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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 19

April 21st, 2016


ATS Releases Distracted Driving Analysis

When ATS looked at driver behavior at nearly 70 intersections in three states during a three-month period, they discovered nearly 20 percent of red-light runners were distracted at the time of their violation. This behavior only serves to heighten the risk drivers create on the road. Please, for your own safety and those around you, pay attention to traffic while driving. The news release is available here. For more findings from the study click here.

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Authorities Team Up to Prevent Illegal School Bus Passes in N.Y.
WHEC-TV NBC 10 (New York), April 21, 2016

Local police agencies and bus drivers are teaming up to prevent drivers from passing school buses. Investigators say that every day in New York, 24,000 people pass stopped school buses. (WHEC-TV NBC 10 image)

Family of Bicyclist Killed, Pleads to Hit-and-Run Driver
WCAU-TV NBC 10 (Pennsylvania), April 19, 2016

A bicyclist struck by a hit-and-run driver in West Philadelphia early Saturday died Monday, police said. … The hit-and-run prompted the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to call for better enforcement of traffic laws to prevent crashes, including more red-light cameras and speed cameras. (WCAU-TV NBC 10 image)

Distracted Driving on the Rise
KTVK-TV Channel 3 (Arizona), April 18, 2016

Last year, according to the Department of Public Safety, there were nearly 2,729 crashes in Arizona that involved distracted driving. In 283 of them, the driver was using their phone; in 326, someone was reaching for something, and in 18, the driving was grooming. American Traffic Solutions’ own review of their red-light running videos found the number of vehicles distracted and running red lights in 2015 increased by nearly 58 percent since 2012. See related ATS news release. (KTVK-TV Channel 3 image)

Red-Light Camera Video Helped Catch Shooting Suspect
KMBC-TV ABC 9 (Missouri), April 18, 2016

A Kansas City man has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges in the 2009 shooting death of a woman who was driving home from Starlight Theatre when she was caught in a deadly crossfire. … Police said red-light camera video footage helped them track down the two vehicles involved in the gun battle. Witnesses led authorities to make an arrest. (KMBC-TV Channel 9 image)


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Police: Red-Light Runner Hits School Bus
WKRC-TV CBS 12  (Ohio), April 20, 2016

A crash involving a school bus and a car injured the car’s driver Wednesday morning in Dry Ridge. Police say the car’s driver ran a red light and slammed into the bus coming through the intersection. (WKRC-TV CBS 12)

Crash Numbers Tumble at Red-Light Camera Location
Carroll County Times (Maryland), April 15, 2016

Westminster police said this week they’ve seen a drop in serious crashes at the intersection of Md. 97 and Nursery Road, and they believe one factor might be the city’s lone remaining red-light camera. Westminster police Chief Jeff Spaulding said that during the six years with the camera in place six years ago, there have been five red-light running related crashes at that intersection. That compares to 16 red-light runner crashes that required police reports in the three years before the camera’s implementation.

Legislators Seek to Expand Speed Camera Program
Long Island City/Astoria Journal (New York), April 15, 2016

In the aftermath of the hit-and-run death of 17-year-old Ovidio Jaramillo, community leaders and elected officials are calling for additional safety measures. State Sen. Jose Peralta and Assemblyman Michael DenDekker proposed a package of bills that would expand the speed camera program in school zones and have them operational for the entire day. See related coverage from Times Ledger.  (Times Ledger image)

Child Transported to Hospital from Crash Scene
Daily Herald (Utah), April 14, 2016

A child was transported to Mountain View Hospital April 14 with minor injuries after being involved in a school bus crash. The collision occurred as the school bus was traveling north on 2550 East when a pickup truck, traveling east on Hwy. 6, ran a red light and collided with the front of the bus.

Kansas City Police Warn of Ticket Scam
The Kansas City Star (Missouri), April 14, 2016

Kansas City police are warning people about fraudulent e-mails claiming that motorists have been ticketed after a red light camera captured them speeding. The e-mails are part of a maleware scam targeting motorists whose GPS information has been leaked, police said.


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San Antonio Considers School Bus Stop-Arm Cameras
KQXT-Radio 101.9 FM (Texas), April 21, 2016

The city of San Antonio is considering allowing school districts to install cameras on school buses, photograph the license plates of cars that drive around the stopped buses, and mail a ticket to the driver, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. East side Councilman Alan Warrick says the citizens are tired of seeing children put in danger when they are getting onto and off of the school bus by motorists who are flaunting the law.

Bus-ted: West Virginia Law Makes it Easier to Catch Bus Passers
The State Journal, April 17, 2016

School bus driver Angie Perry isn’t sure but she thinks motorists are driving around her stopped school bus less often. “I think the word is starting to get out about the new law,” said Perry, who drives a bus route in the eastern part of Kanawha County. In March, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed Senate Bill 13, which both increases the criminal penalties for illegally passing a school bus and makes it easier to catch and charge alleged violators.

Truck Strikes Stopped School Bus, Hospital Trip Precautionary
Riverhead News-Review (New York), April 15, 2016

A Riverhead School District bus was rear-ended on West Main Street while dropping off students on April 15. Four kids were transported to Peconic Bay Medical Center as a precaution, Riverhead Town police said. Riverhead Superintendent Nancy Carney said the bus had its lights flashing when it was stopped.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety ATS ANALYSIS: #DistractedOnRed highlights the dangers of #distractedbehavior while #redlightrunning! Check it out:


ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety In 2014, there were 29,989 fatal crashes in the U.S., one every 17.6 minutes, claiming 32,675 lives. via @NHTSAgov #DriveSafe #StopOnRed

AHeadfortheFuture @AHFTF April is #DistractedDrivingAwarenessMonth — be aware of your surroundings, #DontTextAndDrive and always #StopOnRed





ATS Receives Prestigious Ethics Award
American Traffic Solutions and ATS Processing Services have both been honored and awarded with the Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Torch Award for Ethics. The BBB’s Torch Awards for Ethics recognize companies that display an outstanding level of ethics and integrity in all of their business dealings, and generate a high level of trust among their employees, customers and their communities. “This is a proud moment for all of us at ATS,” said David Roberts, President and Chief Operating Officer. See ATS press release here. View BBB announcement here.


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Toll Road Opens in Leon County
WCTV-TV CBS 6 (Florida), April 20, 2016

Those who live near the new 5.2-mile Orchard Pond Parkway say the new toll road will save a lot of time. The toll road is electronic, meaning no cash is accepted and there are no toll booths to make drivers stop. (WCTV-TV CBS 6 image)

Fitch: Solid Growth to Continue for U.S. Transportation
Fitch Ratings News Release, April 19, 2016

Growth will remain healthy for all three U.S. major transportation sectors (airports, ports and toll roads) this year, according to Fitch Ratings in a new report. … As for toll roads, low fuel prices have boosted growth in traffic (6.6 percent) and revenue (8.3 percent) since the second half of 2015. The Southeast and Southwest U.S. have and will continue to lead in traffic performance.

2 Colorado Toll Roads Among Nation’s Top 10 for Volume Increase
The Denver Post (Colorado), April 18, 2016

Two of Colorado’s toll roads — E-470 and Northwest Parkway — were among the nation’s top 10 for greatest increase in traffic volume last year, according to a newly released analysis. … The parkway saw a 13 percent surge in usage last year, just ahead of E-470 in Aurora, which ranked ninth with a 12.4 percent increase. … Illinois’ Tollway System reported the heaviest traffic with nearly 882 million vehicles last year. (The Denver Post image by Steve Nehf)

Alabama Moves from Roosters to Tolls to Raise Road Funds
AL.com, April 17, 2016

Alabama once sold roosters to finance a bridge, so it might not seem so out of the ordinary for transportation officials to turn to tolls for big-ticket projects. In the next few years, tolls may play a crucial role funding major roadwork in Mobile and Baldwin counties, where rapid coastal growth is fueling congestion.

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Commentary: Lynnwood’s Cameras Are Effective Enforcement Tool
The Herald (Washington), April 17, 2016

As a former member of the Lynnwood City Council, I have done a fair amount of personal research on the matter of red-light cameras and have heard the arguments from several perspectives.  I would like to add my comments as a Lynnwood citizen. … While this issue can be polarizing and unpopular, the real question at hand is whether Lynnwood citizens prefer photo enforcement rather than the alternative of reduced city services or raising taxes. I think most citizens prefer the former.

Letter to the Editor: Cameras Are Cure for Road Insanity
The Herald (Washington), April 20, 2016

Almost daily we read about people getting run over by cars; many of them hit and run. It is total insanity out there on the roads. Traffic cameras are needed. … Traffic cameras, I believe, serve a very useful and needed purpose. People say it is all about money. I don’t care. The money the cameras could bring would help maintain our roads, help fund schools, and maybe even help with my property tax and storm water tax!


Means,Valerie_CityAdministrator_Cityof Hagerstown_Maryland_DL042016
“(The) Frederick City Police Department has a red-light program that includes 12 cameras at seven intersections. They have been in operation since 2005 and have experienced a 59 percent reduction in accidents at these intersections.”
Valerie A. Means, Hagerstown City Administrator
Herald-Mail (Maryland), April 20, 2016

“Clearly, installing speed cameras in school zones has been a successful initiative and to make it even more effective we should do away with these senseless restrictions on times of operation and the number of cameras that may be in use.”
Jose Peralta, New York state Senator
Times Ledger (New York), April 19, 2016


The city of Westminster implemented its Automated Enforcement Program in March 2010 with five camera locations, but has removed several red-light cameras in recent years after police determined they had accomplished their goals of improving driver awareness and reducing crashes. At the city’s remaining red-light camera site, only five red-light running crashes have occurred in the past six years, compared with 16 over three years before the camera’s installation at Md. 97 and Nursery Road. Source: Carroll County Times (Maryland), April 15, 2016.