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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 13

March 12th, 2015

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Arizona designates March as Red-Light Running Awareness Month, but the message to stop on red is appropriate at all times for all places. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) encourages drivers to obey all traffic laws and to be especially attentive near intersections. In 2013, nearly 700 people were killed and an estimated 129,000 were injured in red-light running collisions across the county. These tragedies can be prevented. Spread the message to stop on red through social media channels. Make sure to visit the ATS Facebook page. Drive safely.


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Steve Blow: Color Me Solid on Red-Light Cameras
The Dallas Morning News (Texas), March 7, 2015

Red-light cameras have caught a lot of folks in the act, but they’ve also succeeded in changing behaviors — making people hit the brakes, not the gas.

BPD Defends Red-Light Cameras that Lawmaker Wants to End
Bakersfield Now (California), March 6, 2015

A Southern California lawmaker wants to stop red light cameras, but Bakersfield police say they think the devices are making local streets safer.


City Council Considers New Allocations for Red-Light Cam Revenue
KXLY.com, March 9, 2015

You see them dotted across the city, signs warning a red light or speed camera is watching you. But what happens to the money generated by those who break the rules of the road? The resolution before the council, would allow the city to spend the money on things like new flashing school zone signs, LED street lighting, benches, and pruning of street trees and bushes that constitute a safety hazard.

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Mayor Strange Montgomery AL

Mayor Strange Explains Importance of Red-Light Cameras
City of Montgomery, Ala. YouTube page, February 2015

Montgomery, Ala. was the first municipality in the state to implement red-light cameras, which have always been a measure to decrease collisions.

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Cameras to be Implemented in Hays County School Zones
The University Star (Texas), March 10, 2015

Hays County officials will join forces with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to identify people speeding in school zones. The initiative will begin with a pilot program in Wimberley Valley and Dripping Springs, although a date has not been set, Conley said.

Portland Streets Prone to Crashes Could get Speeding Ticket Cams
KATU.com (Oregon), March 11, 2015

Ten streets identified as “high crash corridors” might get automatic speed ticketing cameras under a bill being considered by Oregon’s legislature.


Experts Conducting Study to Make River Drive safer
Our Quad Cities, March 11, 2015

River Drive in Iowa is known for its scenic route but for police a section of that road is also known to be a problem area for speed related car accidents. That’s why city leaders are teaming up with engineers hoping to prevent future accidents. From red-light cameras, adding medians or completely restructuring the street, engineers are exploring what could be done to make that road safe.


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1,500 Drivers Issued School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Tickets: Report
NBC Washington, March 9, 2015

Hundreds of drivers are whizzing by area school buses despite their flashing red lights and stop sign, a new study reveals. At least 1,500 citations have been issued by bus stop-arm cameras since they were introduced in the region in 2013, AAA says.



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ATS will be releasing a series of Florida Red-Light Safety Cameras Facts in the next couple of weeks to inform motorists about how dangerous red-light running is in Florida. Check back each week for a new fact and help us spread the message. Visit www.atsol.com/florida-facts for more info.

Fact 1:



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Nearly 700 people die each year in crashes involving a red-light runner

You can make a difference: by driving the speed limit, you may influence others to speed less.

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Red-Light Cameras Keep Pedestrians Safe
The Chicago Tribune, March 11, 2015

If you don’t run red lights, you won’t get a ticket. Keep the cameras. They keep pedestrians safe.

Cameras Affect Irresponsible Drivers
The Chicago Tribune, March 9, 2015 

Don’t characterize the cameras as taxing the general citizenry; they affect only those of us who literally and figuratively cross the line.

Reader React: Why Motorists Need Red-Light Cameras
LA Times, March 10, 2015

Unfortunately, many drivers these days do not have an inner locus of control — they don’t or won’t police themselves. Red-light cameras help these drivers remember the law and common sense, just as the sight of law enforcement causes drivers to slow down. Some drivers need a “big mother” to remind them to play by the rules.


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jgrubbs-small-100x150 Bakersfield PD
“Our stance is they’re working, we’re reducing collisions by a significant number. I can’t speak to other communities across the state but, in Bakersfield our cameras are working for us, and it’s reduced collisions and made intersections safer where they’re being used.”
Sergeant Joe Grubbs, Bakersfield Police Department
Bakersfield Now (California), March 6, 2015

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Maryland and Virginia
Over 1,000 tickets have been issued in Montgomery County; the county also has the highest number of stop-arm cameras.Washington County buses busted 170 drivers over one year with its 10 school bus cameras, and in Frederick County, 18 citations were issued in the first two years of its stop-arm camera program.In Virginia, stop-arm cameras in Falls Church have issued 201 tickets in their first six months of operationSource: NBC Washington.com, March 9, 2015.