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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 27

June 5th, 2014

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Dump Truck Driver Cited in Collision with School Bus
WGGB-TV ABC 40 (Massachusetts), June 3, 2014

The driver of a dump truck involved in a crash with a Holyoke school bus last week has been cited. Holyoke Police Sgt. Stephen Loftus says that the truck driver, whose name has not been released, is being cited for running a red light.

Semi PassesSchoolBus_Minnesota__060314
Truck Roars Past Stopped School Bus and Student; Police Seek Driver
KTTC-TV NBC (Minnesota), June 3, 2014

The Minnesota State Patrol is seeking the public’s help in finding a semi that nearly hit a girl waiting for her school bus alongside Highway 23. Cameras inside the bus show the semi blowing past the right-side of the stopped bus — lights flashing and stop arm down — and continuing along the highway. See related coverage at WCCO-TV CBS 4.

Police Seek Driver in Deadly Intersection Collision
WESH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), June 2, 2014

Investigators are continuing their search for the driver who ran away from a crash that killed two people in Orange County. The women were traveling near their own neighborhood when they were T-boned by the alleged red-light runner.

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New York’s Big Step Toward Safer Streets for All
The Atlantic/Citylab (New York), June 2, 2014

When a law is given the name of a child, you know there’s a terrible tragedy behind it. These legislative and regulatory efforts are an attempt to give meaning to the senseless death of a young person. They can exert a powerful moral force. Now New York City has Cooper’s Law, named after 9-year-old Cooper Stock, who was killed by a taxi driver making a left turn into the Upper West Side crosswalk where he was walking with his hand in his father’s. The two were crossing with the light when the driver hit them. Cooper’s Law is just one part of a significant package of street-safety legislation passed last week by the New York City Council, under the auspices of the ongoing Vision Zero effort.

Police: Red-Light Safety Cameras Cut Crash Rate in Gallatin
The Tennessean, May 29, 2014

Not everyone is a fan of Gallatin’s eight red-light cameras located at four busy intersections around town, but Officer Bill Storment is one of them. He says that since they were installed in October 2006, they have reduced area accidents significantly.

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School Bus Bill Headed to South Carolina Governor’s Desk
WYFF-TV NBC 4, June 4, 2014

A bill that would allow cameras to be placed next to school bus stop arms is headed to Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk. The South Carolina House passed the bill Tuesday. The bill would allow law enforcement to use the images captured on the cameras to ticket drivers who pass stopped school buses and break the law. State Sen. Thomas Alexander introduced the bill.

Van Rear-Ends Stopped School Bus; No Injuries
Marshfield News Herald (Wisconsin), June 3, 2014

No injuries were reported after a van rear-ended a school bus Wednesday while it was dropping off students in the 200 block of East Ninth Street. The Marshfield School District bus had its flashing lights activated, had pulled to the side of the road and was parked when it was struck at 3:34 p.m. by a vehicle, according to Marshfield Police.

Each Day, 60 Drivers Illegally Pass School Buses in Austin District
KVUE-TV ABC 24 (Texas), May 30, 2014

A dangerous practice that could harm your children is happening an average of 60 times a school day across Austin. That’s how often Austin Independent School District (AISD) officials say drivers improperly pass school buses. Those numbers came from a pilot program the school district is running. AISD launched the bus stop-arm camera pilot program with three vendors at the end of April. Each vendor is monitoring cameras on 10 buses at each of the district’s three terminals, in areas bus drivers observed to have the most violators.

Injuries to 8-Year-Old Might Bring School Bus Route Change
WTEV-TV CBS 47 (Florida), May 26, 2014

On Tuesday, an 8-year-old girl was struck by an oncoming truck and seriously injured after stepping off her school bus. Joe Purvis, director of transportation for the St. Johns County School District, said, “We started yesterday looking at the route and just seeing if there is anything else we need to do, if there’s something we need to make a change on, we’ll work through that.”

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County Considers School Zone Ticketing System
Go San Angelo/Standard Times (Texas), June 3, 2014

Cameras that would automatically generate tickets for speeding vehicles in school zones were discussed at length by the Tom Green County Commissioners Court as the result of a proposal by American Traffic Solutions. ATS offered to provide the county with vehicles toting radar guns and cameras to nab drivers speeding through school zones, which would result in fines for civil violations.

Repeat Offenders Rare in Longview, Improving School Zone Safety
The Daily News (Washington), May 31, 2014

If it were going in the yearbook, it would get voted most likely to succeed and least popular. Longview’s school zone speed camera program is here to stay, but a vocal contingent doesn’t think it’s a perfect system. Police say the six photo-enforced 20 mph school zones are resulting in few repeat tickets, thus fewer speeders and a lower risk of injuring children. The numbers show as much: 92 percent of violators have received just one ticket.

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American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce its newly signed, five-year agreement with Decatur City Schools and the City of Decatur, Georgia, providing for the installation and operation of a CrossingGuard school bus stop arm safety camera system. ATS is also honored to report a new agreement with Cathedral City, California, for the continued operation of its red-light safety camera program. An ATS client since 2005, Cathedral City’s new agreement provides for a term of three years with two one-year renewals. ATS is delighted to be a partner with both clients as they work to improve traffic safety in their communities.

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E-Z Pass Coming to Niagara County Bridges
Buffalo Business First (New York), June 3, 2014

The popular E-Z Pass program is coming to the trio of international crossings governed by the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission. The option may help reduce congestion and back-up times at the bridges. See related press release from Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

Serial Toll Evader in Australia Owes Nearly $300,000
The Age (Victoria, Australia), June 3, 2014

A serial toll evader whose record number of unpaid fines total almost $300,000 has failed to appear at court, triggering a warrant for her arrest. Isabelle Mares Weir has thus far refused to pay $294,362 worth of infringement notices, believed to be road tolls. On Tuesday she failed to appear at the Dandenong Magistrates Court to answer a summons over a stockpile of 1038 individual warrants.

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Commentary: Red-Light Safety Cameras Save Lives
Sun Sentinel (Florida), June 3, 2014

Traffic-safety policies should be based on sound science, not political spin. That’s the main problem with much of the media coverage about Florida’s red-light-camera program, including stories about the February report from the Florida Legislature’s policy-analysis office. … Carefully controlled before-and-after studies show red-light cameras reduce violations 40 percent to 50 percent, and injury crashes 25 percent to 30 percent.

Linden Mayor: Red-Light Cameras Improve Traffic Safety
New Jersey Municipalities, June 2014

Route 1 & 9 is a six-lane highway that bisects the city of Linden. Four out of five of our safety camera intersections are on that U.S. highway. These intersections were not picked randomly. Red-light cameras were installed beginning in August 2010 only after education, engineering and enforcement failed. Two fatalities occurred on this State Highway in 2010. There were no fatalities in 2011, 2012 and 2013. These examples prove that this program is working in Linden and why it is important that the State of New Jersey continue the program.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Serve as Protection
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), June 4, 2014

I agree with the Sunday Dispatch editorial “Leave red light cameras alone.” Last Friday I observed three different vehicles run a red light. Each had plenty of time to stop. The attitude seems to be “I don’t want to stop so I won’t.”


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“My observation is the data speaks for itself. Since we started the program people have slowed down; it’s keeping the school zones safe for our kids.”
Bob Gregory, City Manager of Longview, Washington
The Daily News, May 31, 2014

“So many think it is just a moneymaker and that is not what it’s about. Our accidents are actually down 31 percent since we installed the cameras, and that is what it was designed to do – reduce accidents. If you reduce accidents, you reduce injuries. And, of course, a lot of property damage and a lot of inconvenience to people.”
Bill Storment, Gallatin Police Department Officer
The Tennessean, May 29, 2014

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In the city of Gallatin, traffic crashes are down 31% since red-light safety cameras first arrived in the city in October 2006. Source: The Tennessean, May 29, 2014.