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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 29

June 19th, 2014

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Inside Look at New York City’s Speed Camera Cars
WCBS-TV CBS 2 (New York), June 18, 2014

The words “smile, you’re on candid camera” have taken on new meaning in the city’s crackdown on speeding motorists. CBS 2 gives viewers a close-up look at the city’s new speed camera vehicles.

Motorcyclist Cartwheels in Air, Walks Away from Intersection Collision
WTSP-TV Channel 10 (Florida), June 19, 2014

Watch amazing red-light camera video of a motorcyclist who cartwheels through the air after colliding with a car and walks away uninjured.  The driver of the car was cited for an improper left turn.

Osceola County Launches Red-Light Safety Cameras
WKMG-TV Channel 6 (Florida), June 15, 2014

Two new red-light cameras will begin working in Osceola County on Monday, but tickets won’t be issued until a 30-day warning period comes to a close. Fines take effect on July 16.

Cameras to Catch School Bus Stop Arm Violators Coming
WLTX-TV CBS 19 (North Carolina), June 13, 2014

A test program to reduce the number of school bus stop arm violations is seeing big results and creating big changes in Rowan County North Carolina. Now a similar program is coming to Spartanburg County. Judy Burris, retired Transportation Director at the Rowan County School District said she knew they had to act after three students died from people ignoring a school bus stop arm. “It was shocking. It was a life lost all by not paying attention or being in a hurry,” said Burris.

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Police: Red-Light Safety Cameras Do Mean Fewer Crashes
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), June 16, 2014

Don’t run that red light. On Monday, Knoxville added red-light cameras at two intersections. Every year since Knoxville began using cameras, the city has had a reduction in total crashes. The city has 19 other red-light cameras at intersections. View pdf. See related coverage from WATE-TV ABC 6.

Siblings Among 3 Killed in Red-Light Hit-and-Run
Houston Chronicle (Texas), June 15, 2014

Three people – including a teenage brother and sister – died in a hit-and-run crash early Saturday as they drove home from a party in southeast Houston. A white Chrysler 300 ran a red light and hit a blue Chevy Cavalier around 2:30 a.m. in the 3400 block of Woodridge, witnesses told Houston police.

Cameras Moved as Crashes Drop; Warning Phase Begins at New Spot
Athens Banner-Herald (Georgia), June 14, 2014

Red-light cameras have gone live at a new location in east Athens. It marks the beginning of a 30-day period in which violators will receive written warnings in the mail, police said. A decision to relocate the cameras was made after crashes at the intersection decreased, according to police.

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School Traffic Safety under Review in Washington County
Star Tribune (Minnesota), June 14, 2014

A child’s death and a proliferation of new schools have prompted a review of traffic safety problems along Washington County roads. The fresh look comes after engineers acknowledged difficulty in managing growing traffic around schools — and responding to conflicting expectations about what should be done. “School warning signs made a lot more sense decades ago when there were fewer schools and pedestrians were likely to be seen around each of these schools,” said Joe Gustafson, the county’s traffic engineer. “I’ll be the first to admit that many signs are archaic for many of the situations out there.”

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Stop-Arm Incident Photo Is Worth 1,000 Words
School Bus Fleet Magazine, June 16, 2014

One interesting detail in the journey of the stop-arm camera measure through the South Carolina legislative process is the role that a photo played. Bill sponsor Sen. Thomas Alexander showed the shocking picture to other legislators to help galvanize support for the bill. The photo shows the aftermath of a stop-arm running incident in Cherokee County, S.C., in May. A motorist passing a stopped school bus struck and seriously injured a teenage student. The girl’s shoes lie in the road, and her backpack is on top of the bus.

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Study: Speeding Increased after Cameras Disabled
WKRN-TV ABC 2 (Tennessee), June 17, 2014

A study has found that the number of speeding motorists increased immediately following a decision to disable traffic cameras in Oak Ridge. The study was done at the city’s request after officials decided not to renew a contract making use of the cameras. The cameras were disabled on April 21, but the company allowed the sensors and computers to remain operational.

New York Cracks Down on Lead Foots
The Christian Science Monitor, June 16, 2014

Through July 6, the New York Police Department will be cracking down on hosts of scofflaws behind the wheel, conducting a carefully planned surge in its enforcement of city speed limits and other rules of the road. One-armed drivers glancing down and thumbing texts beware. The initiative actually marks the fourth ticket-writing blitz in about a month for the NYPD, as city officials begin to ramp up Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious “Vision Zero” traffic plan. The plan seeks to eliminate as many of the city’s 4,000 serious injuries and 250 car-related fatalities each year as possible. (Christian Science Monitor photo by Mark Lennihan/AP)

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ATS logo

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that its road safety camera agreement with Nassau County, New York, is now amended to include the installation and use of school zone speed safety cameras, as allowed for in recently enacted legislation. The amendment affects Nassau County’s existing contract with ATS, first signed in 2009 to provide a red-light safety camera program, and extends the current agreement involving both safety camera programs to 2022, including three 3-year renewal terms. ATS is honored  by Nassau County’s decision and looks forward to assisting the county in its efforts to protect people from traffic dangers at intersections and in school zones.

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Massachusetts Revamps Toll Rate Structure; Awaits Automated Tolling
MassLive.com/The Republican, June 18, 2014

As Massachusetts Department of Transportation officials prepare to embrace all-electronic tolling in 2016, state transportation officials announced Wednesday a new toll structure that will save some drivers in Western and Central Massachusetts money. See related article at The Boston Globe.


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NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA The 100 days btwn Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest for #teendrivers. Teach them safe driving habits – 1usa.gov/1lygxCa

ATS_Road Safety @ATS_RoadSafety Keep our children safe by obeying the School Bus Stop Arm &  #StopOnRed!  Check out the rules: pic.twitter.com/1tsYlg5Pwj

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Commentary: Cost of Roadway Mayhem – $871 Billion a Year
The Washington Post (District of Columbia), June 17, 2014

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put a price on the cost of carnage on the nation’s roadways. It says the total annual cost is $871 billion. That number includes $277 billion in economic costs and $594 billion in harm from the loss of life and the pain and decreased quality of life due to injuries.

Editorial: Put Public Safety First
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), June 15, 2014

With Senate Bill 342, Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, wants to effectively ban traffic-safety cameras by requiring that every red-light or speed camera be attended by a police officer to witness motorists running red lights or speeding. Of course, no community would use traffic-safety cameras under those restrictions; the whole point of the cameras is to hold speeders and red-light-runners accountable even when an officer can’t be present.

Letter to the Editor: Traffic Cameras Encourage Safe Driving Habits
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), June 17, 2014

Goodness, what’s not to like about red-light cameras (“Traffic cameras on the way out?,”Dispatch article, June 8)? If a driver is obeying the law, then he or she has no reason to object to them. We all will simply be driving in a much safer environment with other drivers who also will be obeying the law to avoid getting a ticket. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like the cameras and who doesn’t feel safer because of the positive effect they’ve had.

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“We are really not trying to engage in ‘gotcha,’ and we’re really not trying to do this as a revenue-raising exercise. And one thing that I say is if the drivers of New York slow down, obey the speed limit, and stop running red lights — and the city collects no revenue – I’ll consider it a victory.”
Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner, New York City Department of Transportation
WCBS-TV CBS 2 (New York), June 18, 2014

“The police department’s ultimate goal is not to get people to pay. Our goal is (for motorists) to be attentive to their driving and slow down. The data shows that when an automated speed camera system is deployed, they will do that. Also, our experience is that honest people will pay their citations for the violations.”
Roger Overholt, Police Chief of Morristown, Tennessee
Citizen Tribune, June 16, 2014

“When you’re talking about an intersection crash, you’re talking about one of the most dangerous types of crashes that can occur.”
Darrell DeBusk, Knoxville Police Department spokesman
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), June 16, 2014