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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 32

July 23rd, 2015

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N.C. Bill to Enforce School Bus Stop Arm Violations Advances
WVEC-TV ABC 13 (North Carolina), July 20, 2015

A North Carolina State Senate bill that would allow counties to pass local ordinances to enforce the school bus stop arm law has now made it to a House committee. It would allow school systems to contract with vendors to install cameras and hit the vehicle’s registered owner with a $500 penalty. (WLXT-TV CBS 19 image)

Drivers Blame Each Other for Crash; Police Review Camera Evidence
KNXV-TV ABC 15 (Arizona), July 20, 2015

A woman was transported to the hospital after two vehicles collided in the middle of a Scottsdale intersection Monday morning. Both drivers told police the other driver ran the red light. Officials are checking the red-light camera at the intersection to see who really ran the traffic signal.


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Red-Light Cameras Make Portland Safer, Audit Finds
KGW.com (Oregon), July 22, 2015

Drummond Kahn, director of audit services in the Portland City Auditor’s Office, said an audit of red-light safety cameras over the last five years found they make intersections safer. … The audit found crash rates at red-light camera intersections were 44 percent lower after the cameras were installed. (The Oregonian image)

Study: Bad Drivers in D.C. Face 10th Strictest Penalties in Nation
WTOP-Radio 1500 AM (Washington, D.C.), July 21, 2015

A recent WalletHub report compared driving laws in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. in order to find out which states take the hardest line on “dangerous driving behavior.” The results? At No. 10, the D.C. region is one of the strictest jurisdictions in the country when it comes to penalizing rule-breaking motorists. Colorado is the most strictest, while Texas is the least. (WTOP photo by Dave Dildine)

D.C. Red-Light Running Drops to Lowest Point in 7 Years
WAMU-TV CBS 9 (District of Columbia), July 21, 2015

The number of red-light camera tickets issued in D.C. is at its lowest point in seven years. But does that mean more drivers are following the rules? … Russ Rader of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says it’s simple: “The best educational tool is a ticket.” (WNYT-TV NBC 13 image)

Police: College Station Driver Runs Red Light, Causes Collision
The Eagle (Texas), July 20, 2015

A 22-year-old College Station man was issued a citation for running a red light over the weekend and crashing into a car, prompting it to roll and traffic to be shut down on a major street. Police said both drivers received minor injuries that did not require a trip to the hospital, but the wreck stopped traffic for more than an hour while the scene was cleared.

Red-Light Cameras Go Online in Albany
WTEN-TV ABC 10 (New York), July 20, 2015

The much talked about red-light cameras are now live at the intersections of Northern Boulevard and Shaker Road, as well as Washington Avenue and Quail Street in Albany. The cameras became active at midnight Monday. They are two of the red-light camera systems to be installed at 20 intersections in the city. (WNYT-TV NBC 13 image)


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Atlanta Public Schools to Carry CrossingGuard Cameras
Marketwatch.com, July 22, 2015

Atlanta Public Schools will start the new school year August 5 with CrossingGuard school bus stop arm safety cameras installed on buses traveling routes with a high number of stop-arm violation incidents. The program is the result of a partnership among American Traffic Solutions, Atlanta Public Schools and the city of Atlanta Police Department, and is in place to address the growing problem of motorists illegally passing school buses that are stopped to let children on or off. (Atlanta Business Chronicle image by Douglas Ford)


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Tappan Zee Bridge to Feature Fast Toll Collection
Daily Voice (New York), July 21, 2015

An all-electronic toll collect system will be activated for the Tappan Zee Bridge in spring 2016, according to the New NY Bridge updates. The new system will slow drivers to pay tolls without having to stop, with the hopes that the new system will significantly improve traffic flow and improve local air quality by diminishing idling vehicles in toll-collection lines.

Feds OK Toll Lanes on U.S. 281
San Antonio Express-News (Texas), July 17, 2015

The federal government has officially signed off on a plan to convert a section of U.S. 281 to an expressway with some toll lanes, but local officials are still hoping to pursue an option to keep the corridor non-toll. Officials with the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority learned late Friday that the agency had received the green light to massively overhaul an 8-mile stretch of U.S. 281, removing traffic lights, building overpasses and adding a mix of toll and non-toll lanes. … San Antonio is the last large city in Texas without toll lanes. (San Antonio Express-News file photo)


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Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Needed
Centre Daily Times (Pennsylvania), July 20, 2015

If anything positive can come of the recent fatal accident at the intersection of North Atherton Street and Park Avenue, it will be our legislature’s bipartisan effort to provide local police with the radar and red-light cameras they need to slow traffic and thus increase safety in Centre County.


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“Not only are the number of crashes down, but the crash rate is down. Meaning intersections with even more traffic are having fewer crashes and even a lower percentage of crashes.”
Drummond Kahn, director of audit services in the Portland City Auditor’s Office, on results of a five-year audit of red-light cameras
KGW.com (Oregon), July 22, 2015

“The whole project is about changing driver behavior and improving traffic safety in the city.”
Steve Smith, Albany Police Department
WTEN ABC 10 (New York), July 20, 2015


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In its first year of camera enforcement, Columbus saw right-angle crashes drop by 73 percent at intersections with red-light cameras. Toledo documents a 39 percent reduction in fatal accidents attributed to red-light running, and Dayton saw a 35 percent reduction in crashes from running red lights. Conversely, consequences were dramatically bad in cities where cameras went dark: Collisions at these intersections increased 147 percent in Houston, and speeding and red-light running jumped 584 percent in Albuquerque, N.M. SOURCE: The Columbus Dispatch, July 21, 2015.

A five-year audit of red-light safety cameras in Portland found crash rates at intersections with cameras were 44 percent lower after the cameras were installed. SOURCE: KGW.com, July 22, 2015.