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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 29

July 2nd, 2015

Be Vigilant this Holiday Weekend

The experts are predicting more than 400 people will die in traffic crashes this Fourth of July weekend and another 49,500 will be injured. As wonderful as it would be for everyone to prove the experts wrong and end the weekend without a scratch, we all realize the odds of doing so are desperately out of reach. So, let’s try a different approach. Let’s start with you. If you pledge to drive vigilantly, buckle up, slow down, stop at red lights and take additional precautions on the road, you could prove the experts wrong. What do you say? Please, drive safely this holiday weekend. American Traffic Solutions wishes everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. See related news article by NBC News.

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RLCSign_Fayetteville_North Carolina_070115
Red Light Cameras Return to Fayetteville
WTVD-TV ABC 11 (North Carolina), July 1, 2015

Red-light cameras made a comeback in Fayetteville Wednesday afternoon after an eight-year hiatus. The cameras, equipped with 3D radar tracking and 29 megapixel views, began operating at noon. Four cameras are installed in three heavily trafficked intersections. Five additional cameras are set for installation in the coming months. See related coverage from Fayetteville Observer, WNCN-TV Channel 17, and FayettevilleIn5.

Close-Call at a Sarasota Intersection
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), July 2, 2015

On Tuesday, the Sarasota Police Department shared a video from American Traffic Solutions in an effort to remind drivers of the importance of stopping at a red light. This happened at Bee Ridge Road and U.S. 41. Sarasota Police share the video on their Facebook page.

Deadly Portland Streets Could Get Speed Safety Cameras
KPTV-TV FOX 12 (Oregon), June 30, 2015

The city of Portland is asking the state legislature to allow them to install unmanned photo radar cameras along some of their deadliest streets. House Bill 2621 is out of committee and on its way to the full House for consideration. The 10 roads under consideration make up 3 percent of the city’s road network but account for more than 50 percent of deadly crashes in Portland. Currently, the law requires an officer to monitor the camera while it’s in use. (KPTV-TV FOX 12 image)


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School Zone Speed Cameras Going Up at 3 Spokane Elementary Schools
The Spokesman Review (Washington), July 2, 2015

After months of traffic counts and warnings to drivers passing through school zones, the Spokane City Council agreed to put automated cameras near three Spokane schools to nab speeders. By a 6-1 vote, the council agreed to have cameras monitor vehicle speeds near Finch, Longfellow and Stevens elementary schools. See related coverage from KREM-TV CBS 2. (KREM-TV CBS 2 image)


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Parent Wants More from New Florida Law Protecting Students
WFTV-TV Channel 9 (Florida), July 2, 2015

A new state law took effect Wednesday that holds school districts accountable for making sure children get to school safely. Gabby’s Law is named after a DeBary girl who was hit and killed at her bus stop in 2010, but Gabby’s father, Donald Mair, said the law doesn’t go far enough and should allow for school bus stop arm safety cameras, and provide for tougher penalties for drivers who pass school buses.

Wyoming Increases School Bus Safety Camera Use
Sheridan Media, June 29, 2015

Nearly 60 percent of the school buses in Wyoming now have cameras to help catch motorists who illegally pass a stopped bus. In 2014, the state Legislature approved $5 million to help school districts outfit their buses with the cameras. The safety effort was prompted by the 2011 death of an 11-year-old girl who was struck and killed in Fremont County after getting off a school bus.


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NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA Red-light cameras led to a 39% decrease in red-light running right angle crashes http://bit.ly/1RMmvQV via Texas Transportation Institute.

NHTSA @NHTSAgov Designate a sober #designateddriver ahead of time to get you home this July 4. Planning saves lives. #buzzeddriving.


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Report: More Americans Relying on Toll Roads
International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association news release, June 30, 2015

The 2015 Report on Tolling in the U.S., released by the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, reveals that the number of trips drivers have taken on toll roads has increased 14 percent over the last four years, rising from 5 billion trips in 2011 to 5.7 billion in 2015. Additionally, the Federal Highway Administration shows a 9 percent increase in the miles of toll roads in the United States from 5,431 miles in 2011 to over 5,932 as of 2013. View report here.

Turnpike Interchange Opens for E-ZPass Users
WFMZ-TV Channel 69 (Pennsylvania), June 30, 2015

A new “E-ZPass-only” interchange opened Tuesday to link the Pennsylvania Turnpike with Route 903 in Penn Forest Township. The new interchange is intended to shorten travel times and improve access to and from attractions in the Poconos. It is the fourth E-ZPass-only full or partial turnpike interchange in Pennsylvania.

Header Commentaries 480

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Will Boost Fayetteville Safety
Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), June 30, 2015

The city is getting a little more challenging for red-light runners this week. We’re relieved — and happy to see red-light cameras back again after an eight year hiatus. … We expect the same results we saw before: Accidents will dramatically decrease. That, we’d say, is a healthy bottom line.

Letter to the Editor: Author Ignores Red-Light Camera Benefits
USA Today, June 29, 2015

A recent column on red-light safety cameras was a classic bait-and-switch. His frail argument goes something like this: A few bad actors somehow undermine the red-light safety technology itself. What the commentator doesn’t do is address the facts, or our collective reality.


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“There’s no taxpayer money funding these programs. The violators pay for the program. The only people that pay for these programs are the ones running the red lights and speeding near schools.”
Teresa Fuller, Spokane Police Department Officer
The Spokesman-Review (Washington), July 2, 2015

“Putting these cameras in place is one more example that this City Council is serious about the safety of our residents. Our predictions are that it will decrease serious accidents by 50 to 70 percent, saving lives, personal property and eventually our insurance rates.”
Nat Robertson, Mayor of Fayetteville, N.C.
Fayetteville Observer/InsuranceNewsNet.com, June 28, 2015