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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 26

June 11th, 2015

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Suspect Turns Himself in after Police Release Video of Fatality
WTVT-TV FOX 13 (Florida), June 11, 2015

The suspect sought in the hit-and-run death of a man in a wheelchair turned himself in to authorities early Thursday morning. Sarasota police said a 19-year-old man confessed to being the driver who hit and killed the 48-year-old man in the crosswalk. Police released the video from the red-light camera showing the collision and asking for witnesses to step forward. Warning: the video is graphic. (WTVT-TV FOX 13 image from red-light safety camera video)

Woman Injured in Hit-and-Run Supports Red-Light Campaign
KFSM-TV Channel 5 (Arkansas), June 10, 2015

Fort Smith Police are cracking down on drivers who run red lights in an effort to avert collisions like the hit-and-run that injured a local woman in April. Cpl. Vincent Clamser said officers are encouraging people to pay attention, especially at intersections, and slow down when the light turns yellow. The campaign will last three weeks. Last year, the safety effort resulted in 600 tickets being issued.

Red-Light Running Violations Drop at Intersections with Cameras
WVEC-TV ABC 13 (Virginia), June 8, 2015

Red-light cameras have led to a dramatic 38 percent decrease in citations over the past three years at Newport News’ three intersections with cameras, according to city transportation engineer Jacqueline Kassel. Crashes at those intersections have also declined from the year before.

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Red-Light Running Crash Injures 3
WXII-TV Channel 12 (North Carolina), June 11, 2015

Three people were treated for minor injuries following a crash involving a school bus Wednesday afternoon. Winston-Salem police said the bus was heading north when a southbound Kia SUV ran a red light at Peters Creek Parkway and Hutton Street. The two vehicles then collided.

Red-Light Camera Choice Quantified by CDC Online Tool
ITS International, May/June 2015

U.S. states can now realistically calculate the economic benefits of using red-light safety cameras, alone or in combination with other measures, to cut road traffic accident levels. The results from the online tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could be of material value in making the case for the cameras as a number of state legislatures continue to debate their acceptability.

Both Drivers Ran Lights in Deadly Collision
The Augusta Chronicle (Georgia), June 8, 2015

Witnesses who observed the June 1 crash that killed three children on River Watch Parkway told police the drivers of both vehicles involved were trying to get through the intersection while the traffic signal was red, according to an accident report released Monday by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. No criminal charges have been filed against either driver, but the investigation continues.

Frederick Expands Red-Light Safety Camera Program
The Frederick News-Post (Maryland), June 8, 2015

The city of Frederick will soon add to its red-light camera program. A recently installed camera will begin operating around July 10, and a second will go up within the next month, bringing the city’s total number of monitored intersections to 11. Citations carry a $75 fine. (The Frederick News-Post photo by Sam Yu)

Court Ruling Affirms Red-Light Running Tickets
Herald Tribune (Florida), May 29, 2015

A ruling from Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal served to uphold a lower court’s decision to enforce red-light running tickets caught on camera and issued to three plaintiffs.


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1 Killed in School Bus Crash
WJXT-TV Channel 4 (Florida), June 4, 2015

A 39-year-old woman was killed last week when her SUV crashed into the back of a stopped school bus at the intersection of U.S. 301 and County Road 1471, south of Waldo, in Alachua County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The school bus was stopped with its signals activated. The bus was picking up children at a bus stop. (WJXT-TV Channel 4 image)


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Editorial: Anti-Toll Rhetoric a Disservice to Public
The Orange County Register (California), June 10, 2015

“Lexus lanes” has come to express a belief among residents, and council members for cities along the I-405 corridor expansion project, that toll lanes would wind up as private roads for the wealthy, while the rest of us sit in gridlock. A recent study by the Register, however, paints a different picture entirely. (The Orange County Register file photo by Stuart Paley)

Tollway Chief’s Vision Combines Transportation with Economic Growth
Daily Herald (Illinois), June 10, 2015

Economic growth and transportation are intertwined, which is why one of his jobs at the Illinois Tollway is jobs, new Chairman Bob Schillerstrom said. “Infrastructure fills a very important role. The most important thing to do is make sure people have jobs to provide for their families and to create an environment (in Illinois) where businesses want to come in,” he said. That means continuing with the agency’s massive building program.


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Editorial: Cameras Could Strength School Bus Safety Law
The Daily Nonpareil (Iowa), June 9, 2015

It’s illegal to pass a school bus that’s stopped — on either side of a nondivided road in Iowa — to pick up children. The penalties for a violation were understandably toughened after a northern Iowa girl was struck and killed while attempting to board a bus in 2011. Yet some Iowa bus drivers estimate as many as 90 percent of those who either pass a stopped bus or continue driving on the other side of the road don’t get ticketed.

Letter to the Editor: Colorado Governor Made Right Call on Cameras
The Denver Post, June 8, 2015

Hats off to Gov. John Hickenlooper for his veto of the attempt to ban red-light cameras and photo radar this year. I believe his veto showed that he was able to see that the ban was introduced and supported by politicians who wanted to gain votes at the expense of public safety.


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“People need to pay attention on the road, especially when it comes to school buses. With little folks getting on and off buses, we don’t want to have tragedies occur.”
Dave Hepperly, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office Deputy
The Daily Nonpareil (Iowa), June 9, 2015

“What we’re after is compliance. We don’t get paid extra for citations off of red-light cameras.”
Bruce DeGrange, Frederick Police Department Lieutenant
The Frederick News-Post (Maryland), June 8, 2015

“We have significantly altered driver behavior for good here in Columbus, Ohio. … Do we have less folks trying to beat the yellow and running lights? And the answer to that is, absolutely. We have over seventy percent less citations that we used to.”
George Speaks, Public Safety Director for city of Columbus, Ohio
PBS.org (national), June 5, 2015 

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In Newport News, red-light running citations at the city’s three intersections with red-light running safety cameras are down 38% over the past three years from 29,000 to 17,800, according to city transportation engineer Jacqueline Kassel. Source: ABC 13 (Virginia), June 8, 2015.