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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 36

August 20th, 2015

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Miami Fire Truck Video Image
Video Released of Miami Fire Rescue Rollover Crash
NBC Miami (Florida), Aug. 14, 2015

A traffic camera video shows the dramatic crash involving a Miami-Dade fire truck and ambulance that left seven firefighters and five civilians injured. The video shows the fire truck hitting the ambulance about to enter an intersection near the Jackson Memorial Hospital. Not seen in the video is the fire truck rolling over from the impact after the collision. The ambulance was left with front end damage.

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2015.8.14_New Haven RLC Article

New Haven Officials Express Support for Red-Light Cams as Crash Map Sheds New Light on Danger
The New Haven Register (Connecticut), Aug. 14, 2015

As the 101st anniversary of the electric traffic light’s debut was marked recently, a Washington-based policy group put renewed focus on the danger of running red lights. New Haven Police Department spokesman Officer David Hartman said red-light cameras would help New Haven officers as an investigative tool to help them figure out how traffic accidents happen. And Derby Police Chief Gerald Narowski said his department would support the cameras if there was a uniform statewide policy on how to implement them.

Woman Crossing Street Killed by Driver Running Red Light: SDPD
San Diego 7 (California), Aug. 14, 2015

A woman struck and killed by a driver in San Carlos Thursday was a mother of three who was heading to Cowles Mountain, her husband told NBC 7.

Kansas City Red-Light Cameras Could Be Turned On Again
KCUR 89.3FM (Missouri), Aug. 18, 2015

Red light traffic cameras could be coming back to life in Kansas City, Missouri. The cameras have been turned off for nearly two years as the city awaited decisions from the state Supreme Court on cases challenging the constitutionality of traffic camera ordinances in the St. Louis area.

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ARlington Public Schools

New School Bus Cameras Coming to Arlington in Time for Start of Class
NBC Washington (Virginia), Aug. 18, 2015

Transportation reporter Adam Tuss explains a change drivers in Arlington will notice as students there return to school.

VIDEO: Driver blows past school bus stop sign as father helps child across the street
WOWKTV 13 (West Virginia), Aug. 19, 2015

What’s that big red flashing octagon attached to your child’s school bus? Oh wait, it’s the stop sign, but you wouldn’t know it looking at this video. A school bus camera captured the moment a driver blew past, just as a father and his children were crossing the street.

School Bus Violators: What’s being done to keep your kids safe
Toledo News Now (Ohio), Aug. 19, 2015

When a school bus stops, cars should too. In a special investigation, WTOL 11 uncovers more than a dozen videos showing drivers blowing by stopped school buses while kids are getting on and off. The problem has gotten so bad that some districts are even installing cameras on the outside of buses that activate when the stop arm is out, almost like a red-light camera, capturing the license plate of any car that flies by.

South Carolina School Bus

NC school buses passed 3,117 times on a single day
WMBF News (North Carolina), Aug. 13, 2015

Every school day in North Carolina, drivers pass stopped school buses, violating state laws requiring drivers to yield when a bus’s stop arm is extended. “Over 3,000 cars per day in North Carolina pass a stopped school bus illegally while it’s stopped to pick up kids,” said Derek Graham, section chief of transportation services at the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.

Caught on Camera: SC Drivers Risking Kids’ Lives
WLTX News 19 (South Carolina), Aug. 12, 2015

Drivers in our state are putting children at risk by passing stopped school buses and News 19 has the video to prove it. The Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol, and the Department of Education are teaming up to launch a school bus safety awareness campaign this week. Last year bus drivers in 28 counties were asked to count the number of passing violations they saw. In one day that number totaled 386.

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2015.8.18_Hays County School Zone Safety Program Expands_Image
Camera enforcement in Wimberley, Dripping Springs school zones starts Sept. 8
San Marcos Mercury (Texas), Aug. 18, 2015

After a trial run caught dozens of violators at a Hays County campus last month, authorities will soon begin using camera enforcement to issue citations to drivers who speed through school zones in the Wimberley and Dripping Springs areas. A 15-day warning period will begin August 24 and beginning September 8 drivers could face actual fines. During the warning period, drivers are encouraged to adjust their behavior so they comply with the posted speed limit.

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Arlington County Schools expanding use of stop sign cameras, and fines aren’t cheap http://t.co/lNkMBc8AZA @nbcwashington @APSVirginia

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In Collin County, NTTA looks to expand pretty much all the toll roads
The Dallas Morning News (Texas), Aug. 18, 2015

The North Texas Tollway Authority board on Wednesday will decide whether to advance several toll road widening projects currently in various stages of development. That includes President George Bush Turnpike, Sam Rayburn Tollway and a portion of Dallas North Tollway that’s not already under construction.

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Our View: Violent crime spikes, but overall, city is a safer place
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), Aug. 16, 2015

Even in the bad news about crime, there are positive thoughts. Violent crime in Fayetteville is up 2.5 percent in the first six months of this year. The change in police tactics has included less emphasis on confrontation and more on defusing potentially violent situations. It doesn’t count in the crime statistics, but more aggressive enforcement of traffic laws is a welcome change too. Police are nabbing speeders and red-light runners more regularly, and the return of red-light cameras is making intersections safer.


Editorial: Pass a better red-light camera law in Kansas City
The Kansas City Star (Missouri), Aug. 19, 2015

A new Missouri Supreme Court ruling offers Kansas City officials a good road map for establishing a legal and effective red-light camera ordinance. The law should be set up to punish motorists who run stoplights, free up police officers for more important duties and, yes, even allow the city to collect some revenue to cover the system’s cost and more.

Guest Column: Douglas County needs safer streets
The News-Review Today (Oregon), Aug. 20, 2015

Fatalities are also decreasing because we’ve made safety improvements to our road design. These include but are not limited to addition of sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, visibility enhancements (e.g. street lighting and flashing crossing beacons), area-specific reduced speed limits, and traffic-calming measures like speed-bumps, red-light cameras, and neighborhood greenways. The decrease of traffic deaths seen in Oregon should be viewed as positive support to continue to make our streets safer.

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2015.8.17_Pct 4 Commissioner Ray Whisenant

“This technology will free up law enforcement officers to protect the public elsewhere while maintaining the priority that is our children’s safety.”
Ray Whisenant, Precint 4 Commissioner, Texas
KLBJ News Radio (Texas), Aug. 17, 2015

Councilwoman Marge Colapietro believes the program has been effective in enhancing the safety of both drivers and pedestrians in Millbrae. “It’s our due diligence in protecting everyone,” she said.
Marge Colapietro, Millbrae Councilwoman, California
The Daily Journal (California), August 13, 2015

“You might lose five minutes going to or from work or where ever you’re going, but its five minutes that could save a child’s life.” In regards to passing a stopped school bus. You could kill somebody. Its just that simple. And I don’t think you’ll want to face the parents who has lost their child in regards to your not being wiling to make a correct stop.”
David Weissman, Lexington-Richand Five Director of Transportation, South Carolina
WLTX 19 (South Carolina), August 12

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Hays County School Zone Speed Safety Camera Program issued 71 warnings in one school zone in only 10 days – from July 15-24
SOURCE: Hays County Constable Office, Pct. 3.