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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 33

July 16th, 2014

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Fatalities Precede Decision to Extend Speed Cameras’ Enforcement Time
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM (Maryland), July 16, 2014

Speed cameras near the University of Maryland will soon be working around the clock, a reaction to three pedestrian fatalities this year. The College Park City Council unanimously approved a resolution from Mayor Andrew Fellows to extend the cameras’ hours. See additional coverage from The Baltimore Sun and hear reaction from parents of victims at WTOP-Radio 103.5.

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5 Cameras in 5 Months See 41,000 Speeders by N.Y. Schools Before June
New York Post, July 15, 2014

New York City issued 41,000 caught-on-camera speeding violations from mid-January to the end of May, when five school zone speed safety cameras were in operation. In June, with 20 speed cameras in use in school districts, the city issued 48,000 tickets to vehicles driving more than 11 mph over the speed limit. This fiscal year, about 75 percent of all fines for speeding, running a red light and driving in a bus lane resulted from violations captured on cameras — up from 38 percent 15 years ago. See related coverage from WNYC and Daily News.

Judge Rules Fred Meyer Crosswalk a Legal School Zone
Federal Way Mirror (Washington), July 9, 2014

Federal Way Municipal Court judges recently ruled that, yes, drivers of Federal Way can get a speeding ticket from traffic cameras at the Saghalie Middle School crosswalk by Fred Meyer.

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Authorities: Car Runs Flashing Red Light, Collides with School Bus
WHEC-TV NBC 10 (New York), July 16, 2014

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, a car ran a flashing red light at Scottsville-Mumford and Wheatland Center roads Wednesday afternoon. Police said the car collided with a school bus carrying around 35 children, who were on a field trip. About five children were taken from the scene to a hospital with what deputies said were minor injuries. Police said the driver of the car suffered serious injuries. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital. See related coverage from Time Warner Cable News.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Go Into Effect in Osceola County
WFTV-TV Channel 9 (Florida), July 15, 2014 

Osceola County’s first two red-light safety cameras caught 75 culprits in the last 30 days, but up until now, the drivers were just given warnings. Starting Wednesday, July 16, the grace period ends and police will start giving out tickets. See related press release from Osceola County.

Red-Light Cameras Could Be Coming to New Rochelle, Mount Vernon
News 12 Westchester (New York), July 15, 2014

The cities of New Rochelle and Mount Vernon both got approval from the state Legislature to install red-light cameras, which are meant to cut down on red-light runners. Gov. Andrew Cuomo must first sign the bills, and then vendors need to be hired before cameras can be installed.

City Wants to Use Red-Light Running Fines to Improve Parks, More
Bay News 9 (Florida), July 13, 2014

Town officials have taken note, and are proposing the “Grow Kenneth City” project to revitalize major corridors, parks, and neighborhoods. Kenneth City wants to use red-light running fines to pay for the revitalization and beautification process. See related article in Tampa Bay Times.

Man Gets 12 Years in Red-Light Running Traffic Death
The Star-Telegram (Texas), July 11, 2014

A 24-year-old man with multiple convictions involving alcohol was sentenced on Thursday to 12 years in prison for driving drunk and then slamming into a 71-year-old motorcyclist, killing him. The driver ran a red light at Alta Mere Drive and Calmont Avenue, in Fort Worth. He was going about 90 mph when he slammed into motorcyclist Richard Franklin Lynn, a crash recorded by a red-light camera.

Renton Adding Red-Light Safety Camera
Kent Reporter (Washington), July 11, 2014

The City of Renton is adding an additional red-light photo enforcement camera at the intersection of Southeast 176th Street at Benson Road South/108th Avenue Southeast. An analysis of this intersection found that on average, 47 vehicles fail to stop for the red traffic control signal during a 24-hour period. (The Seattle Times photo by Mark Harrison)

Sarasota Police Warn of Telephone Scams
Mill Valley Patch (California), July 10, 2014

Sarasota Police Department is warning of a new twist on an old scam. Someone is targeting drivers, claiming they owe money for running a red light. Police said if you do receive a ticket for running a red light, you would not receive a phone call requesting you to use a pre-paid card.  See related article in Mill Valley Patch.

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ATS Primary Logo

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to announce its new agreements with the City of Lake Forest Park, Washington, and Clayton County, Georgia. Both clients chose to renew their current road safety camera programs. Lake Forest Park agreed to a new five-year term of operation, while Clayton County exercised its first amendment to the annual contract, extending its program for another year. ATS is honored to remain a partner in road safety with the City of Lake Forest Park, Clayton County and all of its customers.

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Oklahoma Drivers Can Soon Use PikePasses on Texas Toll Roads
News9.com (Oklahoma), July 14, 2014

Beginning on August 10, drivers with PikePasses will be able to travel, unimpeded on toll roads, bridges and tunnels in the Dallas metroplex. Texas drivers with TollTags will also be able to use their passes on Oklahoma’s turnpikes.

Tollbooth Scofflaws Are Multimillion-Dollar Headaches
CQ Roll Call, (Washington D.C.), July 8, 2014

All-electronic tolling  saves time and money — no more old-fashioned toll plazas at which drivers stop and idle, and no more toll collectors whose salaries and benefits must be paid over decades of service — but toll-road authorities need to put resources toward ensuring that people pay up, said Robert Poole, director of Transportation Policy at the Reason Foundation.

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NCSR @SaferRoads More than 50% of teen drivers killed in 2012 were not wearing a seatbelt. Find out more w/ GHSAHQ  #GettingItToClick  bit.lyW3Vmn5.

ATS_Road Safety @ATS_RoadSafety In 2012, +7.3 million U.S. red-light running violations involved #DistractedDriving via @SaferRoadsUSA & @focusdriven.

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Letter to the Editor: Columnist Wrong about Red-Light Cameras
Sun Sentinel (Florida), July 11, 2014

Regarding the June 25 commentary, “Legislature must end red-light camera scam,” I suggest Randy Schultz spend several days at different, busy intersections before espousing such words of wisdom. During early-morning rush hour, it was immediately apparent to me that these red-light cameras had a positive impact.

Letter: Return Red-Light Cameras to Houston
The Houston Chronicle (Texas), July 11, 2014

I am writing to you about a trend I see that appears to be getting worse since the red-light cameras were turned off: a greater number of red-light runners. Prior to the red-light cameras, it was unusual to see a red-light runner, a scary sight to watch, which can be devastating if you’re hit by one. Now that the red-light cameras have been turned off, I see two, three or four cars running a red light at a time.

Letter: The Fix for Speeding? Enforce the Laws
Northwest Valley Newspapers/YourWestValley.com (Arizona), July 11, 2014

I could not agree more with Glenn Haynes’ letter on July 5 about the traffic issues in Sun City West. The issues are primarily a disregard for traffic laws in general. I witnessed the following on July 6 at Aleppo and R.H. Johnson. The light was red for Aleppo and as I slowed, the driver in front simply crossed on the red light. He/she could not be bothered for the light to change. This is the same intersection that had a red-light running fatality last year.

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“It makes sense to do them when there are the most pedestrians in the area and when the danger is the greatest. Most of the accidents that have occurred this year are late at night when the cameras are not active.”
Patrick Wojahn, College Park Council Member on extending speed safety camera enforcement time
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM (Maryland), July 16, 2014

“We have carefully thought out each of the three school zones that were selected, based on volume of traffic, numbers of ongoing violations and the risk to students. … As police chief, it is my hope that the drivers focus on practicing safe driving through the Saghalie school zone as all of our school zones to keep our school children safe.”
Andy Hwang, Federal Way Police Chief
Federal Way Mirror (Washington), July 9, 2014

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Osceola County’s first two red-light cameras caught more than 70 culprits during the past month, when warnings without fines were issued. SOURCE: WFTV-TV Channel 9, July 15, 2014.

New York
The first five of New York’s school zone speed safety cameras issued 41,000 tickets from mid-January through the end of May. In June when 15 more cameras became operational, more than 48,000 tickets were issued. SOURCE: New York Post, July 15, 2014.

About 75 percent of all fines for speeding, running a red light and driving in a bus lane in New York are now the result of violations captured on cameras — up from 38 percent 15 years ago, according to data the Independent Budget Office released Tuesday. SOURCE: Daily News, July 15, 2014.