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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 16

April 2nd, 2015

11-Year-Old Pens His Case for Red-Light Cameras to President

Below is an unsolicited letter from the son of an American Traffic Solutions client to President Obama. He is 11 years old and in fifth grade. When his mom talked to his dad about an effort in the Colorado legislature to ban red-light safety cameras, he decided to do his own research and write a letter. When mom found it, she said, “Honey, I don’t think the president is who we need to send this letter to … but you did a great job writing it!”

Letter to President Obama_Colorado_040215


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Injury Prompts Closer Look at Traffic Violations Near School Buses
WAGA-TV FOX 5 (Georgia), April 1, 2015

After a vehicle struck a Douglas County girl as she was leaving her school bus, FOX 5 decided to find out just how often drivers disregard school bus stop arm signs. Results show far too many drivers endanger the lives of children. (WAGA-TV FOX 5 image.)

Police Chief: Cameras Help Decrease Crashes in Corpus Christi
KIII-TV Channel 3 (Texas), April 1, 2015

Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson says red-light safety cameras are worth keeping because they’ve helped lower motor vehicle crashes at Holly and Weber by nearly 62 percent, and helped the city purchase traffic-related equipment and pay for training programs. (KIII-TV Channel 3 image)

School Bus Passing Bill Clears N.C. Senate Panel Unanimously
WNCN-TV NBC 17 (North Carolina), April 1, 2015

A bill that will help counties and local school systems levy fines against drivers who pass stopped school buses passed North Carolina’s Senate Education Committee Wednesday morning. Senate Bill 298 would allow a $500 fine to be levied on the owner of a vehicle caught on camera passing a school bus. The law helps clear a loophole in state law, which made it difficult to prove who was driving the vehicle. See related coverage from WRAL-TV Channel 5. (WNCN-TV NBC 17 image)

Police Explain Traffic Violation Review Process
WVUE-TV FOX 8 (Louisiana), March 27, 2015

Red-light cameras capture thousands of traffic violations on New Orleans streets every week, and the New Orleans Police Department reviews them. Join the news channel for a behind-the-scenes look at how officers review red-light running violations in response to several consumer concerns to our Defenders hotline. (WVUE-TV FOX 8 image)

Ben Hill Sheriff Has a Message for Dangerous Drivers
WALB-TV NBC/ABC 10 (Georgia), March 27, 2015

Ben Hill County Sheriff Bobby McLemore says his office is not going to show any leniency to people who illegally pass school buses that are stopped to pick up or drop off students. The sheriff’s comments come four days after a Ben Hill County student was seriously injured when a tractor trailer hit her school bus. (WALB-TV NBC/ABC 10 image)


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Red-Light Camera Defense Team Named in Florida
Daily Business Review, April 1, 2015

American Traffic Solutions Inc. has named Edward Soto, head of Weil, Gotshal & Manges’ litigation department in Miami, to lead its defense team in a consolidated class action case against the company over its red-light camera operation.

San Jose Eyes Vision Zero Safety Proposal
San Jose Mercury News (California), April 1, 2015

With a mission to end pedestrian fatalities in San Jose, a proposal is on the table to reduce speed limits and heighten enforcement of traffic laws. The Vision Zero Initiative, which has been pitched by District 6 Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio, would entail red-light cameras at troubled intersections, a reduction of speed in school zones to 15 mph and a possible contract with the California Highway Patrol or the Santa Clara County Sheriff to cite unlawful drivers.

N.Y. Receives Nearly $17 Million from Speeders Caught on Camera
Connecticut Post, March 30, 2015

Speed cameras have produced a surge in tickets and generated nearly $17 million in revenue for New York City. … The city had 49 speed cameras in operation last year. Currently, 57 are operational.

Red-Light Running Fines Used for Traffic Safety Improvements
Cleveland Advocate (Texas), March 27, 2015

In his annual State of the City Address, Cleveland Mayor Niki Coats announced that the city recently replaced more than 2,000 stop signs and street signs to improve safety. Revenue acquired from the red-light safety camera program made the improvement possible.

Without Red-Light Safety Cameras, Crashes Rise in Dunnellon
Ocala Star-Banner (Florida), March 27, 2015

After 45 months of use, Dunnellon’s three red-light cameras have been turned off for the past 20 months. Since then, three  interesting things have happened: Issued red-light running tickets have decreased; written speeding tickets have increased, and crashes at the three former photo-enforced intersections have increased. (Ocala Star-Banner photo by Doug Engle)


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States Use Cameras to Crack Down on School Bus Scofflaws
Stateline, Pew Charitable Trusts, March 31, 2015

MaKayla Marie Strahle was only 11 when she stepped off a school bus, started to cross the road and was struck and killed by a pickup truck in west central Wyoming just days before Christmas 2011. Her death sparked calls for changed, and spurred the legislature to take action. Last year, Wyoming became the first state in the nation to mandate that every public school bus have cameras attached to catch drivers who illegally pass. While Wyoming is out front, a number of states have enacted measures targeting the dangerous action of scofflaw drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. (Stateline/Associated Press photo)


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Florida RLSC Facts_Header_2015

ATS_RoadSafety #FloridaFact 4: $3 from every paid RLR violation caught on camera has provided nearly $8M to @MiamiProject

ATS_RoadSafety Many people ask about rear-end crash statistics. We have answers. Check out our Myth vs. Fact video: https://youtu.be/C7eF8GA5MrU?li…


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Tomball Tollway Set for April 12 Opening
Cypress Creek Mirror (Texas), March 31, 2015

Phase 1 of the Tomball Tollway, a six mile, all-electronic pay system, in northwest Harris County, will open this month within the state Highway 249 corridor as a solution to growing traffic congestion. Drivers who choose to use the toll road will need a valid EZ TAG or other interoperable Texas toll tag. The cost to drive the entire tollway will be $1.45. (Graphic by Houston Chronicle)

Tolls Donate to Fire, Emergency Crews
Fredericksburg.com/The Free Lance-Star (Virginia), March 31, 2015

Fire and rescue departments in three counties, including Stafford, will get thousands of dollars as part of a donation program set up by the company that operates the Interstates 95 and 495 express lanes. The one-day donation program raised nearly $80,000 from tolls on the express lanes. The money will be evenly divided between fire and rescue departments in Stafford, Fairfax and Prince William counties.

Transportation Plan Would Broaden Tolling
The Bond Buyer (New York), March 30, 2015

President Obama’s revised six-year, $487 billion transportation proposal, would allow states to levy variable tolls on existing roads to alleviate traffic congestion, in addition to removing the long-standing ban on tolling existing interstate highways. … The six-year proposal goes to Congress two months before the lapse of the current $10.8 billion extension of the Highway Trust Fund on May 3. See related article from The Detroit News.


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Editorial: Decisions on Red-Light Cameras Are Local
Daily News Journal (Tennessee), March 29, 2015

Since state legislators are continuing to try to take decisions about red-light cameras away from local governments, we thought we again should mention the irony in their efforts. Frequently heard in the General Assembly are complaints about federal mandates in regard to any number of issues. This being the case, why state legislators want to take over regulation of red-light cameras is not exactly clear.

Editorial: Cities Are Right to Fight
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), March 29, 2015

Columbus, Dayton, Akron, Springfield and Toledo have taken the correct action by suing to overturn a new state law that effectively bans the use of traffic cameras. If they are successful, they will preserve an effective means of discouraging dangerous driving and increasing the effectiveness of municipal police departments.

Editorial: Keep the Red-Light Cameras
The Blade (Ohio), March 29, 2015

Statehouse politicians are all for home rule and local control — except when they aren’t. A bad new state law imposes unreasonable restrictions on Ohio communities, including Toledo, that operate traffic cameras to identify and cite speeders and red-light runners. It deserves to be struck down.

Letter to the Editor: Green Means …
Herald Tribune (Florida), April 1, 2015

Regarding Monday’s letter “Green means go”: The writer must not be aware of the red-light running problem in Sarasota. It is such a problem that Sarasota has installed cameras. I personally have had a close call with a red-light runner. … The letter writer needs to take a refresher course in drivers education. It might save her life one day.

Letter: Keep Red-Light Cameras
Daily Commercial (Florida), March 31, 2015

I agree with the Daily Commercial March 16 Another Opinion, “We need to keep the red-light cameras.” Running a red light or making an illegal turn on red is the most egregious abuse. Those abuses can put a person or persons in a hospital, leave a body broken, even partially paralyzed or cause loss of life.


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“There’s no excuse to run past a school bus. It’s bright yellow. It has flashing red lights with a stop sign extended. There’s no reason you can give for running past that school bus.”
Bobby McLemore, Sheriff of Ben Hill County, Georgia
WALB-TV NBC/ABC 10, March 27, 2015

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In Dunnellon, motor vehicle crashes at three intersections have increased from 10 during the 45 months with red-light safety cameras in use to 33 during the past 20 months without red-light safety cameras. That’s a 230 percent increase. Source: Ocala Star Banner (Florida), March 27, 2015.

In the two years before red-light cameras were installed in Austin in 2007, the intersection of Holly and Weber had the highest number of accidents at 63. In the past year, that number has dropped to 24. Source: KIII-TV Channel 3, April 1, 2015.