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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 28

June 12th, 2014


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Red-Light Camera Bill Advances in North Carolina
The Fayetteville Observer, June 10, 2014

Legislation to bring red-light cameras back to Fayetteville passed the state Senate’s State and Local Government Committee on Tuesday. The bill now moves to the Senate Finance Committee. (StarNewsOnline photo by Paul Stephen)

State Supreme Court Ruling Supports Red-Light Cameras
The Daily Journal (California), June 7, 2014

The California Supreme Court has ruled against a Southern California woman who challenged a traffic ticket based on red-light camera photos and video. In a unanimous ruling, the court said the red-light camera evidence against the woman was adequately authenticated and there was no need to adopt stricter evidence rules for red-light camera violations. The driver was accused of running a red light in Inglewood in 2009. See related article in Burlingame-Hillsborough Patch.

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San Angelo Texas image
Safety Cameras in School Zones Proposed for Tom Green County
EverythingLubbock.com (Texas), June 11, 2014

At a Tuesday meeting of the Tom Green County Commissioners Court, officials discussed the possibility of safety cameras in school zones to monitor traffic violators. The cameras from American Traffic Solutions would monitor daily traffic, and violations would be addressed by the county Sheriff’s Office.

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Connecticut school bus
School Bus Video Cameras Catch Passing Drivers
New Canaan Patch (Connecticut), June 10, 2014

Two New Canaan drivers and one each from Greenwich and Norwalk were ticketed after they passed school buses taking on or letting off children, police said. Each of the drivers was caught by video on the buses, according to police reports. (GreenwichTime.com photo by Helen Neafsey)

Lawmakers Push to Add Cameras on School Buses
WHP-TV CBS 21 (Pennsylvania), June 5, 2014

A  York County legislator is hoping newly proposed legislation can help protect the children of Pennsylvania each day they take the bus to and from school. State Representative Seth Grove has proposed legislation that would allow school districts to install video cameras onto their school buses to catch drivers who pass the buses when the red lights are flashing, and children are entering and exiting the bus. According to recent data, school buses nationwide have an average of one car pass them illegally each day.

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Authorities: Revenue Drop Validates Effectiveness of Camera Programs
The Washington Post, June 9, 2014

Speed camera programs continue to gain popularity nationwide, with at least 132 communities having them. The main problem, law enforcement officials say, remains the perception that the cameras are used as revenue enhancers. Now that the revenue from the programs in some communities is beginning to drop, government and law enforcement officials say they celebrate the shift, which they say validates the effectiveness of the electronic enforcement programs.

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What Do Red-Light Cameras Catch?
Springfield News Sun (Ohio), June 8, 2014

Red-light camera programs around the state could be eliminated if a bill requiring police officers to be present at intersections with photo enforcement devices is passed by the Ohio Legislature. If Senate Bill 342 were to pass, it would likely lead to Springfield removing the 17 cameras located at 10 intersections throughout the city. Those cameras generate about $270,000 per year in revenue, according to city officials. What do those cameras see? Here are some examples.

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American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce its selection as contract award winner by Arlington County, Virginia. The notice of award of contract  names ATS as the red-light safety camera vendor for Arlington County for two one-year terms extending to May 2016. The announcement continues a partnership that began in 2008. ATS is honored by the selection and looks forward to working with Arlington County to improve traffic safety.

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Toll sign
Editorial: It’s Inevitable that Tolls Will Be Back
Norwich Bulletin (Connecticut), June 10, 2014

Our roads and bridges have fallen into disrepair and there is not enough money in the Special Transportation Fund to pay for the needed repairs. And as vehicles become more efficient with higher mileage capability, revenue generated from the excise tax will decline. That essentially leaves two options: Borrow or create a new revenue stream by re-introducing tolls to our major highways. If done correctly, tolls cannot only raise revenue for transportation improvements, but can also ease congestion during peak rush hour times and encourage more use of public transportation options.

Commentary: Georgians May Soon ‘Pass’ Through Many States
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), June 8, 2014

I’m a road trip kind of guy. Nothing clears my head better than a road trip. Unfortunately nothing gets me more aggravated on a road trip then having to sit through ridiculous “cash-only” lines at out-of-state tolls. The cash-only lines, or in most cases, line (singular), jam up with out-of-towners who don’t possess that particular state’s “cruise-card.” Well, good news is coming for road-trippers like you and me. Before the end of the year, your Georgia Peach Pass will be accepted at tolls throughout Florida and North Carolina.

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Commentary: Thinking It Through
The Daily Gazette (New York), June 7, 2014

When it comes to driving, we all have our pet peeve. For me, it’s double-parking. … Another problem is a long-standing tradition of running red lights. The sight of a driver zipping through a red light is so common that I scarcely notice it anymore, which might explain why I was a little surprised when a friend of mine became visibly emotional while discussing the issue. “There is a culture of running red lights in this city!” he yelled. “It’s out of control!”

Editorial: Keep the Cameras
The Blade (Ohio), June 10, 2014

Used properly, traffic cameras are valid and valuable law-enforcement tools. … It should be possible to develop and enforce guidelines that distinguish communities and police departments — such as Toledo, generally — that use traffic cameras appropriately from those that don’t. It hasn’t happened yet. But the often-advocated approach of prohibiting the cameras isn’t the answer.

Editorial: Use of Red-Light Cameras Is a Local Decision
The Daily Gazette (New York), June 6, 2014

The city of Albany has sought permission from the state Legislature this year to install red-light safety cameras. Schenectady is considering asking for permission, although time is running short in this legislative session. Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy has recently advocated for removing the layer of red tape that prevents cities from installing them on their own. There’s no more need for additional testing or experimentation. We know the cameras work effectively. It’s time for the state Legislature to stop allocating permission piecemeal and allow any community to put them in place if it wants to.

Letter to the Editor: Impatient Drivers Menace to Our Safety
Arizona Daily Star, June 8, 2014

After tangling with traffic cameras a time or two, I am a chastened driver, cautious and wary of speed limits and traffic signals. I’ve become keenly aware of other miscreants on the road

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“The presence of the cameras causes people to slow down. These cameras are unbiased machines. They don’t pick anyone in particular, they pick the speeders.”
William Everts, New Carrollton Police Captain
The Washington Post (Maryland), June 9, 2014

“We don’t want to continue to give tickets over and over again. We want people to learn the lesson if they get a ticket and change their behavior. Ideally, we want to get to a place where we don’t need the cameras. We know that won’t happen, but each year you want to see less and less people getting tickets.”
Jonathan Adkins, Executive Director of the Governors Highway Safety Association
The Washington Post (Maryland), June 9, 2014