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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 47

November 5th, 2015

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Bill Calls for Stop Arm Cameras on School Buses
NEWS10 ABC (New York) Nov. 4, 2015

Passing a stopped school bus is illegal, but a local school district says it happens more often than you might think. That’s why the New York Association of Pupil Transportation is pushing for the passage of a state senate bill in 2016 that would bring cameras to school bus stop arms. (NEWS10 ABC image)

Greater Phoenix Area Drivers Ignoring Stopped School Buses
KPHO-TV CBS 5 (Arizona), Nov. 2, 2015

Valley school districts are exploring the idea of using technology, similar to red-light cameras, in an effort to reduce the number of vehicles that pass stopped school buses, in violation of the law. The last year Arizona school districts took part in a national survey, they counted 1,450 vehicles passing stopped school buses in just one day.


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Police Launch School Bus Safety Campaign
Elk Valley Times (Tennessee), Nov. 2, 2015

On an average weekday morning, a school bus approaches its pick-up spot. The bright yellow lights are turned on as the bus slows to a halt. Next, the red lights begin flashing, and the stop arm is extended. To a student, the flashing lights and stop sign mean it is now safe to approach and load the bus. The motorist may, however, make a hasty decision to pass the school bus and tragedy could ensue. This nightmare scenario is unfortunately playing out too often on Fayetteville’s streets. (Elk Valley Times image)

Boy, 7, Struck by Car Leaving School Bus
New Haven Independent (Connecticut), Oct. 30, 2015

Police charged a Yale student with failure to obey a school bus’ stop sign after she allegedly drove into a 7-year-old boy. … A school bus was dropping off the boy at the end of the school day. The bus’ stop sign was extended and visible, according to police, but the driver did not stop and struck the boy at a slow speed. … The boy required a cast on his right ankle to help him heal from a sprain and a fracture.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety @SaferRoadsUSA report shows people run red lights in the PM & on Fridays. Is your state a top offender? http://ncsrsafety.org/safetystreet/n…

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety ANALYSIS: #SchoolBusCameras are protecting children from drivers who fail to stop for school buses: https://youtu.be/D1wT9V-N4kI

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Austin Looks to Atlanta for Toll Road Support
Austin-American Statesman (Texas), Nov. 3, 2015

Chris Tomlinson, head of Georgia’s Road and Tollway Authority, recently met with Austin’s MoPac Tollway supporters to share how Atlanta’s first toll project, which is similar to Austin’s, is doing.  Tomlinson said that the lanes on I-85 meet or exceed that 45 mph target 87 percent of the time. “The lanes are more popular than ever,” Tomlinson said. “But if I could go back and change anything, I wish we had built two lanes a side.” (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority image)

I-35E Pass Lanes Set to Open Nov. 30
Star-Tribune (Minnesota), Nov. 2, 2015

The Minnesota Department of Transportation said Monday that MnPass lanes on Interstate 35E through Maplewood and St. Paul will open Nov. 30. The opening of the metro area’s third high-occupancy toll lane come with another change that will affect drivers who use any of the MnPass lanes on I-35E, I-35W and I-394: Transponders that MnDOT uses to collect tolls electronically will be phased out and replaced with new express tags.


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Editorial: Legislature Must Step in, Fix School-Bus Camera Loophole
Prince William Today/InsideNoVa.com (Virginia), Nov. 4, 2015

Attorney General Mark Herring got it right in a recent advisory opinion related to fines for those who pass stopped school buses. … He concluded that while the General Assembly had given permission to install the cameras, it had not authorized localities to collect revenue from tickets unless officers hand-deliver those tickets, rather than the far more sensible route of mailing them out.  … We hope state legislators this coming year provide the power for local governments to reasonably enforce the tickets.

Letter to the Editor: Proven Method of Reducing Vehicle/Train Crashes
The Daily Journal (California), Nov. 4, 2015

I was glad to read that Caltrain authorities have stepped up enforcement at the scene of two of three recent vehicle/train crashes in Burlingame. … If 12 citations were issued by transit officials during Wednesday morning alone, that tells me there is a chronic problem of motorists stopping on the tracks that needs to be addressed more often than the occasional enforcement that is possible using limited personnel. What’s needed is automated traffic enforcement.

Letter: Caught Speeding? Own Up to It
The Arizona Republic, Nov. 3, 2015

Regarding the recent article about Scottsdale photo enforcement. … Two people who obviously broke a speeding law are complaining. How about not speeding, answering a complaint when received and own up to your violation?

Letter: Red Light Cameras Are a Good Thing
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York), Nov. 2, 2015

One can’t help wondering if the protesters wanting to remove the red-light cameras have been burned with a healthy fine themselves, and think the cameras are a bad thing. … If one is within the speed limit, there is ample time to stop when the light turns yellow, and that’s good. Removing the cameras will be giving us license to continue breaking the law, and that’s bad.

Letter: School Buses Need External Cameras
The Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania), Nov. 2, 2015

As concerned parents, we observe drivers speeding in school zones and going around buses as they load and unload. Is it too much to ask for cameras on school buses to catch these violators?


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“We’re looking at the student and trying to keep them out of harm’s way as the driver is going by. So to get a license plate and a description of the driver is impossible.”
Cindy Jurewicz, Director of Transportation, Bethlehem Central Schools, on the difficulties bus drivers face while enforcing traffic laws
NEWS10 ABC (New York), Nov. 4, 2015

“We’ve seen a significant decrease in the amount of violations, which means people are getting the message. And that’s really the ultimate goal is for people to recognize the dangerous intersection that it is, and to change their driving behavior.”
Mike Wagner, Albemarle County Police Lieutenant, Special Operations Commander
WVIR-TV NBC 29 (Virginia), Nov. 3, 2015