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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 2

December 11th, 2014

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Plans Advance to Install Cameras on School Buses in Virginia District
WTVR-TV CBS 6 (Virginia), Dec. 9, 2014

The plan to install video cameras on Chesterfield school buses to deter drivers from illegally passing buses is now in the hands of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. On Tuesday, the Chesterfield School Board voted unanimously to ask county supervisors to pass an ordinance that would make it possible for the school district to install an automated stop arm enforcement camera system on 20 percent of the district’s school bus fleet.

Newark Mayor Says Red-Light Camera Program Should Continue
WABC-TV ABC 7 (New York), Dec. 5, 2014

Northern New Jersey officials are calling for the continuation of cameras that snap photos and result in tickets for drivers who run red lights. The officials want to keep the program because they say it cuts crashes.


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Mom Killed Crossing Street Toward School Bus with Son
WIS-TV Channel 10 (Georgia), Dec. 10, 2014

A woman is dead after she and her child were struck by a vehicle Wednesday morning in DeKalb County. No charges are filed, but the DeKalb County School’s officers are investigating, since the mother and son were walking toward a school bus when the utility truck struck them. They want to make sure the bus was properly positioned in the roadway as it was stopped.

2 Students Slightly Injured in School Bus Collision
Lufkin Daily News (Texas), Dec.  8, 2014

Two students were slightly injured when a Lufkin school bus was hit from the rear Monday morning on East Denman Avenue at Esther Street. Bus driver Angela Jones had her caution lights on as she prepared to stop and was hit from the rear by the older model Monte Carlo, according to Wayne Grisson, Lufkin ISD transportation director.


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Spokane to Test Speed Cameras in School Zones
The Spokesman-Review (Washington), Dec. 11, 2014

Cameras used to snare red-light runners will now be used to nab school zone speeders. Children who walk or bike to Longfellow, Finch and Stevens elementary schools may have a safer route next year as the city works to launch a camera pilot program that has been shown to drastically reduce speeds near schools in other Washington cities. The Seattle Times photo by Ellen M. Banner.

Bowie Adds 8th Speed Camera to City
The Gazette (Maryland), Dec. 10, 2014

A new speed camera coming to Bowie promises to make the community safer — and not just by slowing down drivers. Revenues from Bowie speed camera fines, which are put toward public safety efforts in the city, have been dwindling since hitting a high of around $1.7 million in 2012. As of Nov. 30, revenues were around $600,000 this year, which means the cameras have been effective in reducing driver speed and increasing caution, according to Bowie Police Chief John Nesky. “The program is doing exactly what we wanted it to do. When you see the numbers going down, it’s a good thing,” he said.

Boy Injured by Car Near School
Grand Forks Herald (Minnesota), Dec. 9, 2014

A 12-year-old boy suffered minor injuries after he was struck by a vehicle in front of Discovery Middle School in Alexandria on Monday. Police said it appears that the boy was running across the road and came out from behind a school bus. He ran into the northbound lane and was struck by a 2002 GMC Envoy. The boy suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Photo Radar Starts in Saskatchewan
Global News (Canada), Dec. 8, 2014

Smile! You’re on photo radar starting today as Saskatchewan Government Insurance has cameras operational at high-speed photo enforcement areas. The two-year pilot project gets underway Monday.

School-Zone Speed Violations Down 70%
Newsday (New York), Dec. 5, 2014

Drivers perplexed by Nassau County’s school zone speed cameras were among the first to hear last week that violations have fallen by 70 percent since the program began in September. … “You can see it yourself,” David Rich, the agency’s deputy executive director, said in noting the decrease. “The program is working.” Rockville Centre Herald photo by Christina Daly.

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Police Credit Man for Out-Thinking Phone Scammer
The Oregonian (Oregon), Dec. 10, 2014

Beaverton Police are warning residents of a phone scam related to photo enforcement tickets. A man told police he received a phone call from a caller claiming to be with the city, and asking for payment on an overdue ticket. The man requested a case or citation number from the caller, who then hung up. Police credit the man for asking questions and not falling for the scam. Police remind residents that government agencies do not telephone people asking for payment.

Sponsor of Bill Killing Intersection Cameras Rolls Through Red-Light
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Dec. 9, 2014

The sponsor of a bill to effectively ban photo traffic enforcement in Ohio was himself nabbed by one of Columbus’ unblinking red-light cameras. As a result of the video, Sen. Bill Seitz received a traffic-camera citation on Nov. 13, 2009 for a rolling right turn on red at Fourth and Town streets Downtown.

Legislators Debate Merit of Red-Light Camera Program
The Trentonian (New Jersey), Dec. 9, 2014

A new bill, introduced in the Assembly by three Essex County Democrats, aims to extend the use of red-light cameras past the Dec. 16 expiration date. The legislation introduced by Grace Spencer, Ralph Caputo and Eliana Pintor-Marin last week, seeks to continue the program indefinitely, and update the cameras to also monitor other moving violations such as cutting off pedestrians in the crosswalks. Daily Record photo by Jason Towlen.

Camera Catches Employee Driving Car; Auto Shop Refunds Family
KATU.com (Oregon), Dec. 9, 2014

Two days after the On Your Side Investigators revealed an auto body shop foreman took a customer’s car for a 3 a.m. ride, the shop provided the family a full refund for the $2,300 in services they provided. Earlier, the shop contacted the customer to say she would be receiving a ticket, but when the red-light running ticket arrived a day later with a photo of two strangers in the car, the customer was stunned to see the time of the incident was 2:59 a.m. See related coverage from WLS-TV ABC 7.

Fayetteville Selects ATS as Red-Light Camera Program Vendor
Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), Dec. 7, 2014

Fayetteville has chosen American Traffic Solutions of Tempe, Arizona, to run its new red-light camera system next year. Plans are to activate the cameras July 1, 2015. The city has not decided yet which intersections will get the cameras. The program is intended to reduce T-bone type car crashes by discouraging drivers from running red lights. StarNews Online photo by Paul Stephen.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety  DYK how red-light safety cameras work? Check out our How it Works video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9112EBCI3-I…  #StopOnRed

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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety  VIDEO: Think red-light running isn’t a problem in New Jersey? Think again.  http://youtu.be/LojfREY4Jhc #StopOnRed


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Free Trials on I-95 Express Toll Lanes Reveal No Problems
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Dec. 8, 2014

The opening of new express toll lanes on Interstate 95 north of Baltimore — free to try this first week — went off without any major problems this weekend, attracting more than 30,000 users on Saturday, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority. The tolled lanes, which operate electronically and without toll booth facilities, are part of a broader $1.1 billion redesign project for the corridor.

Tolling Considered for Proposed Arizona North-South Highway
KJZZ-Radio 91.5 FM, Dec. 8, 2014

Relief could be on the way for people stuck in traffic jams on Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson, if you don’t mind waiting a few decades. The state is reviewing plans to build a highway in Pinal County that could reduce travel times between Arizona’s two largest cities. … The state could get federal money for the project, but Arizona Department of Transportation also is considering a public/private partnership, or it could be a toll road, if it’s built.

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Commentary: If Nassau’s Speed Camera Program Is Working, Let it Keep Working
Tri-State Transportation Campaign (New York), Dec. 5, 2014

Since Nassau County’s school zone speed camera program wen into effect, there has been a 70 percent decline in violations. County Executive Ed Mangano’s spokesman Brian Nevins acknowledged that this decline in violations is indicative of a “dramatic change in driving habits,” saying “This program has increased student safety and potentially saved lives.”

Letter to the Editor: Protecting Our Kids
The Caswell Messenger (North Carolina), Dec. 9, 2014

Doing what is right by our schools and children is one of my top priorities as Attorney General. That’s why I’m pushing to install cameras on the extended stop signs of school buses.

Letter: At Intersections, Yellow Lights Mean ‘Stop’
Daily Record (New Jersey), Dec. 7, 2014

Too many motorists speed up and try to beat the light at an intersection, rather than stop when the light turns yellow. At intersections where this occurs frequently, red light cameras can be helpful in correcting motorists’ erroneous behavior.


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“Passing this bill that would ban life-saving technology at the 11th hour during lame-duck session is not what the residents of this state deserve. Any reform bill considered by this legislation should be just that, a reform  bill. Senate Bill 342 is an effective ban on traffic safety cameras that is being sold as reform.”
Brent Mull, Columbus Police Lieutenant
The Blade (Ohio), Dec. 10, 2014

“I want to know what about the rights of my daughter to live? Nobody worries about that, they worry about the guy who killed her. What about the rights of my daughter to raise her kids, to be a teacher. That was taken away from her. And every time somebody gets killed (in a red-light crash) their rights get taken away.”
Paul Oberhauser, whose 21-year-old daughter was killed by a red-light runner in 2002 near Oxford Ohio
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Dec. 9, 2014

“We are seeing a change in driver behavior through the diminishing issuance of summonses.”
Richard Krawczun, Lawrence Township Manager
The Trentonian (New Jersey), Dec. 9, 2014


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With school zone speed safety cameras in place, speeds decreased by 30 percent in Bellevue during the first year of using school zone cameras, Issaquah saw a 24 percent decrease and Lynnwood had an 82 percent decrease in speed. Source: The Spokesman-Review, Dec. 11, 2014.