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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 6

January 9th, 2014



Commentary: Traffic Fatalities, The Good and Bad
National Coalition for Road Safety, Jan. 8, 2013

As a member of the traffic safety community, NCSR’s ultimate goal is to reduce the number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities that affect American families each year. Sadly, for the first time in six years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that motor vehicle collisions and fatalities increased on U.S. roadways in 2012. … The one shining beacon in this unfortunate news comes in the Federal Highway Administration’s data that shows fatalities related to red-light running fell nearly 5 percent from 2011 to 2012, thanks in part to red-light safety cameras.

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Crashes Tumble 52% Since Red-Light Safety Cameras’ Arrival
WINZ-Radio AM 940 (Florida), Jan. 9, 2013

For years red-light camera opponents have argued the threat of getting a ticket actually increases car crashes, but that’s apparently not the case in the city of Miami. Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief of Miami Police Armando Aguilar says there have been 52 percent fewer accidents in the city since the cameras have been installed at dangerous intersections; rear-end crashes are down 46 percent. (Alex Kolyer photo for Miami Herald)

Red-Light Running Citations in Opelika Top 4,500 in 8 Months
Opelika-Auburn News (Alabama), Jan. 7, 2014

During the first city council meeting of the New Year, Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller announced that the city’s police department reviewed 5,680 red-light running violations in 2013, and issued traffic citations in more than 4,500 cases. The cameras became operational on May 8, 2013.

Osceola County Joins Red-Light Camera Brigade
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Jan. 6, 2014

Red-light cameras will soon be keeping an eye on drivers at the most dangerous intersections in Osceola County. Commissioners on Monday approved a deal with American Traffic Solutions to install the devices at 10 intersections in unincorporated parts of the county.

Red-Light Camera Image May Identify Hit-Run Driver
WCAU-TV NBC 10 (Pennsylvania), Jan. 6, 2014

Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run crash in Southwest Philadelphia. Investigators say they may have captured the striking vehicle on a red-light camera.

Florida Report Finds Red-Light Running Crashes Decrease
WWSB-TV ABC 7, Jan. 3, 2014

For the second consecutive year, red-light cameras are reducing dangerous intersection crashes in a majority of cities and towns in Florida using red-light safety cameras, according to a new study by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Nearly 59% of the agencies responding to the department’s survey reported a decrease in total crashes. Similarly, 61% of the 44 agencies that tracked side-impact crashes reported a decrease in collisions while 43% reported a decrease in rear-end crashes. 

Clermont Now Citing Red-Light Violators
South Lake Press (Florida), Jan. 3, 2014

Last week, the warnings ended for people running red lights in Clermont. Police have started mailing $158 tickets to drivers either racing through red lights or not coming to a complete stop before turning right on red. About 3,430 warnings were issued during the test period from Dec. 1 through the morning of Dec. 31.

N.Y. Assemblyman Wants Red-Light, Speed Cameras
Brooklyn Daily Eagle (New York), Jan. 3, 2014

In the wake of an accident that killed a 32-year-old woman on McGuinness Boulevard, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol is demanding that the city immediately install speed safety cameras, red-light cameras and other traffic calming measures on the heavily trafficked Greenpoint street.

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ATS Delivers CrossingGuard Presentation in Shreveport
KTBS-TV Channel 3 (Louisiana), Jan. 7, 2014

Traffic enforcement cameras took top spot on the agenda at an intergovernmental meeting at Independence Stadium in Shreveport on Tuesday. “Children are getting hurt.” Which is the main reason District G City Councilman Sam Jenkins says he organized a presentation from American Traffic Solutions. “The idea now is to come up with a manner that would deter that type of conduct, that type of behavior,” Jenkins says.

Agreement Promotes School Bus Rider Safety
Clayton  News Daily (Georgia), Jan. 3, 2014

Clayton County Public Schools is partnering with American Traffic Solutions to deploy CrossingGuard photo enforcement school bus safety cameras. CrossingGuard is ATS’ newest technology to help school districts address the growing problem of motorists who illegally pass school buses that are stopped for children to board or disembark.

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Kent Activates School Zone Cameras
KOMO-TV ABC 4 (Washington), Jan. 6, 2014

Traffic cameras near Neely O’Brien and Sunrise elementary schools in Kent are mailing tickets to drivers who speed during school crossing hours. “When the speed limit was 20 miles-per-hour, we had a car at least a few cars going over 50 miles-per-hour and one 58,” said Chief Ken Thomas of the Kent Police Department.

Speed Camera Captures Motorist Driving without Hands in England
Capital Bay News, Jan. 6, 2014

A motorist who drove at more than 60 mph without using his hands has been spared jail after telling a court he was “having a stretch.” The 36-year-old accepted yesterday it was “not the way you pass your driving test” but denied road users were in any danger.

School Zone Photo Enforcement Begins at High School
City of Longview (Washington), Jan. 6, 2014

Photo enforcement in the Mark Morris High School zone is scheduled to begin Jan. 6, 2014. Camera testing for the system began Dec. 23 and will be intermittent until the official start date of Jan. 6.

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“We’re here to practice public safety, not gotcha law enforcement.”
Bob Hansell, Osceola County Sheriff
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Jan. 6, 2014

“We will not be changing the number of officers in the traffic division. The cameras do give us extra eyes on the road, however, and allow us to re-deploy officers to other areas, basically expanding our capabilities.”
Charles Broadway, Clermont Police Chief
South Lake Press (Florida), Jan. 3, 2014

“This program is designed to teach drivers the school bus stop arm laws and change their behaviors in a positive way to protect the lives of the children who ride a school bus to and from school every day.”
Harold Walker, Clayton County Public Schools Transportation Director
Clayton News Daily (Georgia), Jan. 3, 2014

“Another heartbreaking accident at this deadly intersection calls for swift action in the New Year under the new mayoral administration to install red-light cameras, speed cameras, and new traffic calming measures.”
Joseph Lentol, N.Y. Assemblyman
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Jan. 3, 2014

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Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Pay Dividends
Denton Record-Chronicle (Florida), Jan. 9, 2014

Denton will soon have 15 operating red-light cameras — an addition of six — and local police tell us there’s a good reason for the increase — the cameras help reduce violations. In fact, the city had a 13.3 percent reduction in violations at its nine camera approaches this past year. In our view, that’s a pretty good argument for keeping existing cameras and installing more at dangerous intersections.

Editorial: Red-Light Cams Might Deserve a Pass After All
Bakersfield Californian, Jan. 6, 2014

In August 2010, The Californian’s editorial board declared, “Until we see solid proof that intersection cameras are dramatically making us safer on the road, we’re leaning toward the cynical view that the devices are just cash-extraction machines disguised as great protectors. Let’s continue to evaluate traffic safety data relative to red-light cameras.” Well, new data are in and the evidence is strong: Red-light cameras are doing their job.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Blame the Cameras
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), Jan. 7, 2014

Motorists who oppose New Jersey’s red-light cameras oppose them for one reason only: They want to be able to run red lights. … Red-light cameras are a proven safety device that saves lives. There are a number of studies to back this up. If anything, their use should be expanded.