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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 1

December 4th, 2014

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Red-Light Safety Camera Images a Part of Hit-and-Run Investigation
WSFA-TV NBC 12 (Alabama), Dec. 2, 2014

Montgomery police have made an arrest in a hit-and-run crash that injured a 10-year-old boy and his cousin. See related coverage from AL.com.

Albany Police Present Red-Light Camera Program to Public
WXXA-TV FOX 23 (New York), Dec. 2, 2014

There were a lot of questions and a lot of hope expressed at the Albany Police Department’s second meeting about the city’s future red-light camera program. Most of the attendees left feeling better about the project. See related coverage from Times Union and WNYT-TV NBC 13. (Times Union photo by Lori Van Buren)


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Senior Drivers Support Stricter Traffic Laws
The Marion Star (Ohio), Dec. 3, 2014

According to a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report released this week, the majority of American seniors in the survey support the use of speed cameras in residential and urban areas, while more than 65 percent also support using red-light cameras. See AAA report. (USDOT photo)

Fight for Red-Light Safety Cameras Begins in Newark
NJ Advance Media for NJ.com (New Jersey), Dec. 3, 2014

With New Jersey’s 73 red-light cameras set to go dark in just two weeks, the mayor of the cash-strapped city of Newark and a group of lawmakers who represent it are planning a fight to resurrect them. (South Jersey Times photo)

Driver Runs Red Light, Collides with School Bus
KBOI-TV Channel 2 (Idaho), Dec. 3, 2014

Boise police have cited a 57-year-old man for running a red light and crashing into a school bus full of children. The SUV hit the bus near the entry stairs. Police cited the driver with a $90 citation for running the red light. No injuries were reported.

Portland Council’s Legislative Agenda Supports More Photo Radar
The Oregonian (Oregon), Dec. 2, 2014

Photo radar at fixed locations, not just in roving vans is among the notable items on the Portland City Council’s legislative agenda under discussion. The push isn’t about writing speeding tickets with fines, officials argue. By targeting speeding on high-crash corridors, the city hopes to cut the number of crashes, which would have “immediate positive outcomes for our community.”


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County Wants Higher Fines for Passing Stopped School Buses
The Gazette (Maryland), Dec. 3, 2014

Montgomery County has issued more than 800 tickets this year to drivers accused of passing a stopped school bus, and local lawmakers hope a stiffer penalty will deter future violations.  Under state law, the maximum penalty allowed is $250 per offense. However, the court which hears these cases has set the fine at $125. The county uses cameras on school buses to catch people who drive past the bus while its stop arm is extended and red lights flashing. (Montgomery Community Media photo)

Michigan Boy Injured after Pickup Hits School Bus
Detroit Free Press, Dec. 2, 2014

Police say a 13-year-old was injured when a school bus was hit by a pickup truck in the northeastern Lower Peninsula. The student, who was getting on the bus at the time, had what were described as minor injuries.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety RT! Yikes! Red-light runner in Orange Park, FL almost hits a bicyclist! @OPPoliceDept‘s RLSC’s want you to … http://youtu.be/niA9cBZQQ3Q?a


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety RT! Total Crashes have Decreased @ NJ intersections w/red-light safety cameras. Get the facts!


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ATS’ Social Media Following Continues to Grow
Cision.com, Dec. 4, 2014

American Traffic Solutions is commemorating its social media milestones with a video message thanking its followers for helping spread its mission of “making life safer and easier on the road ahead.” This week, ATS reached 2 million views on YouTube, 75,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 20,000 followers on Twitter. View video message.


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Expressway Toughens Efforts to Catch Toll Cheaters
Press of Atlantic City (New Jersey), Dec. 4, 2014

You pull up to one of those toll plazas on the Atlantic City Expressway that has only the exact-change machines and suddenly a voice inside you grows stronger and stronger. “Don’t pay the toll,” it urges. No toll collectors are around, so no one will even notice, right? Well, as powerful as that temptation may be, the folks at the expressway have a few words of advice: Don’t do it. We’re watching you. (Press of Atlantic City photo by Vernon Ogrodnek)

County Designates Tax Zone for Toll 49
Tyler Morning Telegraph (Texas), Dec. 2, 2014

Smith County commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday creating a Transportation Reinvestment Zone to capture property tax revenue from growth along Toll 49. The Transportation Reinvestment Zone would collect property valuation increases from development within a two-mile corridor (one mile in each direction from the center line) along the toll road. A percentage of revenue could go to the mobility authority, which would leverage the tax money to borrow and build additional Toll 49 segments. See related coverage from Tyler Morning Telegraph.


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Editorial: Don’t Do Away with Red-Light Cameras
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Dec. 1, 2014

Red-light cameras are a proven, cost-effective way to enforce traffic laws at intersections that are prone to accidents. They spare innocent people from injury and death at the hands of drivers who are inclined to blow through a red light if they think they won’t be caught. It’s galling that a number of state legislators from both parties appear to be putting the complaints of lawbreakers ahead of concern for the majority of their constituents who are law-abiding and who deserve protection.

Editorial: If Cameras Are Needed for Bus Safety, Bring Them On
Citizen Times (North Carolina), Nov. 30, 2014

If cameras will get drivers to refrain from passing stopped school buses, then let’s put them on all the buses. … The General Assembly ought to approve some version of Attorney General Roy Cooper’s plan. It also should authorize a publicity campaign to get the word out that passing a stopped school bus is not only a bad idea that could cost a child’s life but an illegal act.

Letter to the Editor: Enforcement Always Wanted for Others
Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Dec. 2, 2014

Red-light cameras — seems as if there has been no end of controversy since they were installed. Bottom line: They save lives. The ones who don’t want them are probably the ones who run the light and resent paying the fine. Polls have shown that when people are asked if they want law enforcement; speed, red lights, etc., they invariably say yes. But what they really mean is that they want it enforced for the other drivers.

Letter: Keep Red-Light Cameras for Safety’s Sake
Asbury Park Press (New Jersey), Nov. 27, 2014

Most drivers in New Jersey are safe drivers. And the new law giving pedestrians the right of way has greatly increased their level of politeness. But a few are a danger to the rest and those who run red lights are the worst. … The only way to get their attention is to make it cost them.


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In 2007, 90 crashes occurred at the city of Springfield’s 10 intersections with red-light cameras, according to statistics provided by the city. In 2012, the number dropped to 48 crashes or a 47 percent reduction. Source: Dayton Daily News, Dec. 3, 2014.

The city of Trotwood, has seen a 30 to 40 percent reduction in crashes in the nine years red-light safety cameras have been in use. Source: Dayton Daily News, Dec. 3, 2014.