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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 44

October 15th, 2015

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Fulton County Schools, Roswell Support School Bus Safety Cameras
Neighbor Newspapers (Georgia), Oct. 14, 2015

Plans are in the works for cameras to be installed on Fulton County school buses as a safety measure for students in areas with high traffic and an increased amount of incidents reported. The city of Roswell and the Fulton County School District will sign an agreement for the program, city administrator Kay Love announced at the city’s regular meeting on Monday. American Traffic Solutions will provide the technology and equipment.  See related article at Roswell Patch(Atlanta Business Chronicle image by Douglas Ford)

Seattle Announces Safe Routes to School Action Plan
Seattle Department of Transportation (Washington), Oct. 9, 2015

Sacajawea Elementary School in north Seattle is one of 12 locations where the Seattle Department of Transportation completed Safe Routes to School projects in 2015, which include new sidewalks and crossing improvements. … Safe Routes to School is funded by fines from the school speed zone camera program, state and federal grants, and Bridging the Gap transportation levy, which expires this year. (The Seattle Times image by Ellen M. Banner)

Albany Police Chief Says Red-Light Cameras Getting Results
WRGB-TV CBS 6 (New York), Oct. 9, 2015

The city’s new red light cameras are already raking in the dough, but that may soon change since the cameras are also proving effective. The police chief says cameras have already been a success, because the number of violations has already dropped.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATSRoad_Safety 1/2 the deaths in red-light running crashes are #pedestrians & occupants in other vehicles hit by red light runners.  #StopOnRed

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Harris County Plans All-Electronic Tolling for New Projects
Houston Chronicle (Texas), Oct. 14, 2015

The Harris County Toll Authority has nine projects planned along the 21-mile Hard Tollway. When the work is completed in 2016, the toll road will be converted to all-electronic tolling. (Houston Chronicle image by Steve Gonzales)

Maryland Addresses Toll Scofflaws
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Oct. 9, 2015

Nearly 165,000 alleged toll violators in Maryland are being offered a “final chance” to pay off the $19 million they collectively owe to the Maryland Transportation Authority before it begins blocking or yanking their vehicle registrations — a power afforded to the agency by the state legislature in 2013.


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Editorial: Keep Red-Light Cameras and Speed Vans in Tucson
Arizona Daily Star, Oct. 13, 2015

If you live in Tucson, you know our city has a problem with drivers who speed and who run red lights. The question is what to do about them. The city’s answer has been to operate red-light camera and to deploy radar vans. On Nov. 3, voters will decide whether they agree. … We believe the cameras deter reckless driving and should remain.

Editorial: Fayetteville Needs Red-Light Cameras
Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), Oct. 9, 2015

Five more red-light cameras arrived at busy Fayetteville intersections. This brings to the city 10 cameras monitoring eight intersections. Good. We need them.