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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 13

March 10th, 2016

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Driver Runs Red Light in Front of Police Officer
Palm Beach Post (Florida), March 4, 2016

Boynton Beach Police posted another video of a driver running a red light, this time the event occurs in front of a police officer who was conducting a traffic stop. Authorities occasionally post videos to create a constructive dialogue about the dangers of distracted driving. (Boynton Beach Police/Palm Beach Post image)

Boynton Beach Goes for Top Award with Safety Video Campaign
Government Social Media, March 2016

The Boynton Beach Police Department began posting videos to Facebook of people ignoring red-light traffic signals to get people talking about the dangers of distracted driving. Since its launch last year, the videos have reached more than 150,000 people and have been viewed nearly 100,000 times. The effort has resulted in the city being named a finalist in the 2016 Golden Post Awards. To view the entry and to vote for the Crowd Favorite, visit governmentsocialmedia.com.


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March is Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona
The Glendale Star, March 10, 2016

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has declared March to be Red-Light Running Awareness Month in the state. The proclamation, which encourages residents to do all they can to stop red light running, was presented to the nonprofit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance, which is dedicated to significantly reducing red-light running everywhere. Arizona is the fourth-highest state in the nation for red-light running fatalities with 153 lives lost during the five-year period ending in 2014. Frank Hinds of Glendale is a co-founder of the Red Means Stop Coalition. (FOX TV 10/MyFoxPhoenix.com image)

Hit-and-Run Crashes Are too Common in Chicago
Chicago Reader (Illinois), March 8, 2016

According to data released by the city, between 2005 and 2014, two out of five Chicago pedestrian fatalities involved drivers who fled, leaving their victims dying in the street. … Between 2005 and 2014, 41 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes and 22 percent of deadly bike collisions involved hit-and-run motorists, according to numbers released by the Chicago Department of Transportation. Between 2010 and 2014, the hit-and-run rate for fatal pedestrian crashes was 45 percent. (Chicago Reader image by John Greenfield)

Fayetteville Could Add to Red-Light Safety Camera Program
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), March 7, 2016

The city of Fayetteville is looking to add more red-light cameras this year. Currently there are 10 cameras at eight of the city’s most congested intersections. From July through Jan. 31, nearly 9,000 citations were issued. Only 2 percent of the tickets were repeat offenders. “In my opinion, that confirms that folks are being educated on it,” city traffic engineer Lee Jernigan said. (The Fayetteville Observer image by Johnny Horne)

Ban Bill Fails in Arizona House
Ahwatukee Foothills News/Capitol Media Services, March 5, 2016

Those cameras that catch speeders and red-light runners are here to stay, at least for the time being. The state House late Thursday refused to approve legislation which would have barred state and local governments from using photo enforcement. The measure, HB 2540, came up seven votes short.


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Teens Mobilize to Keep Pedestrians, Bicyclists Safe
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), March 8, 2016

A series of accidents at the start of the school year has become a catalyst for change. Between Sept. 21 and Dec. 1, four Flagler County students on bicycles were injured in collisions with motor vehicles and one second-grader was killed while crossing a street to her school bus stop. Among the responses from the community is a group of teens who are addressing the problem from the angle of education. (The Daytona Beach News-Journal image by Shaun Ryan)

2 Students Struck by Log Truck as They Exited School Bus
Charleston Gazette- Mail (West Virginia), March 7, 2016

State police are calling an incident in Wayne County a miracle after two students struck by a log truck after stepping off a stopped school bus suffered only minor injuries. … “They got hit hard,” Trooper D.P. Curry said. “I would not have expected someone to walk away from that. It was a miracle.”

School Bus Safety Bill Passes in West Virginia
WSAZ-TV Channel 3, March 4, 2016

A piece of legislation that would make it easier to punish drivers who are caught violating school bus stop arm laws is one step closer to becoming law. The House of Delegates approved the bill Friday. It now goes back to the Senate for approval. The bill would impose stricter penalties on drivers who illegally pass school buses stopped to pick up students, and allow law enforcement to charge the owner of the vehicle. (WSAZ-TV Channel 3 image)



School Zone Cameras Could Aim for Georgia Speeders
The Tifton Gazette (Georgia), March 7, 2016

Ignoring flashing lights near schools can cost Georgia drivers, but citations may not always be handed to them by police officers. Mail carriers could soon be the ones to deliver those tickets. A measure already approved by House lawmakers makes way for cameras that catch drivers going more than 10 mph over the speed limit near schools. If the technology is adopted, fines would show up in the mail.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety @CommissBratton speaking at #VisionZero2016 #trafficenforcement

TransAlt @transalt @amylcohen from @NYC_SafeStreets calling for speed safety cameras to protect #EverySchool http://everydchool.nyc


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Gantries on Turnpike a Sign of Future in Massachusetts
MassLive.com, March 9, 2016

Those giant metal structures you see going up along the Massachusetts Pike are the wave of the future. The first signs of the state’s new all electronic tolling system being erected. The new system will eliminate drivers going through a toll booth before getting on the highway. Instead, a gantry with scanners mounted on them will scan E-ZPass transponders as you drive down the Pike.

I-66 Toll Plan Rolls Forward in Virginia
The Washington Post (Washington D.C.), March 8, 2016

In the summer, drivers on Interstate 66 will see crews preparing for the toll-gantry system along the lanes inside the Capital Beltway. It won’t take long, compared with other major transportation projects. The tolling signs will be activated about a year later, in mid-2017. (Virginia Department of Transportation image)


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Commentary: Arizona’s Red-Light Cameras Save Lives
Casa Grande Dispatch, March 10, 2016

While an over-reliance on automated enforcement should be avoided, when used responsibly, this technology has significant lifesaving benefits. As a traffic safety organization and as an advocate for the motoring public, AAA opposes legislation aimed at banning this effective technology as it jeopardizes the safety and security of all Arizona motorists.

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Get a Rich Harvest of Scofflaws
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), March 7, 2016

This should be one of the City Council’s easiest decisions: Add more red-light cameras at Fayetteville intersections.



“The inappropriate use of yellow and all-red timing at signalized intersections can be expected to increase congestion and actually increase the number and severity of accidents.”
Kasey Anderson, Executive Director of American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee
WSMV-TV NBC 4 (Tennessee), March 9, 2016