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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 34

July 23rd, 2014

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Red-Light Cameras Get the Go-Ahead in New York
WNYT-TV NBC 13, July 23, 2014

Albany is one step closer to red light cameras. One day after a rally in Albany opposing the installation of more traffic cameras throughout the city, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the green light to the legislation on Tuesday. Sponsors say New York City’s traffic cameras have reduced crash injuries and violations over the past 20 years. See related articles from Long Island Business News and WDKX-Radio 103.9 FM.

Germantown Wants More Red-Light Safety Cameras
WATN-TV ABC 24 (Tennessee), July 22, 2014

More red-light cameras are coming to the Mid-South. Germantown plans to install several new ones by the end of this year. They’re targeting the town’s busiest intersections.

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Council Extends Red-Light Safety Camera Agreement
Bellevue Reporter (Washington), July 23, 2014

Bellevue City Council on Monday approved expanding the use of American Traffic Solutions’ red-light cameras in the city for the next five years, adding three more red-light cameras and an additional school-zone camera to the five currently operating in Bellevue. Police data show the number of infractions from both speed and red-light cameras have decreased from 22,798 in 2010 to 11,956 in 2013, indicating improved driver behavior. New locations listed in the city’s news release include 112th Avenue and NE 8th.

Fayetteville’s Red-Light Camera Legislation Passes Senate Committee
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), July 23, 2014

Fayetteville’s red-light camera legislation passed the Senate Rules Committee by a voice vote this morning and likely will be heard on the Senate floor on Thursday. If it passes the Senate without modification, it will become law.

Tampa Detectives Review Red-Light Camera Tape in Child’s Death
City of Tampa (Florida), July 21, 2014

Tampa police detectives are looking for video on red-light cameras and business cameras for clues into the death of a young man who fell out of a vehicle. See related article from Tampa Bay Times.

Cheyenne Police Watchful of Red-Light Runners
Wyoming Tribune Eagle, July 20, 2014

The Cheyenne Police Department issued 351 red-light running citations in 2013. So far this year, they’ve written 303. Earlier this month, the Department was out in force, cracking down on those failing to stop on red at several of the busiest intersections. Sgt. Tom Hood said that during the first week of June, 44 citations were issued by the patrol unit. “We had 33 the second week, then 30, and then it dropped all the way down to 15 by the fourth week,” Hood said. “I think they are beginning to get the gist of what we are trying to do here.” (Wyoming Tribune Eagle photo by Blaine McCartney)

Opelika Police Report Thousands Running Red-Lights
Opelika-Auburn News (Alabama), July 19, 2014

In the year since the city of Opelika installed red-light cameras at four intersections, there have been thousands citations issued, but the goal has remained the same. “The goal of this project is to change people’s driving behaviors, getting them to pay attention to their driving, paying attention to red lights and stopping at red lights so that their driving is safer,” said Opelika Police Capt. Shane Healey. See related coverage from WTVA-TV ABC/NBC 9.

Florida DOT Lists Intersection Safety Suggestions
Tampa Bay Times, July 17, 2014

The Florida Department of Transportation on Thursday released a preliminary list of ideas to make the intersection of Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road safer for motorists and pedestrians. One suggestion is to move the signs warning drivers of traffic cameras farther from the intersection. The study follows the May 20 death of crossing guard Douglas Carey. The 70-year-old retired police officer was killed when a car ran a red light at 70 mph, collided with another car and barreled into him.

Police Write 85 Aggressive Driving Tickets During Morning Commute
Berks-Mont News (Pennsylvania), July 17, 2014

Officers and Troopers made in excess of 75 contacts and issued over 85 aggressive- driving related citations during the July 16 enforcement period on Route 422. The enforcement wave focused on red-light running, tailgating and speeding.

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Parents Say Students’ Longer Walk to School Is too Dangerous
The Oak Ridger (Tennessee), July 21, 2014

As the mother stood and held a protest sign on the spot Thursday morning where her daughter Ashley was killed, Laurie Paine said she was protesting the school board’s decision to limit bus transportation distances to 1.5 miles or farther from school, forcing students living short of the new distance to walk to campus. Opponents are concerned about student safety.

Speed Tickets Drop at 2 Schools, but Increase for Year
The Daily News (Washington), July 15, 2014

The number of school zone speed camera tickets rose in 2013 compared to years prior due to three new camera-enforced zones going into effect last fall, according to a Longview police report. Tickets at Columbia Valley Gardens and Mint Valley elementary schools, the location of the original two speed zones installed in 2011, fell sharply.

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Automatic Tolling Conversion Lessons Shared at Conference
Toll Roads News, July 22, 2014

Two months after converting to all electronic tolling (AET), Orange County’s Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) offered the tolling industry some hard-won lessons on managing customer experience during the changeover.

Drivers Cheer Cash-Free Tolling on Tobin Bridge
The Boston Globe (Massachusetts), July 21, 2014

After years of planning, months of construction work, and a weeks-long trial run with new license plate detection equipment, the Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge officially switched to cash-free tolling Monday morning, and, just as promised, morning rush hour traffic moved a little faster than usual. (The Boston Globe photo by Jessica Rinaldi)

Prediction: Automatic Tolling Privacy Fears Will Fade
San Jose Mercury News (California), July 18, 2014

A Los Angeles study found that up to 30 percent of drivers fear Big Brother and view FasTrak as an invasion of privacy, but I predict that will change. There are now nearly 2.7 million FasTrak transponders in use in the Bay Area, a huge leap from 2001, when there were 183,820.

Texas Sends $2.50 Invoices, Bills Oklahomans
KXAS-TV NBC 5, July 16, 2014

“Free rides” will be fewer and farther between for Oklahomans and infrequent toll road users on the North Texas Tollway Authority’s roads. The NTTA has lowered its threshold and is now billing all drivers who carry a balance of at least $2.50, or three toll trips, on their accounts.

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Commentary: Highway Cameras Might Just Save a Few Lives
The Record/NorthJersey.com (New Jersey), July 18, 2014

It may be weeks, even months, before authorities can determine what led a tractor-trailer to veer off southbound Route 17 onto the shoulder near Bergen Avenue and into the unmarked cruiser where Waldwick Patrolman Christopher Goodell was using radar equipment to control chronic speeding there. Thursday’s tragic loss of one of their own made some police officers think seriously about at least one other method to root out speeders – cameras.

Commentary: Traffic Fatality Is Painful Reminder
KELO Radio 1320 AM/107.9 FM (South Dakota), July 17, 2014

The death of a 22-year old bicyclist is the latest traffic tragedy to rock Sioux Falls. Yesterday’s accident comes on the heels of a tragedy that killed a 33-year-old woman while pulling her two children on a bicycle in southwestern Minnesota. Everyone in this city is in such a rush. Speeding and red-light running have become more frequent. Many drivers are distracted by cell phones. Yesterday’s death should be a sad reminder to all of us to slow down and be more vigilant.

Letter to the Editor: City’s Camera Program is Lawful, Necessary
Bradenton Herald (Florida), July 22, 2014

Sunday, my wife and I almost had an accident as we arrived at the intersection of 59th Street and 21st Avenue. A gentleman ran the red light and stopped in the middle of our lane. … That person should have been ticketed but was not because of no camera. That re-enforces my vote to continue with the program.

Letter: Cameras Allow Police to Fight Violence
The Chicago Tribune (Illinois), July 22, 2014

I was struck by what was not mentioned in your series regarding the red-light camera system: the amount of police personnel time and cost that was avoided by not having them sit waiting to ticket violators. No question the camera system should be fixed and accurate, but given your other front-page news about murders and shootings in the city, I believe the cost trade-off is worthwhile if it allows the police to fight the shooting epidemic infecting the city.

Letter: Keep Red-Light Cameras to Deliver Deserved Punishment
The Star Ledger (New Jersey), July 21, 2014

Those who run red lights are breaking the law, period. Any continued conversation is for personal gain: Whether it’s politicians who want to do away with red-light cameras to win votes, or politicians who want to keep the cameras for revenue, or drivers who want to get rid of them so they won’t have to pay for getting caught.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Get Support
The Tribune-Review (Pennsylvania), July 16, 2014

Regarding the July 9 letter “Red light cameras:” The author opposes red-light cameras, saying ticket cameras increase accidents, injuries and fatalities. I’ve been fortunate enough to pause at a green light only to see two cars blow through their red. It’s happened many times. I could have been the fatality. So I’m not sorry if chronic red-light runners get caught by the cameras.

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“Anything that we can do to calm the traffic and save lives is of course good. Essentially it’s about traffic safety.”
Ernie Davis, Mayor of Mount Vernon, New York
WDKX-Radio 103.9 FM, July 23, 2014

“The two generalities … is that the number of citations issued per month is, after a year, is starting to drop. People are getting the point that these cameras are there, they’re seeing the signs and they’re seeing this is the real deal.”
Shane Healey, Police Captain with Opelika Police Department
Opelika-Auburn News (Alabama), July 19, 2014

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City of Bellevue Police data show that the photo enforcement cameras now in place generally have changed driver behavior and increased safety. The number of infractions from both speed and red-light cameras have decreased from 22,798 in 2010 to 11,956 in 2013. SOURCE: City of Bellevue News Release, July 23, 2014.