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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 27

June 16th, 2016


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Hagerstown City Council Eyes Cameras for Police, Intersections
Herald-Mail (Maryland), June 14, 2016

At a work session on Tuesday, Hagerstown City Council heard a proposal to install automated enforcment cameras at targeted intersections to reduce the number of motorists running red lights. The proposal is to put the cameras at three state-maintained intersections first, with the possibility to expand the program later. … Speaking to the council, Adam Youssi, coordinator of Howard County’s Red Light Program, a client of American Traffic Solutions, said red-light running has decreased 59 percent at intersections with cameras since the program began in 1998. (Herald-Mail file image)

Tennessee City Reports 37% Decrease in Red-Light Running
WGNS-Radio AM-1450/ FM 100.5 (Tennessee), June 13, 2016

Red-light running is down in the City of Murfreesboro and has been on the decrease since the red-light cameras were first installed about eight years ago. The city installed the cameras in 2009 due to an increasing number of traffic fatalities at intersections. Crashes at intersections have dropped by 37 percent since cameras were first installed.

Linn County Judge Dumps Lawsuit Banning Road Safety Cameras
The Gazette (Iowa), June 10, 2016

A Linn County District Court judge has granted summary judgment to dismiss in its entirety a class-action lawsuit seeking to ban automated traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids. (The Gazette image by Stephen Mally)


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Red-Light Runner Nearly Collides with Passing Vehicle
WPBF-TV ABC 25 (Florida), June 13, 2016

A man is lucky to be alive after a driver runs a red light, nearly colliding with his vehicle. The brazen act was caught on camera. According to authorities, the driver who barely escaped the collision reported the incident Friday. He came into headquarters shaken up.



Spokane’s Two School Zone Cameras Capture Violations, Fines
The Spokesman Review (Washington), June 14, 2015

At the beginning of the year, the city of Spokane began issuing tickets to drivers speeding near Longfellow Elementary School using a cameras similar to the city’s red-light camera program. Finch Elementary School also has a camera for school zone speeders. Since January, 5,778 tickets have been issued. The 4,248 tickets issued at Longfellow equals about eight speeding tickets for every student. “That’s fine with me,” said Patrick Anderson, whose daughter is in second grade at Longfellow. Anderson got a ticket from one of the cameras for going 33 mph. “People need to slow down. They should put them in every school zone,” he said. (The Spokesman Review image by Dan Pelle)

Longview to Discuss Future of Speed Safety Cameras
The Daily News (Washington), June 15, 2016

Five years ago, the city of Longview launched its speed zone photo enforcement program to slow drivers down around school zones. The five-year contract is set to expire by the end of December. Last year, the program issued 27,000 tickets, more than half of which came from cameras at Mark Morris High School. So far this year the cameras have triggered more than 4,000 fines. City Council members will discuss their options at a special meeting Thursday.


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ATS_RoadSafety Retweeted It Can Wait @ItCanWait Looking for a sign? Here it is. Stop texting, posting and snapping behind the wheel. It could save a life!


ATS_RoadSafety Retweeted Stop the Texts @StoptheTexts Talk to your friends about the dangers of texting and driving. You could help save their life. #StopTheTexts


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Chisholm Trail Parkway Tolling Outperforms Expectations
Cleburn Times-Review (Texas), June 14, 2016

The Chisholm Trail Parkway, which opened almost three years ago, is performing better than expected, North Texas Tollway Authority officials told the Johnson County Commissioners on Monday. Toll revenues are about 20 percent above expectations, and toll tag usage for vehicles overall using the road is at slightly more than 77 percent. (Star-Telegram image by Ron T. Ennis)

Toll within Toll Coming to Turnpike, Beachline
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), June 10, 2016

Central Florida drivers’ first taste of paying to use express lanes in the center of a highway won’t actually be on I-4, but on the Beachline Expressway. First up is an 8-mile stretch of express lanes on State road 528. It’s set for completion by mid-2019. Also on deck is about 13 miles of express lanes on Florida’s Turnpike. This portion is expected to be finished in 2023. (Orlando Sentinel image)


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Commentary: Evidence Shows Road Cameras Improve Safety
PolitiFact (Pennsylvania), June 14, 2016

After reviewing the evidence concerning what impact red-light and speed cameras have on safety, it can be said with confidence that the claims in a recent commentary about cameras are incorrect. While the exact pros and cons of these technologies are up for debate, multiple studies show they have prevented crashes in numerous cities and certainly at least one crash. … Dominique Lord, a professor at Texas A&M, said “Red light cameras and speed cameras change the behavior of people. By changing the behavior of people you (decrease) risk.”

Letter to the Editor: Eventually, Bad Driving Habits Are Revealed
Culver City Crossroads (California), June 16, 2016

I love red-light cameras. Every time I see a yellow light now, I just put my foot on the brake. Life’s a lot simpler that way. I may lose a whole three minutes a day at an intersection. As the guy at traffic school said to us all, “You didn’t get this ticket because you made a mistake. You got this ticket because you did the same wrong thing over and over again, and you finally got caught.”


“One of these days, somebody who is not paying attention is going to hit a kid and they’re going to kill somebody. Talk about a sad testament to drivers, their attitude and skills nowadays. It’s darn scary what’s going on out there.”
Mike Fagan, Spokane City Councilman, on school zone speed safety cameras
The Spokesman Review (Washington), June 14, 2016

Red-light running has decreased 59% at intersections with red-light safety cameras in Howard County since the program began in 1998. Source: Herald-Mail Media (Maryland), June 14, 2016.