for police to monitor because of the volume of buses and because pursuing offenders can put children at risk. See related article at InsideNOVA(The Washington Post image by Moriah Balingit)

ATS Study Shows Decrease in School Bus Passing Violations
Bloomberg.com (New York), June 22, 2016

Results from American Traffic Solutions’ (ATS) latest review of its CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Safety Camera Programs show the automated enforcement systems continue to deter drivers who might otherwise illegally pass a stopped school bus and put children in danger. The analysis found 99 percent of drivers who received one ticket did not receive a second violation. ATS also found a nearly 40 percent decrease in the number of violations issued. Both developments are strong indicators that drivers are changing their behavior.

N.J. Education Association Backs School Bus Safety Camera Bill
New Jersey Education Association, June 17, 2016

Lawmakers, educators and advocates stood side by side on June 16 in a show of support for expanding safety precautions for school buses. The press conference called for support of bill A-3798, which seeks to add cameras to school buses that will catch drivers who illegally pass while students are boarding and departing.


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ATS_RoadSafety  @ATS_RoadSafety ATS Study sees decrease in school bus passing citations. View study here: atsol.com/american-traff  #StopArmSafety

ATS_RoadSafety  @ATS_RoadSafety Cars not stopping at Jersey City intersections & citizens are mad: nj.com/hudson/index  #PedestrianSafety


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Vote Keeps Tampa Bay Express in Long-Term Plan
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), June 23, 2016

The Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization voted 12 to 4 shortly after 2 a.m. Thursday morning to keep the $6 billion road project known as TBX on track by keeping it in its long-term funding plans. But an incremental step for TBX amounted to a big setback for critics, who oppose the plan to add 90 miles of tolled express lanes to the interstate system linking five counties. (Tampa Bay Times image)

All-Electronic Tolling Construction Rolls on in Massachusetts
MassLive.com, June 22, 2016

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation says the installation of vertical metal gantries, part of its push toward all-electronic tolling, starts late tonight in the Sumner and Callahan tunnels. … The new tolling infrastructure is set to go live in October. New metal gantries have been built up and down the Massachusetts Turnpike. See related articles at MassLive.com and The Berkshire Eagle-News. (MassLive.com, MassDOT, Dwight B. Shepard image)


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Letter to the Editor: What’s Wrong with Obeying the Law?
The Gazette (Iowa), June 21, 2016

The letter to the editor “Traveler upset with C.R. traffic cameras,” June 15, puzzles me. The writer blames the City of Cedar Rapids for “fleecing” him and his wife because they chose not to obey the speed limit. Basically, his letter says, “we will never visit your city again because you expect us to obey the law.”



“This is by far our most dangerous intersection in town. To some this may be an unpopular decision, but safety outweights popularity.”
David Wermes, Wauconda Police Chief, on the use of red-light cameras
Daily Herald (Illinois), June 22, 2016

“The data is clear. Without the camera deterrent, we are seeing more and more unsafe driving along Grand. This is an extremely serious matter, as lives are at stake.”
Terry McDonald, El Mirage Police Chief
KPHO/KTVK-TV (Arizona), June 20, 2016



Speeding vehicles, those clocked at 11 mph over the 45 mph speed limit, along Grand Avenue increased 179 percent from May 2015 with speed safety cameras in use to May 2016 when cameras were not in use in the westbound lanes of Grand Avenue, and increased 319 percent over the same time frame for the eastbound lanes. Crashes also increased since the cameras were turned off. From March 16 to June 15, 2016,without cameras, there were six collisions (three with injuries and three without injuries), compared with two non-injury collisions for the same period last year with cameras in use. Source: KPHO-TV Channel 3, June 20, 2016.

In the years since the red-light camera at Bonner Road and Route 12 in Wauconda was removed due to construction, crashes have increased 36 percent at the intersection. Eleven crashes occurred there in 2011, the final year the camera was in place. The number jumped to 21 in 2012, dropped to six in 2013, but rose to 15 in 2014, according to a city memo. Source: Daily Herald (Illinois), June 22, 2016.

New York
Data from Nassau’s Traffic Safety Board show a 34 percent decrease in crashes involving injuries at the 72 red-light-camera intersections that were operating in 2014, compared with the 12-month period before cameras were installed. Rear-end collisions fell 39 percent while head-on crashes plummeted 79 percent. Source: Newsday (New York) June 21, 2016.