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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 14

March 19th, 2015



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Arizona designates March as Red-Light Running Awareness Month, but the message to stop on red is appropriate at all times for all places. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) encourages drivers to obey all traffic laws and to be especially attentive near intersections. Last year, 696 people were killed and an estimated 129,000 were injured in red-light running collisions across the county. These tragedies can be prevented. To spread the message to stop on red through social media channels visit the ATS Facebook page. Drive safely.


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8 Injured in Red-Light Running Collision
Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, March 19, 2015

Seven high school students were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after a crash involving a bus and a pickup truck on Thursday in Kenosha, according to police.  The collision occurred as the bus crossed 52nd Street and the pickup truck ran the red light. One passenger in the pickup truck was injured and taken to the hospital.

Columbus Will Fight to Keep Using Red-Light Cameras
This Week Community News (Ohio), March 18, 2015

Columbus city officials say they plan to file a lawsuit seeking to repeal Ohio Senate Bill 342, which effectively ends the use of red-light cameras. Columbus joins the cities of Akron, Dayton and Toledo, which have filed similar suits in their respective counties. (Northeast Ohio Media Group / Cleveland.com photo)

3 Photo Radar Bills Fail in Arizona Senate
The Arizona Republic, March 18, 2015

The last of three photo radar bills being considered this year by the Arizona Legislature has failed to advance in a Senate Committee. Rep. J.D. Mesnard’s House Bill 2221 would have prevented license suspensions because of a missed photo radar court date. Two much broader bills previously failed. The full Senate rejected an outright ban on photo radar last month, and a House committee rejected a bill requiring police officers to review every photo radar ticket.

Suburban Runs Red Light, Crashes into School Bus
WFAA-TV ABC 8 (Texas), March 18, 2015

A speeding SUV ran a red light and crashed into a Fort Worth school bus Wednesday morning sending both drivers to the hospital, Fort Worth police said. One 12-year-old student was also on the bus, but was not injured.

Wallkill’s Red-Light Camera Plan Moves Forward
Mid-Hudson News (New York), March 14, 2015

A plan to install red-light cameras at key intersections along busy Route 211 in the shopping center district of the Town of Wallkill appears to be moving forward. Most of those who spoke about the cameras at a recent public session were in favor of them.

Boynton to Go to Court to Defend Red-Light Camera Use
Palm Beach Post (Florida), March 13, 2015

Over the past few months, several municipalities have stopped enforcing red-light camera programs after an appeals court decided Hollywood’s operation violated state law. Boynton Beach, however, has stuck it out and the city’s attorneys are prepared to tell a judge in April that the city has a different process than the others.

Fewer Crashes with Red-Light Cameras
Bremerton Patriot (Washington), March 13, 2015

This week, Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent released motor vehicle crash statistics from five intersections with red-light cameras in response to criticism by Councilwoman Leslie Daugs, who claimed the cameras will soon cost the city money.  Numbers at the five locations show a drop in total collisions from 53 in 2010 to 38 in 2012.


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Minnesota School Bus Safety Bill Is for Protection
KTSP-TV and WDAY-TV ABC 6, March 19, 201

Former school teacher, now Republican lawmaker, Rep. Dean Urdahl, of Grove city filed a bill to increase fines and penalities for drivers who pass or attempt to pass the school bus in a motor vehicle when a child is outside the bus. “The purpose is to try to help with a little more safety for our students when around school buses,” Rep. Urdahl said.

Student Injured in Defuniak Springs School Bus Crash
MyPanHandle.com (Florida), March 14, 2015

According to the Defuniak Springs Police Department, an SUV failed to stop before striking the rear bumper of a school bus with 20 students aboard Friday afternoon. Witnesses reported the school bus driver was slowing down to drop off a student and initiated lights to stop. An 18-year-old riding the bus was taken to the hospital with a possible head injury. No other injuries were reported.

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I-85 Toll Lane_Atlanta_Georgia_031515
Toll Road’s Popularity Leads to Creative Traffic Engineering
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), March 16, 2015

With so many people riding I-85 toll lane nowadays, state officials had to think creatively about how to free up the flow or else risk raising the toll to ever higher amounts to keep traffic moving. Now, I-85 Express Lanes drivers who are willing to try transit could earn up to $60 in toll credits. The pilot program allows commuters in northeast metro Atlanta to earn $2 in toll credits per transit trip, up to $10 a month or a maximum or $60 over a six-month period. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution photo by Brant Sanderlin)

Survey: Drivers Say Express Lanes Are Positive Addition to Region
The Free Lance-Star/Fredericksburg.com (Virginia), March 13, 2015

Of the 1,266 drivers from the Washington metro area who participated in an online survey about the Interstate 95 express lanes, which opened in December, most say the new lanes have had a positive impact on their drive. According to the survey, 83 percent of the respondents who are toll-paying users of the lanes said they are a benefit to the region, while 74 percent of non-users think the lanes are a benefit.

Plans Roll Along to Extend Express Lanes in Calif. Route 237
San Jose Mercury News (California), March 13, 2015

The Valley Transportation Authority is finalizing its plan to add express lanes on State Route 237. The extended express lanes will provide more uninterrupted flow through the corridor and allow solo drivers to use the lanes for a fee.


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Commentary: Florida’s Red Light Cameras
Sun Sentinel, March 19, 2015

Red-light cameras wouldn’t be controversial except for one thing. People don’t like to accept blame when they break a traffic law. It’s that simple. If people didn’t run red lights, we wouldn’t have the problem. … And now there is talk about getting rid of the cameras totally in Florida, because they are a hassle. Tough. Keep the cameras. Make the process better, but nail people going through red lights. Red-light cameras save lives. That’s more than I can say for the people who run the lights. Hold these clowns accountable.

Editorial: Let Police Outsource Red-Light Reviews
Sun Sentinel (Florida), March 18, 2015

Legislators should pass an amendment that lets local governments outsource the monitoring of red-light camera videos, including the writing of tickets. After all, outsourcing is popular in state government. Increasingly, Florida outsources the running of prisons to private companies and the education of students, too. In fact, about $50 billion of the state’s $77 billion budget this year will go to vendors doing work for state government. In the case of red-light videos, outsourcing makes sense.

Editorial: It’s Time for Unmanned Photo Radar
The Oregonian (Oregon), March 16, 2015

Oregon state law requires the presence of a police officer in radar vans. Now a bill advances in the Legislature that would establish photo radar zones on busy streets but without the presence of police officers. The bill should win the support of lawmakers.

Editorial: Limp Laws Put Brakes on Safety
Amarillo Globe-News (Texas), March 14, 2015

Because of the Texas Legislature, cities cannot do much as far as punishing those caught red-handed running a red light by a traffic camera. … However, if technology is going to improve the safety of our streets and roads, then sooner or later, there will need to be a consequence for doing things like running a red light.

Letter to the Editor: Ticket Changed Driver’s Behavior
Daily Press (California), March 18, 2015

I got a red-light ticket a couple of years ago. It was deserved (though I didn’t like it, and protested to friends it was bogus). When I did go to court it was after I ignored the first court date. The judge was very fair, as a few others had done the same as I. We all pleaded guilty and received reduced fines. This experience caused me to be more careful at all traffic lights. I no longer stomp the gas pedal when the caution light appears, at any intersection.

Letter: I Support Red-Light Cameras
The Times/NWI.com (Indiana),  March 15, 2015

I had to respond to the letter regarding red-light cameras. The author listed several things the cameras do not do, and he is correct. The cameras are designed to perform one function only. That is catch people running red lights. That frees up police officers to pursue all the other infractions he listed in his letter.

Letter: Stop or Don’t Stop
Herald-Tribune (Florida), March 15, 2015

Red light, green light — who cares? Obviously not the Florida Legislature. The law states you have to come to a full stop on red before making a right turn, but now the Legislature wants to change the law to say it’s OK to roll through the red light at intersections with red-light cameras, as long as a law enforcement officer doesn’t see you do it. That’s not confusing, as quoted in the article, that’s idiotic.