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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 22

May 1st, 2014

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Meet the Company Behind Red-Light Safety Cameras
CNN Money, April 30, 2014

It’s taken a little more than 25 years, but red-light cameras attached to traffic signals have become almost ubiquitous. Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions is responsible for nearly half of the estimated 7,000 red-light traffic cameras in the U.S.

Police Warn Seniors: Watch Out for Red-Light Scam
WPBF-TV ABC 25 (Florida), April 29, 2014

When Martha Mills’ phone rang Friday night, she had no clue who was on the other end. She would soon learn the man was up to no good. … Boynton Beach police say the caller was making a red-light scam, and it’s a growing crime against senior citizens.

School Bus Stops Are Danger Zones
WAGA-TV FOX 5 (Georgia), April 24, 2014

For three years running, Georgia led the nation in bus stop accidents. It was eye opening. This meant children getting hurt or killed by drivers while simply trying to catch a school bus. So, school systems started fitting buses with cameras to catch drivers who don’t stop for children loading and unloading. But is it working?

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Red-Light Safety Cameras Stay Put in Colorado
The Denver Post, April 30, 2014

A Colorado bill that would have banned cities from using cameras to enforce red-light laws and speed limits died in a legislative committee Wednesday. The state House Appropriations committee laid the bill over “indefinitely,” ending its chance of action this year. See related article in The Pueblo Chieftain. View letter from Colorado Municipal League here(Photo by The Denver Post)

Families Set Tone in New Traffic Laws in New York City
The Epoch Times, April 30, 2014

Kelly Gordon was 22, athletic and outgoing, a caring older sister, and always aimed for the best. In three weeks she would have graduated with honors from Boston College, and had come to New York City for an interview with Goldman Sachs. On April 10, Gordon was struck by one taxi and killed by a second taxi on the Upper East Side. Her father Donald Gordon heard City Council would be holding a hearing on traffic safety laws and came to support the effort. He did not expect the crowd of families who had lost children in crashes he saw outside City Hall Wednesday.

Interactive Map Invites New Yorkers to Pinpoint Traffic Hazards
Staten Island Advance/SILive.com (New York), April 30, 2014

The New York City Department of Transportation has rolled out a new interactive map to encourage online dialogue on transportation hazards. According to the Vision Zero website, the e-complaints will be used to “create traffic safety plan for each borough that will describe how to make each borough’s streets safer for everyone, whether walking, biking or driving.”

Man Held in Fatal Crash, 2nd Suspect Sought
Sun Sentinel (Florida), April 29, 2014

Police say one of two motorists who drove away after fatally striking a 47-year-old woman in Hollywood has been arrested. The crash was captured on red-light cameras at Hollywood Boulevard and U.S. 441.

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New Speed Cameras Coming to New York City, Long Island
The Wall Street Journal (New York), April 30, 2014

More speed cameras are coming to New York City and Long Island after state lawmakers voted Wednesday to authorize more than 200 of the devices in area school zones. The measure would allow up to 69 cameras near schools in Suffolk County and 56 in Nassau County. New York City already has 20 of the cameras and could get up to 120 more. The devices are a critical component of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign to reduce traffic fatalities. See related coverage from FiOS1-TV and WCBS-TV CBS 2(Staten Island Advance photo)

Union President to Speak in Favor of Speed Cameras
Capital New York (New York), April 30, 2014

On Wednesday, the union that represents horse-drawn carriage drivers and is battling Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to outlaw them will ride to the mayor’s defense on another front: speed cameras. “It seemed a perfect fit for us given that the majority of our guys are out on in the streets all the time driving,” said George Miranda, the president of the state’s Teamsters union, which represents some 120,000 professional drivers and has heretofore stood on the sidelines of the speed camera debate. “They see all the bad drivers and the bad accidents and the people not adhering to the rules.”

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2 Children Injured in School Bus Collision
KZIM-Radio AM 960 (Missouri), April 30, 2014

The driver of an SUV and two children on a school bus were injured Tuesday, around 4 p.m., on Business loop 6, 1-mile south of Poplar Bluff, while unloading passengers.

3-Vehicle Crash Occurs as Bus Slows to Pick Up Child
Standard Journal (Pennyslvania), April 30, 2014

Three people sustained moderate injuries in a three-vehicle crash that occurred as a 2014 International school bus was in the process of stopping to pick up a child at Paradise Road.

Driver Who Hit Teen Mistook School Bus for Farm Equipment
TCPalm.com (Florida), April 28, 2014

The driver in a crash last week in which a teen girl was injured as she crossed a road to her school bus said she thought the bus “was farm equipment going slow so she did not stop for the lights,” a report obtained Monday states.

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Toll sign
President’s Transportation Plan Embraces Tolls
Toll Roads News, April 30, 2014

In a groundbreaking move, the Obama administration has included language that would lift a ban on states placing tolls on existing interstates in the proposed transportation funding legislation, called the Grow America Act.

Bridge Authority Considers Automated Electronic Tolling
Watertown Daily Times (New York), April 24, 2014

With the current technology said to be outdated, officials at the Thousand Islands Bridge have new data to help them weigh upgrades to the toll system. The Thousand Island Bridge Authority is considering two options: Implement a new system that accepts electronic tolling methods and is compatible with E-ZPass, or upgrade the bridge’s technology while keeping the same cash and credit card payment options.

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Editorial: Why Shouldn’t Speed Cameras Be Used Near Schools?
Long Island Advance (New York), May 1, 2014

The use of cameras to enforce traffic laws has been controversial ever since the idea was implemented in New York City more than 20 years ago. … But contrary to what some say, camera enforcement isn’t always about revenue. Sometimes, it really is about safety.

Letter to the Editor: Keep Red-Light Cameras Nailed in Permanently
The Courier (Texas), May 1, 2014

“Ole” Randy’s statement “always obey all traffic laws” is good advice but the sad reality is that drivers don’t. How often have you seen drivers speeding, zig-zagging through traffic at a high rate of speed, making illegal turns, endangering other vehicles, etcetera. Drivers do not police themselves; this is why we, the taxpayers, fund the city, county and state police departments. Without red light cameras, given the opportunity, drivers will run red lights.

Letter: Rolling Rights at Red Lights Are a Threat to Public Safety
Bradenton Herald (Florida), May 1, 2014

Over the past several weeks, I have read, with some amusement, several letters to the editor regarding “rolling stops” at traffic signals. Recalling my driving test, I do not ever recall being told that red traffic lights or stop signs meant anything other than coming to a complete stop before proceeding.

Letter: Traffic Cameras Are a Good Idea
The Sierra Vista Herald (Arizona), April 28, 2014

“Chicken Little” alarmists who protest the traffic cameras don’t have legitimate reasons for doing so — particularly compared to the city’s rationale for using them.

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“Most of these were not accidents. These tragedies happen because somebody did something wrong. What we’re doing here today is to try and change the way New Yorkers look at driving, to realize that there is a responsibility that comes with the privilege of driving.”
Mark Weprin, New York City Councilman
The Epoch Times (New York), April 30, 2014

“The reality is this is about safety first. It’s not about Big Brother watching anyone, it’s not about revenue. We’ve seen great results from these cameras in terms of reducing crashes and it’s allowed us to deploy our law enforcement resources more effectively.”
Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver
KDVR-TV FOX 31 (Colorado), April 28, 2014

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At Denver’s intersection of Sixth Avenue and Lincoln Street — which had the highest number of crashes before installation of red-light cameras — the program has reduced injury crashes by 60 percent, side-impact crashes by 62% and total crashes by 38%, according to the mayor’s office and Denver Police. Source: The Denver Post, April 28, 2014.

Tinley Park saw a drop in crashes at the three intersections where the red-light cameras have been since 2010. The total dropped from 164 in 2010 to 114 in 2013. Source:  Chicago Tribune, April 29, 2014.