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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 5

January 15th, 2015

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Mount Vernon Poised to Enforce Red-Light Safety Camera Sites
Daily Voice (New York), Jan. 15, 2014

After a 30-day test period to get motorists acclimated to the city’s new red-light camera locations, the Mount Vernon Police Department is poised to begin enforcing the new program.  See related article in The Journal News(Photo by Marcus Yam for The New York Times)

Arizona Legislators Want to Ban Masks to Avoid Red-Light, Speed Cameras
Tucson Post, Jan. 15, 2015

Three Republican state lawmakers want to make it a crime to wear a mask or Groucho glasses in order to avoid speed and traffic camera tickets. The legislation comes after a driver in 2009 wore a monkey mask to try to get out of 37 speeding camera tickets.

Police Cameras Now Keep Eye Out for Crime in Miami
Miami Herald (Florida), Jan. 15, 2015

Miami police Chief Manuel Orosa unveiled the city’s ambitious plan to enhance homeland security by widening the lens of policing in Miami through the use of computers and high-powered cameras. … The control center, or Virtual Policing Detail, is filed with eight computers linked to 28 large-screen, 55-inch high-definition TVs hung on four walls. They are all connected to 25 cameras, mostly along the Biscayne Boulevard. … The system has capacity for 2,500 cameras and will eventually link to the 144 red-light cameras around town. (Miami Herald photo by Patrick Farrell)

New Developments Enter Willowbrook’s Budgeting Talks
The Doings Weekly (Illinois), Jan. 13, 2015

Members of the Willowbrook Village Board reviewed the village’s recent economic development and overall financial performance Jan. 12, as they prepared a budget for the new fiscal year that starts May 1. Willowbrook does not collect property taxes from residents and business owners, instead it relies on a combination of sales tax revenue, other taxes, grants funding and revenue generated by its red-light camera program. Currently, this year’s red-light running fine revenue is on pace to raise more than last year.

New Variation of Old Scam Victimizes Greeley Resident
The Tribune (Colorado), Jan. 13, 2015

Greeley police are warning residents about a new variation on an old scam that has victimized at least one local resident. In the new version, a scammer calls residents claiming to be a Greeley police officer. The scammer informs the resident of their need to pay a red-light camera ticket or face arrest. … Greeley police want to remind residents that law enforcement officials do not make such calls.

Crashes Jump after Red-Light Safety Cameras Are Removed
EfficientGov.com, Jan. 9, 2015

The Houston Police recently reported a drastic increase in both traffic collisions and crashes at intersections where red-light safety cameras had been removed. The recent report adds to a long list of statistics indicating intersections become more hazardous when red-light safety cameras are taken away. (Houston Chronicle photo by Melissa Phillip)


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Speed Violations Near Schools Fall 59% at Camera Locations
New York Daily News, Jan. 13, 2015

Speeding has been frighteningly rampant near city schools — but speed cameras are starting to slow down drivers, data obtained by The Daily News shows. On average, nearly 3,539 drivers a day in September sped significantly over the limit on streets near 19 schools, according to speed-camera data provided by the Department of Transportation. In December, as word of the electronic enforcement spread in those neighborhoods, the average daily number of lead-footed violators caught on tape dropped to 1,461 — a 59 percent reduction, the data shows. (WNYC photo by Kate Hinds)


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School Bus Cameras Get Results in Georgetown Independent School District
Community Impact Newspapers (Texas), Jan. 14, 2015

Nine months into the implementation of a safety program that stops drivers from passing loading and unloading school buses, Georgetown Independent School District is already seeing improvements. The transportation director for GISD, Walter Prothro, said average daily violations are down and he anticipates the school district will continue the program.

Legislature Group Recaps School Bus Stop Arm Video Laws
School Transportation News, Jan. 13, 2015

The National Conference on State Legislatures released a brief that recaps many of the 13 current state laws that authorize the use of video cameras on school buses to identify motorists who illegally pass while students are present. The latest state to implement a law is South Carolina.


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ATS Primary Logo

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to its announce that both Howard County and Cottage City, Maryland, have accepted their contractual renewal options to extend their red-light safety camera programs for another year, to January 2016. ATS enjoys assisting all of its customers with their road safety camera programs, and is particularly honored when clients choose to continue the partnership.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Speeding violations near schools decline 59% after speed-cameras installed across NYC: report nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-c via @NYDailyNews

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety  VIDEO: Red-Light Runner T-Bones vehicle in New Orleans. Witnessed drivers like this in your area: #StopOnRed  http://youtu.be/5ue4I_wy-ro?a


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Think Tank: Denver Highways Should Be Tolled
The Denver Post (Colorado), Jan. 13, 2015

Much of the Denver metro-area’s traffic congestion could be solved by adding at least $11 billion in new toll lanes on portions of every major interstate and federal highway. In fact, toll lanes could also speed along traffic on the busiest intersections at Denver’s major arterials, says a free-market think tank that studied the state’s roadway problems over the past two years. (E-470 Public Highway Authority photo)

Toll Lanes a Part of Solution for Bay Area Gridlock
San Jose Mercury News (California), Jan. 9, 2015

In its first congestion report card in five years, the Bay Area’s transportation planning agency said that average congestion — defined as traffic moving 35 mph or less — increased 65 percent in the Bay Area from 2009 to 2013. To address the problem, transportation leaders are calling for more carpool and toll lanes, improved public transit and more commuters shifting work times. (Photo by Alan Dep/Marin IJ Archives)

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Commentary: Clarifying Misunderstandings about Red-Light Cameras
Newsday (New York), Jan. 9, 2015

At a recent AARP defensive driving course, the instructor said if you challenge a red-light camera ticket and lose, the violation converts to a moving violation. She also said that you could be ticketed if you enter an intersection while the light is yellow but are still there when the light turns red. Are these comments correct? No. Both statements are false.

Commentary: When Did Red Light Stop Meaning Stop?
The Globe and Mail (Canada), Jan. 9, 2015

It’s a trend I spotted during the holiday rush and one that is apparently going to carry on well into the new year: Vancouver drivers running red lights at an alarming rate. … This isn’t just a local problem. In the U.S. the National Coalition for Safer Roads organizes an annual “National Stop on Red Week,” which includes a pledge to do so as well as a list of “Top 10 Reasons to Stop on Red.” Among them is if you’re habitually running red lights you’ll probably end up killing someone.

Letter to the Editor: Yellow Lights Designed to Slow You Down
Charlotte Observer (North Carolina), Jan. 14, 2015

Show me the statistics on accidents and deaths for running red lights and I am sure they will far outweigh the ones for rear-end collisions. Yellow means stop! It does not mean jump on the gas to try and beat the signal. If you’re driving so fast you have to slam on the brakes when the light turns yellow, then maybe getting hit in the rear end once or twice will slow you down.


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Prothro,Walter_TransportationDirector_Georgetown Independent School
“We put five (school bus stop-arm safety) cameras in the hottest areas that we had, and frankly, based on what we’re seeing with those five cameras there is about a 70 percent reduction in the number of violations.
Walter Prothro, Transportation Director for Georgetown Independent School District, Texas
Community Impact Newspaper (Texas), Jan. 14, 2015

Van Bramer, Jimmy_New York City Councilman_NYDailyNews_011315
“It’s staggering, and it’s probably going to shock a lot of people that so many cars were speeding right in front of schools. It just shows how much danger is being averted by these cameras.”
Jimmy Van Bramer, New York City Councilman
New York Daily News, Jan. 13, 2015


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With the deployment of CrossingGuard school bus stop arm safety cameras in Georgetown Independent School District, the number of illegal passing incidents by vehicles has decreased. Before cameras were deployed, the school district saw an average of 2.6 violations per day per bus. Today, the five buses with cameras have seen an average of 0.58 violations per day. Source: Community Impact Newspaper (Texas), Jan. 14, 2015.