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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 2

December 12th, 2013

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20 Red-Light Safety Cameras to Go Up in Pittsburgh
KDKA-TV CBS 2 (Pennsylvania), Dec. 11, 2013

They’re coming to a city red light near you: cameras that take pictures of a person’s license plate after running a red light. The concept for Pittsburgh Mayor-Elect Bill Peduto is a straight forward one. “We’re gonna use those people and the funds that they have to pay that $100 to make the improvements so that everyone is safer,” Peduto said. See related coverage from WPXI-TV Channel 11.

Crash_WilmingtonNorthCarolina_WECT-TV NBC6_121113
Intersection Dangers Caught on Camera
WECT-TV NBC 6 (North Carolina), Dec. 11, 2013

American Traffic Solutions has posted a string of recent collisions in Wilmington to show just how dangerous red-light running is and how violent the collisions can be.

Red-Light Running Violations Decline in Rockville
Montgomery Community Media (Maryland), Dec. 9, 2013

Rockville City Police Major Mike England says one year after red-light safety cameras were installed, the number of violations have decreased 47 percent, indicating a change in driver behavior for the better.

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Right-Angle Traffic Crashes Drop 35% in Tallahassee
WCTV-TV Channel 2 (Florida), Dec. 9, 2013

The city of Tallahassee’s program update to the City Commission will show that injuries reported from crashes at red-light camera safety monitored intersections are down 35 percent since the program began.

Sugar Land’s Red-Light Cameras Could Explain Fatal Wreck
Houston Chronicle (Texas), Dec. 8, 2013

Sugar Land Police Department spokesman Doug Adolph said the intersection where a fatal collision occurred Sunday is equipped with red-light cameras and police will use those images as part of their ongoing investigation to help determine what happened. See related coverage from the Houston Chronicle.

Cameras Are Not Moneymakers in Groveland
South Lake Press (Florida), Dec. 5, 2013

Groveland has been using a pair of red light cameras since 2010, raising public awareness but not a lot of money, officials say.

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Chicago Speed Camera Program Expands
Lake View Patch (Illinois), Dec. 10, 2013

A speed safety camera has been installed near Challenger Park, as part of the Chicago’s Children’s Safety Zone Program. The program aims to protect children by reminding drivers to slow down and obey speed laws, especially near parks and schools. Warnings will be issued for the next 30 days beginning on Dec. 10. See related article from WLS-TV ABC 7. (Image by WLS-TV ABC 7)

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Vehicles Passing Stopped School Buses ‘Out of Control,’ Board Told
The Vanguard/NovaNewsNow.com (Nova Scotia, Canada), Dec. 4, 2013

Tri-County Regional School Board members have been told that there is a serious issue going on with drivers not stopping when buses have their red lights flashing. The board’s director of operations says already this school year there have been some very near misses involving students and vehicles that didn’t stop. (The Vanguard photo by Tina Comeau)

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Florida a Model for Massachusetts’ Toll Roads Plans
Boston Globe (Massachusetts), Dec. 8, 2013

In Florida, aggressive selling of SunPasses has allowed the state to enjoy one of the highest electronic tolling rates in the country: 91 percent of vehicles on the turnpike roads in the southernmost part of the state have SunPass transponders. In Massachusetts, by contrast, only 67 percent of drivers who cross the Tobin Bridge use E-ZPasses, which are only available at a comparative handful of locations in the state. (The Boston Globe photo by Florida Turnpike)

Moody’s Revises U.S. Toll Roads Outlook to Stable
Reuters, Dec. 4, 2013

Moody’s Investor Services have uprated the outlook for U.S. tollroads from negative to stable. They think traffic should grow 1.5% on a median basis in 2014, which they describe as a “sustainable comeback” from the 3% decline since 2009. See related coverage from TollRoadsNews.

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@ATS_RoadSafety Video: Wilmington’s red-light safety cameras bringing attention to the dangers of red-light running: http://bit.ly/1hOb/1sN @StarNewsOnline

@KDKARadio Red-light cameras have been approved. Charley Territo of American Traffic Solutions joins us at 8:05! Listen: http://bit.ly/JntSu1 @tunein

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Editorial: Council Should Back Red-Light Cameras
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania), Dec. 7, 2013

It’s a well-known rule of the road: A police officer is rarely around when some jerk blows through a red light. Pittsburgh City Council has a chance to rewrite that rule Tueday by giving the go-ahead for a red-light camera system.

Letter to the Editor: Stop Complaining about Red-Light Cameras
Pensacola News Journal (Florida), Dec. 6, 2013

It’s sure tiresome to keep hearing complaints about the Gulf Breeze red-light cameras. People, try this simple remedy: obey the laws, don’t speed, forget trying to beat the yellow lights and you’ll do just fine in Gulf Breeze. In fact, just crawl through our city and be thankful that the city of Gulf Breeze staff, police, mayor and City Council have your best interests at heart.

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“This has an opportunity to provide the city with safer intersections where we know people are running lights and we don’t have the police to get them.”
Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh Mayor Elect
WPXI-TV Channel 11 (Pennsylvania), Dec. 10, 2013

“Red-light running is a safety issue across the nation – one that can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Our goal with this program is to decrease the number of people running red lights and we are pleased that it is working.”
Allen Secreast, Traffic Mobility Manager, city of Tallahassee
WCTV-TV Channel 2 (Florida), Dec. 9, 2013

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The City of Tallahassee reports that injuries from crashes at red-light camera safety monitored intersections are down 35 percent since the program was implemented. The number of violations issued through the camera program, which became operational in August 2010, continue to decrease each year, nearly 20 percent from Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 to FY 2013. Compared with the time before the cameras came to Tallahassee, there has been a reduction in violations as great as 90 percent at the Monroe and Tennessee Street intersection. SOURCE: WETV-TV Channel 2, Dec. 9, 2013.