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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 41

September 11th, 2014

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Traffic Fatalities Climbing in Bakersfield
BakersfieldNow.com/KBAK/KBFX (California), Sept. 10, 2014

This summer the streets of Bakersfield have been painted with yellow tape, covered in scraps of metal and coated in blood. In just the past three days, the Bakersfield Police Department has had to respond to four fatal collisions.

Police: Car Runs Red-Light, Hits School Bus
Las Vegas Sun (Nevada), Sept. 10, 2014

A school bus with children on board was hit Wednesday morning by a car that ran a red light, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol. The bus was carrying 11 children, but nobody was injured.

40 More Red-Light Safety Cameras under Consideration in Orange
Central Florida News 13, Sept. 10, 2014

Forty additional red-light cameras may be coming to Orange County. Commissioners have not made a decision yet, but will revisit the topic in six weeks.

Red-Light Running Is a Top Cause of Crash Deaths, Injuries
KATC-TV  Channel 3 (Louisiana), Sept. 9, 2014

Running through a red light or other traffic control is the most common cause of urban crashes and is also a leading cause of crashes that result in deaths or injuries. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission points out that crashes at intersections often involve a vehicle being hit broadside, which is one of the most dangerous types of collisions.

Osceola County Announces Warning Period for Red-Light Cameras
Osceola County (Florida), Sept. 9, 2014

Osceola County’s next round of red-light safety cameras will begin 30-day warning periods this week. Osceola County is one of the first counties to designate how the revenues from the red light cameras are to be used — public safety improvements at those intersections with the safety cameras.

Albany Councilmember Proposes Red-Light Safety Cameras
TimesUnion.com (New York), Sept. 6, 2014

City lawmakers later this month will consider a proposed law that would allow placement of cameras at street intersections to automatically hand out tickets to red-light runners.


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School Board Backs School Zone Speed Safety Cameras
Wenatchee World (Washington), Sept. 10, 2014

The Wenatchee School Board unanimously backed the use of an automated speed enforcement system to slow school-time traffic at three elementary schools. (Wenatchee School District photo)

Family Fights to Make “Ryan’s Law” a Reality
Bucks County (Pennsylvania), Sept. 7, 2014

Ryan Viola was just 17 when he lost his life after being struck by a vehicle on his way to a school bus stop in Bensalem. The driver of the car faced traffic citations, but no criminal charges even though her driver’s license was suspended. The family wants to tighten the law with criminal charges.


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Student Injured in Yavapai County School Bus Wreck
The Arizona Republic, Sept. 9, 2014

A dump truck collided with a school bus as it slowed down to pick up a child in Yavapai County, injuring one child and damaging both vehicles in northern Arizona. Emergency works extricated the dump-truck driver from his vehicle, according to law-enforcement officials. (The Arizona Republic photo by Dave Hermanson)

Crash with Stopped School Bus Injures 35-year-old
Journal-Sentinel (Wisconsin), Sept. 9, 2014

A 35-year-old Muskego man was injured when his vehicle rear-ended a stopped school bus Tuesday afternoon. The bus’ red lights were flashing and the stop arm was extended at the time of the accident, according to Muskego police. The bus was stopped to let off students when the crash happened at 3:17 p.m.

Macomb County School Buses to Get Exterior Traffic Safety Cameras
Traverse City Record-Eagle (Michigan), Sept. 9, 2014

Macomb County school buses are being outfitted with cameras to record vehicles that pass while buses’ red stop lights are flashing.

Program to Catch Drivers Illegally Passing School Buses Expands
Herald-Mail Media (Maryland), Sept. 8, 2014

Twelve more video cameras will be added to local school buses soon as the Washington County Sheriff’s Office expands a program to catch — and discourage — drivers from passing school buses when the buses stop to pick up or drop off students, Sheriff Douglas Mullendore said. (Herald-Mail Media photo by Kevin G. Gilbert/chief photographer)

School Bus Drivers Complain Motorists Not Stopping
KOTA-TV Territory News, ABC (South Dakota), Sept. 8, 2014

In the nine days since Rapid City Area Schools started the new year, at least one driver a day ignores traffic laws around stopped school buses. That behavior ignores the lessons of last September, when a SUV struck a school bus on Country Road and injured three bus passengers and the SUV driver.


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ATS Primary Logo

American Traffic Solutions is excited to announce the recent completion of two road safety camera program agreements with municipalities in Florida. The city of Ocoee, an ATS client since 2008, has renewed its road safety camera program until December 2016. In a separate action, the city of Temple Terrace, entered into a new agreement with ATS for three years, with the option to renew. ATS and Temple Terrace began their partnership in 2010. ATS considers it an honor to continue their road safety partnerships with both cities.

ATS Fleet Services Names David Roberts as Executive Vice President
American Traffic Solutions news release, Sept. 11, 2014

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of David Roberts as ATS Fleet Services Executive Vice President. In his new position, David will be responsible for managing all aspects of the Fleet Services Business Unit. David comes to ATS from Billing Tree, a multi-channel electronic payment platform where he was President and CEO.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety “In NJ, red-light safety cameras reduced right-angle crashes by 60% Find out more @MyCentralJersey: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/opinion /…

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety  Violations decreased 82% in the 1st 6 mo of Des Moines, WA’s school zone speed safety camera program: http://www.atsschoolsafety.com/

Retweeted by ATS_RoadSafety  NHTSA @NHTSAgov More than 3,390 children were killed in car crashes during a 5 year period. How do you keep your family safe in … http://fb.me/1IR4RX9Cr

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Potential Is High for Public-Private Partnerships in U.S.
Governing Magazine (District of Columbia), Sept. 9, 2014

The United States could soon become the biggest market for public-private partnerships in the world, analysts from Moody’s Investors Service said. Thirty-three states now permit the partnerships for transportation projects, and many of those states adopted those laws within the last five years. The way those partnerships are structured is also shifting. (AP photo by J. Pat Carter)

Highway Fix Could Mean More Tolls
USA Today, Sept. 9, 2014

With a short-term fix papering over a shortfall in the highway trust fund, the Obama administration is looking for more creative ways to build and fix the nation’s roads and bridges. For many drivers, that could mean more tolls.

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Commentary: Cameras Are Best Option for Safety
The Eastern Progress (Kentucky), Sept. 10, 2014

Eastern needs safer intersections on and around campus. Red-light cameras would certainly be the least expensive option and would likely pay for themselves within a year.

Editorial: Catch and Stop Deadly Bus ‘Drive-Bys’
Casper Star Tribune (Wyoming), Sept. 7, 2014

They’re called “drive-bys.” Others call them “fly-bys.” Whatever you want to call them, they’re flat-out dangerous. Drivers, who can’t wait for students to make their way off a school bus, ignore flashing lights and an outstretched stop sign, and speed past the stopped bus. To do so is illegal, dangerous and, sadly, too frequent. We’re pleased to hear school bus cameras are rolling out statewide, and we urge police and prosecutors to pursue and punish “drive-by” drivers.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Deliver Safety, Justice
MyCentralJersey.com (New Jersey), Sept. 8, 2014

Recent editorials have been critical of the state’s red-light safety camera program. One in particular referred to the program as “obnoxious.” What’s obnoxious is the number of drivers in New Jersey who run red lights with reckless disregard for pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and anyone else who uses the road. Ultimately, this important issue needs to be decided on facts, and not empty rhetoric.

Letter: In Defense of Red-Light Cameras
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), Sept. 5, 2014

Once again, The Star-Ledger editorial board is pushing doing away with red-light cameras. Another safety measure gone by the wayside — and why? Because people don’t want to be punished for their violations.


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“A simple red-light violation killed somebody. It’s happening routinely, daily, all day long.”
Joe Grubbs, Bakersfield, Calif., Police Department Sergeant
BakersfieldNow.com (California), Sept. 10, 2014

“Those cameras are aimed at people who go more than 10 miles over the posted limit. I’ve asked them to enhance the yellow signs that say ‘Photo Enforced.’ There’s a sign telling you there’s going to be a speed camera, telling you what the limit is, you get a cushion over that, and you’re still speeding and you get a ticket? Gee, I don’t feel very sympathetic.”
Mary Cheh, District of Columbia Council Member
WAMU-Radio FM 88.5, Sept. 10, 2014

“As far as I’m concerned, anybody runs (past) a school bus, that’s a significant problem because it puts our children at risk for serious injury … and death.”
Douglas Mullendore, Washington County Sheriff
Herald-Mail Media (Maryland), Sept. 8, 2014

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Red-light running violations at the first camera to go online in Tuscaloosa resulted in 222 citations issued in September 2013. Twelve months later, 185 motorists were cited for running the red light in August 2014. This trend has not resulted in a spike of rear-end collisions, and it repeated itself at six of the seven remaining approaches once the cameras were turned on. At the location without a decrease, there were 40 citations issued in June, its first month of operation, 47 in July and 42 in August. Source: TuscaloosaNews.com, Sept. 11, 2014.

Officials in Orange County, where 108 red-light safety cameras are set up, say the cameras have helped reduce traffic crashes by 14 percent and traffic violations by 18 percent. Source: Central Florida News 13, Sept. 10, 2014.